Uno Vita Red and Infrared Light Therapy PBM/PDT Beauty Machine

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Uno Vita Red and Infrared Light Therapy PBM/PDT Beauty Machine

Benefits of different Wavelengths:
Select the most biologically wavelength is the key to optimize the benefits of Red light and Near-infrared light therapy. The Red light and Near-infrared wavelengths are recognized for the special regenerative and therapeutic results offer the body. The Red light wavelength extends from approximately 630nm to 810nm, and the most scientifically proven benefits are Red 630nm and Deep Red 660nm. Near-infrared starts at 730nm and extends to 1000nm. Near-infrared 810nm, 830nm and 850nm wavelengths that have been scientifically prove to yield benefits. As you may know, the 660nm mix 850nm(half by half) wavelength has been proven to provide skin and tissue therapy.

The 630nm Wavelength(Red Light)
The 630nm wavelength is ideal for skin concerns, which penetrate into the skin cells and sebaceous glands to rejuvenate the skin’s tone and texture by smoothing and evening out uneven pigmentation. Benefits of Reducing fine lines and wrinkles; Improvment in skin disorders as psoriasis; Hair regrowth; Healing of superficial skin cancers; Treatment of acne.

The 660nm Wavelength(Red Light)
The 660nm wavelength penetrated deeper than the 630nm, the 660nm reaches into the entire range of the skin tissue to promote healing and regeneration. Benefits of Reduced training fatigue, inflammation, swelling follow injury and neuropathic pain; improved bone healing and accelerated wound healing.

The 810nm Wavelength( Near-infrared Light)
The 810nm with an ability to extend the skull into brain, benefits of improving healing and recovery, recovery stroke in certain patient, recovery from traumatic brain injury;accelerated would healing, and hair growth.

The 830nm Wavelength( Near-infrared Light)
This wavelength is not absorbed by the body, it is able to penetrate deeper through skin and tissue. Benefits of accelerated healing and reduce infection, improved bone repair and growth.

The 850nm Wavelength(Near-infrared Light)
Near-infrared light wavelength is longer than Red light wavelength, between 700nm to 1000nm, which penetrate deeper into the tissue to the body’s cells and can pass through bone to assist with healing deep wounds, muscle aches, nerve injury or joint pain; most of people select the Near-infrared to treatment these.

How to Use?
Distance --- Apply from 13 cm - 2 meters.
Session Time --- Continue for 2 -15 minutes, depending on distance.
Maintenance -- Continue using several times a week.

Can this hurt my eyes?
The typical human eye responds to wavelengths 400nm to 700nm; the light from this device is almost entirely invisible infrared. All you can see looking directly is a faint red glow. Both Red and Infrared light is beneficial to the eyes.

What difference Red and NIR?
Red light wavelength 630-660 is ideal to penetrate skin cells and sebaceous glands, benefits for skin texture and tone, smoo thing fine wrinkles, promoting collagen production and generally rejuvenating the appearance of skin. Near-infrared light wavelength 730nm-850nm penetrate deeper into the tissue to deliver energy to the body’s cells, and through bone to assist with healing deep wounds, muscle aches, joint pain.or nerve injury.Combination with benefit of both, so it is popular option.

What about EMF on your light?
As experience, all electrical products that we use will generate some of EMF, but our therapy lights with ZERO, when the usage distance about 13 cm (tested and proved)



Technical parameters
Model No: T6000
Power Factor: >0.95

Housing Material: Aluminum
Beam Angle: 90°

LED Brand: High Power LED 630nm+660nm+810nm+830nm+850nm 
Dimmable: Red and NIR Dimmable
Life Span: 50,000 Hours
Watt: 1200W
Full spectrum:  630nm+660nm+810nm+830nm+850nm
LEDs QTY: 1200
PCS Dimension: 1980*660*140mm
Optical Irradiance: Test basd on the distance Gross Weight: 84KG
EMF Emission: 0.0 |JT @ 6" Inner Packing: 133*18*83.8CM
Carton Size: 187*19*84.8CM
Cooling Fans: 6 fans 
Voltage: 85-265VAC
Warranty: 2 years

Q1. How does red light therapy work?
A: Red and red/infrared LED lights use ranges of wavelengths that penetrate the outer layer of the skin,providing the cells with usable energy. This brings about various reactions in the cells including improved healing, the reduction of inflammation and enhanced production of collagen.

Q2. How long does it take for red light therapy to work?
A: It is not an immediate miracle transformation that will occur overnight, but it will provide you with ongoing improvements that you will begin to see in anywhere from 24 hours to 2 months, depending on the condition, its severity, and how regularly the light is used.

Q3. What is the difference between red and near-infrared light therapy?
A: Red and near-infrared light therapy are exactly the same except for two differences: Red light is visible and near-infrared light is invisible. Near-infrared light penetrates into the body deeper than red light.

Q4. How often do I need to use red light therapy?
A: This depends on the condition you are treating and the device you are using. For most conditions, daily use for at least two weeks is recommended, followed by a once- or twice- weekly maintenance regimen.

Q5. Do I need to continue to use the light as much when I start seeing results?
A: Yes. Just because you're seeing results, it doesn't mean that your skin cells are finished doing their jobs. It's just that the results of their efforts are starting to become something you can see and/or feel. Keep up the treatments until you reach your goal level of results. Then you can start a weekly maintenance schedule.

Q6. Once my skin problems have been resolved, do I stop using the light?
A: When your skin is clear or your fine lines, wrinkles, or scarring have been reduced or even eliminated, it is best that you
continue the use of the light once or twice per week as a part of regular maintenance practice. This will help to make sure that the benefits will continue over the long-term.

Q7: Do you offer guarantee for the products?
A: Yes, we offer 3 years warranty for our products.

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