Uno Vita anti-aging red and infrared light therapy (pulsed full body - 1500 watt)

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Uno Vita anti-aging red and near-infrared light therapy
Top specified whole-body panel with pulsed frequencies
Model:RH1500 (1500 watt)

The next generation photobiomodulation technology is here!
Uno Vita near infrared and red whole body anti-aging weight loss new multi-wavelength photobiomodulation (light therapy) has a combination of features not found with the competitors in the market including:

Frequency pulsing at 73, 146, 293, 587 Hz providing deeper penetration depth than no pulsing light and supporting specific tissue targeting.
Optimal wavelengths of light using 630, 660,810,830 and 850 nm

Effects of multiwave pulsed red and near-infrared light therapy summarized:

  • Contributes to increased ATP production (energy)
  • Release endorphins that contributes to well-being
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Contributes to healthier and prettier skin
  • Helps reduce inflammation, pimples and acne
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Contributes to the reduction of fine line, wrinkles and scars
  • Improves circulation in the body and tissues
  • Protects red blood cells
  • Reduces recovery time after exercise and physical strain
  • Improves bone healing
  • Reduces swelling after injury
  • Reduces neurotic pain
  • Speeds up wound healing
  • Accelerates muscle repair
  • May reduce the incidence of infections
  • Reduces pain
  • Stimulates mitochondria and stem-cell production
  • Helps speed up regeneration
  • Reduces the occurrence of inflammation
  • Reduces the appearance of sore muscles
  • Counteracts stiff joints
  • Counteracts joint pain and arthritis
  • Counteracts the symptoms of auto immune diseases, spinal cord problems and brain injuries
  • Contributes to increased testosterone production
  • Can stimulate the brain's pineal gland
  • May contribute to increased fertility
  • Counteracts muscle tension
  • Increases blood supply
  • Promotes increased production of (ROS), nitric oxide (NO), adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP)
  • May contribute to better outcomes in traumatic brain injury
  • Can contribute to a better quality of life in psychiatric disorders

Information about the effect of different wavelengths with red/infrared light PBMT

630 nm (red light) is ideal for all kinds of skin problems

  • Studies show that 630 nm light helps create a significant improvement in skin spots, reduces thin lines and counteracts sagging skin
  • Red light therapy with 630 nm wavelength has been shown to be a safe and effective method to stimulate hair growth in both men and women
  • 630 nm reduces the occurrence of inflammation, pimples, and acne

660 nm wavelength (red light)
There is an abundance of literature showing the benefits of using 660 nm of light. 660 nm penetrates a little deeper into the skin than 630 nm. Benefits include:

  • Reduced exercise fatigue: The wavelength of 660 nm along with the 830 nm near-infrared wavelength has been shown to delay the development of fatigue in the muscles and improve skeletal muscle performance.
  • Reduced inflammation: In a study that examined the effect of red-light therapy on peritonitis. Wavelength of 660 nm found to provide anti-inflammatory effect
  • Improved bone healing: The wavelength of 660 nm stimulates the formation of bone cells around the site where repair is required, without causing other changes in bone structure
  • Reduced swelling after injury: In one study, the wavelength of 660 nm was found to reduce both inflammation and swelling by reducing the number of inflammatory cells that lead to swelling
  • Reduced neuropathy pain: A study examining sciatic nerve pain in rats found that the wavelength of 660 nm helped significantly reduce pain
  • Faster wound healing: The wavelength of 660 nm has been shown to increase the formation of new blood vessels and improve collagen deposition, which contributes to faster healing of wounds and minor skin lesions.

Wavelength 810 nm (near infrared light)
The wavelength can penetrate the bone tissue in the head and into the brain. 810 nm light contributes to neurological health-promoting effects. Researchers working on new medical solutions believe that this form of light therapy for brain diseases will soon become a recommended medical treatment at medical clinics. Examples of advantages of 810 nm light include:

  • Improved healing and recovery: A study of soccer players showed that the wavelength of 810 nm before activity improved muscle performance and recovery after training
  • Accelerated wound healing: 810nm wavelengths have been shown to help speed wound healing and help tissue heal faster
  • Faster healing after stroke in some patients: A study conducted among stroke patients showed that wavelengths of 810 nm produced neuroprotective effects and improved for people suffering from moderate to severe strokes. Five days after the stroke, there was considerable improvement among those who had been treated with 810 nm light therapy, compared with those who had not. 90 days after a stroke, 70 % of the treated patients had a successful outcome, compared to only 51 % of the control group.
  • Improved outcomes with traumatic brain injury: 810nm has been shown in animal models to be particularly effective in promoting the healings of traumatic brain injuries and reducing long-term neurological damage.
  • Improvement in psychiatric disorders: Prescription drugs for psychiatric conditions have long been recognized as having a limited ability to help people suffering from psychiatric conditions. Also, pharmacotherapeutic medication often carries undesirable side effects, which near-infrared light therapy does not. 810nm wavelengths via the forehead have been shown to help patients suffering from depression and anxiety.
  • Hair growth: Studies have shown that the wavelength of 810 nm can encourage significant hair growth in patients with gradual hair loss

830nm Wavelength (near infrared light)
The wavelength of 830 nm is absorbed to a lesser extent by the skin and water in the body and is therefore able to penetrate deeper through the skin and tissues and into the bone. A greater number of photons is delivered into the tissue with 830nm wavelength. The wavelength of 830 nm the following advantages:

  • Accelerated healing and reduced infection: 830 nm accelerates the healing of wounds of different severity and helps ward off infection
  • Improved aesthetic outcomes after plastic surgery: Exposure to 830 nm wavelengths after aesthetic surgery accelerates wound healing, reduces the recovery period, and improves the results of surgery by reducing swelling, infection, bruising and pain. Contributes to increased patient satisfaction.
  • Increased production of wellness promoting endorphins: The 830 nm wavelength increases the release of endorphins which contributes to increased well-being.
  • Improved bone repair and growth: An animal study showed that 830 nm light therapy improved bone repair by stimulating new bone growth
  • Faster return to active sports after injury: The ability to return to active participation as quickly as possible after injury or trauma is an essential for any amateur or professional athlete. 830 nm light therapy has been shown to significantly reduce waiting times and help injured athletes return to active participation faster than normal

850nm wavelength (near-infrared light)
This wavelength has a large number of therapeutic applications such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory effects: 850nm wavelengths may help reduce joint and muscle pain and reduce overall inflammation in the body
  • Improved muscle building: One study observed the use of 850 nm wavelengths on athletes and found that using near-infrared light increased muscle mass after exercise, reducing inflammation and oxidative stress in the musculature.
  • Healing of skin wounds: Skin damage heals faster when subjected to 850 nm wavelength light therapy.
  • Reduction of lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation: 850nm can contribute to the production of collagen, more radiant skin, and a smoother texture.



Technical Specification 

  • Model RH1500
  • Wavelengths 630:660:810:830:850 nm
  • LED power 1500 W
  • Timer Control 5/10/15/20 Mins
  • Draw power 390 W ±5%
  • Beam Angle 30 degree
  • Input voltage AC 110-240V 50/60Hz
  • Product size 880*220*71mm
  • LEDs QTY 210pcs
  • Working Temperature
  • –20℃ to 40℃ 
  • LED Type 3W LED
  • Life Span 50,000 hours

Spesifications/usage of pulsed frequency of light for Uno Vita RH series

73 Hz: Hormone Balance: Resonates with the sub-cortical or lower regions of the brain. including the thalamus and hypothalamus—two major control centers for body functions. May also help with muscle spasms, facial pain, headaches, and depression. Can be used for non-healing bone fractures and to help balance hormones.

146 Hz-Brain activation intelligent tissue: used for memory, psychological disorders, nervousness, and worry. Resonates with the cerebral cortex of the brain-involved with thinking, imagining, and creating. Veterinary experience: Reduces inflammation and scar tissue on tendons and ligaments, reduces edema and improves gums

293 Hz: Cellular Vitality: Resonates with the Ectoderm (outermost tissue) that forms skin, glands, nerves, eyes, ears, teeth, brain, and spinal cord. Assists wound healing, skin, and nerve repair, and reduces scar tissue, inflammation, and tumors

587 Hz: Autonomic nerve balance: Resonates with Endoderm (innermost tissue) that forms the lining of the intestinal tract, the lungs, the bladder, the urethra, and the auditory tube. It also forms the thyroid, thymus, liver, gall bladder and pancreas. Improves nutritional assimilation, allergy problems and balances the parasympathetic nervous system. Used for circulatory problems, edema, and lymph problems.

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Q1. How does red light therapy work?
A: Red and red/infrared LED lights use ranges of wavelengths that penetrate the outer layer of the skin, providing the cells with usable energy. This brings about various reactions in the cells including improved healing, the reduction of inflammation and enhanced production of collagen.

Q2. How long does it take for red light therapy to work?
A: It is not an immediate miracle transformation that will occur overnight, but it will provide you with ongoing improvements that you will begin to see in anywhere from 24 hours to 2 months, depending on the condition, its severity, and how regularly the light is used.

Q3. What is the difference between red and near-infrared light therapy?
A: Red and near-infrared light therapy are the same except for two differences: red light is visible and near-infrared light is invisible. Near-infrared light penetrates the body deeper than red light.

Q4. How often do I need to use red light therapy?
A: This depends on the condition you are treating and the device you are using. For most conditions, daily use for at least two weeks is recommended, followed by a once- or twice- weekly maintenance regimen.

Q5. Do I need to continue to use the light as much when I start seeing results?
A: Yes. Just because you're seeing results, it doesn't mean that your skin cells are finished doing their jobs. It's just that the results of their efforts are starting to become something you can see and/or feel. Keep up the treatments until you reach your goal level of results. Then you can start a weekly maintenance schedule.

Q6. Once my skin problems have been resolved, do I stop using the light?
A: When your skin is clear or your fine lines, wrinkles, or scarring have been reduced or even eliminated, it is best that you continue the use of the light once or twice per week as a part of regular maintenance practice. This will help to make sure that the benefits will continue over the long-term.

Q7: Do you offer guarantee for the products?
A: Yes, we offer 3 years warranty for our products.

Q8: How to deal with the faulty?
A: Firstly, our products are produced in strict quality control system and the defective rate is less than 0.2%. Secondly, during the guarantee period, we will send new lights with new order for small quantity. 

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