Seeking the Fountain of Youth

What We Offer.

Customers appreciate it when we go the extra mile to help them. Purovitalis brings high quality longevity supplements for everyone who wants to live a long and healthy life using cutting-edge technology. The Purovitalis™ products are developed by the combination of expertise and research, which may counter the effects of aging, making you stay vital as you grow with age. Our desire to help people have a fulfilling, healthier, and longer life is built around the foundation of state-of-the-art research and data to achieve results and deliver real value to our consumers. Our team of highly accomplished scientists works nonstop in creating the anti-aging products on the highest level. Bringing you closer to a more rich, younger, and longer life that's worth living. These efforts are also backed with an ongoing clinical study to ensure its effectiveness in fulfilling your needs.

Where It All Started
CEO Koen Ridder started his dedication towards longevity and vital aging when he encountered health issues around 2018. Like everyone who has faced health challenges, he was concerned about the unexpected changes and his lifestyle had a significant shift.

With this, the idea was borne out of two brothers on the quest to search for a healthy lifestyle. Purovitalis™ then set the goal to become the leading longevity research community that’s passionate about providing quality supplements and organic extracts that are essential to a longer, more vital life.

Our Goals
Our dream is to be the leading expert in the vital-aging market, with substantiated scientific research and effects that are safe with proven results. We hope to inspire as many people as possible to join us so that we create a community that shares the same vision about having a healthy and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Two Side Of The Story
We know that there is currently no magic pill to prolong life "yet". But understanding that longevity and aging go hand in hand with food and lifestyle will create a significant impact that we hope could change millions of people's lives. Longevity and vital aging are two aspects in life that go hand in hand. It is normal for humans to get older as they live longer. It’s our deep pride that in the last couple of years, we’ve come closer to understanding aging and how its mechanisms operate. Even age reversal appears to be visible on the horizon. On the path to a better understanding, we have developed two products that are at the forefront of the research community in the field of longevity.Purovitalis™ has taken the first steps that now more and more people believe in the potential to create the longevity pill that could help millions on their way to old age.

Dedication to Innovate
It is our goal to become the most innovative longevity supplements brand in the world. Our team is dedicated to bringing you breakthrough supplements that benefit people's well-being and overall lifestyle. Every day we are creating, researching and sourcing the best ingredients for new product launches, to help you live a healthy, happy and longer life. To contribute to the ongoing scientific research, we collaborated with outstanding scientists. In 2022, we plan to publish our own two-group, placebo-controlled trial of NMN.

Liposomal Technology, Image of a liposomal with active ingredient
Working with PhD scientists, we are developing cutting-edge anti-aging supplements. Our Liposomal Technology enhances bioavailability by up to 5-10 times, having an efficiency of 80-90%. As a result, it significantly increases the effectiveness at much smaller serving sizes. While regular NMN may have great impact on NAD+ levels, liposomal NMN can work faster, more effectively and with an extended release for a longer lasting effect.

Our Guarantee
With continuing research, and enough studies to support our claims, we’re highly confident in our products that with every purchase, we offer a full refund guarantee if we don't meet your expectations.

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