Our company was created in May 1980. The name of the organization was «Special Design Bureau of Medical Information-automated diagnostic systems („MIDAS“) at the Taganrog State University of Radio engineering». Soviet Union began to fall behind the Western countries in the field of medical equipment; this gap became more noticeable in the end of 80’s. In 1983 OKB «MIDAS» was renamed to OKB «RITM» at TRTI; in 1998 the organization got its current name RITM OKB ZAO. From the outset the key activity of OKB was the development of health systems and devices for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and also systems and devices for psycho-physiological assessment. Centers for training pilots, sailors, divers and representatives of other sensitive occupations were interested in cooperation with OKB. One of the most important customers was the Cosmonauts Training Center. The first contract for the development of SCENAR device was signed on December 12, 1986 with some mysterious company, which had only the mailbox — G-4897 instead of the address. One could highly likely state that it had been one of the units of the USSR Space Agency. The new SCENAR device was immediately put to clinical studies. The studies gave so unexpected results that in the late 80’s there emerged a high demand for SCENAR therapy. A large number of patients made it possible to generalize the obtained results, which contributed to the emergence of a new trend in medicine — SCENAR therapy and a new medical specialty — SCENAR therapist.

After that RITM OKB ZAO was helmed by Yakov Grinberg from November 1998 till September 2012. He was replaced by SCENAR-therapist and businessman Yuri Starovoytov. During his leadership the company has managed to evict the trademark SCENAR and to initiate a new economic policy. As a result the SCENAR therapy has been recognized on all five continents, in more than 30 countries, including the countries of the EC, the US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, South Korea, South Africa, Norway etc.


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ULM Healing Energy Sleeping Bag (large)

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