About Uno Vita AS

About Uno Vita AS

Uno Vita AS
Sjøgata 15
1516 Moss

Phone: +47 22 09 18 80

VAT and company number: 994731742MVA

EORI No:SE4448689747

Uno Vita AS is a Norwegian (Scandinavian) based company with its head office in Moss, Norway. Our activities are expanding to the international market with partners, suppliers and research centers in many countries - Russia, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, China and more to come.


Uno Vita AS have developed a clinic concept, and our first clinic is named Klinikk for Integrert Medisin (Clinic for Integrative Medicine). Our clinic concept is inspired from, and very similar to, leading clinics in the world today where the best scientific medical knowledge is integrated into one holistic treatment system. Wikipedia describes integrative medicine as follows:

Integrative medicine, also referred to as integrated medicine and integrative health in the UK, is the combination of practices and methods of alternative medicine with conventional biomedicine. It emphasizes treating the whole person, with a focus on wellness and health rather than treating disease and on the patient-physician relationship. This approach began in the 1990s and many medical schools in the United States now include integrative medicine in their curriculum. Beginning in 2014 U.S. physicians will be able to be accredited in integrative medicine.


The Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine defines integrative medicine as "the practice of medicine that reaffirms the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, focuses on the whole person, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches, healthcare professionals and disciplines to achieve optimal health and healing". According to articles by proponents, integrative medicine is not the same as complementary and alternative medicine nor is it simply the combination of conventional medicine with complementary and alternative medicine. Rather, it "emphasizes wellness and healing of the entire person (bio-psycho-socio-spiritual dimensions) as primary goals, drawing on both conventional and CAM approaches in the context of a supportive and effective physician-patient relationship".

Integrative medicine (IM) is also referred to as The new medicine; with a short definition, (this represents our basic philosophy of our clinic) as follows:?. IM combines mainstream medical therapies with unconventional complementary therapies. However, IM only uses complementary therapies for which there is some high-quality scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness. In short, IM utilizes all appropriate, evidence-based therapies to achieve health.

The clinics (among other modalities) to which Uno Vita has a relationship, use electromagnetic pulses and currents for treatment of “dis-eased” organs or cells as one of the main therapies for the clients. Micro currents and electro stimuli also have general stimulation and balancing effects on the body and mind. The clinical effects are well documented, and new research is becoming available regularly. The treatments are 100% safe for the clients. The local web site for our clinic is www.unovita.com. We exchange information with other integrative medicine clinics, and clinical experience is growing steadily. Here are some of Uno Vita´s main partners:

Medicina Integrativa: Dr. Nuno Nina: www.int-medicine.com

Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine: M.D. Jerry Tennant: tennantinstitute.us

TimeWaver GesundheitsZentrum: Dr. Manfred Doepp: www.timewaver-gesundheitszentrum.ch

Dr. Korotkov`s lab Biofield Research: Prof. Konstantin Korotkov: korotkov.org

TimeWaver GmbH : Marcus Schmieke (uten tittel): www.timewaver.de


Uno Vita is involved in research and development on a small scale. At present, we research on what in Norwegian is called “utvikling av en trygg frekvensliste” (“development of a safe frequency list”). The project is looking at the paradoxes of the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body. On the one side, we may use electromagnetic fields and current treatments; on the other hand, we see growing evidence for harmful effects on the human body and cells from sources such as cell phones, Wi-Fi (all wireless technologies), electric and magnetic fields and high frequency noise in the electric grid. The secret to understanding how and in what “format” the electromagnetic field influences us, is emerging, and the potential usefulness is becoming known.

One of our missions is to help facilitate the establishment of electrotherapy, electro medicine, informational field medicine and related technologies as the foundation for the new medically preferred method for treatment and diagnosis in the 21st century.

Sales & distribution

UV offers sales and distribution of leading medical technology and supplements locally, and we are expanding our sales throughout Europe. Once we find a technology or a specific supplement that has extraordinary health effects, and we may reproduce them in our clinic and R&D department, we share the products with our partners, clients and resellers for the benefit of all. We have a strong will to ensure quality, safety on documented effects on all systems we sell. Mankind needs protective technology from massive, unhealthy radiation from man-made systems. In the search for the best available technology, we have found several technologies that hold great promise. The newcomer Aires Technologies has a computer chip, which uses a coherent frequency transformer as it´s basic technology and is an up and coming technology for future protection of people all over the world. The technology is developed in Russia and is the most advanced we have seen of it´s kind. Other brands we carry are medical treatment systems, diagnostic systems and cost-effective nutritional supplements. Research and development takes place continuously in a dynamic process and will never stop.

Below are a some important brands products with extraordinary features we offer clients and resellers in the EU and Scandinavia. Please contact sales@unovita.com to investigate possibilities for resale or distribution in your country or to receive more information on a given product. The list is not complete, and there will be local variations on what can be offered.

Earthing & grounding equipment

Uno Vita is a producer of such equipment and offers grounding & earthing sheets, mats and other accessories to partners all over Europe. Our brand is called Medical Earthing®. New and improved technologies are under development and will add even more therapeutic value to this unique products series. There will be electromagnetic shielding capabilities, anti-bacterial and several other groundbreaking features. Clinical research projects are under planning once the first serial prototypes are ready. shop.unovita.com

Diagnostic equipment

GDV CAM (Biofield analyzing and research) developed by Professor Konstantin Korotkov korotkov.org

OligoScan heavy metal and mineral analyzer www.oligoscan.com

DanTest QHRV – professional health assessment and HRV www.dantest.com

QAthlete – professional sports and cardiac measurements www.qathlete.com

TimeWaver Med with accessories www.timewaver.de

Tennant Biomodulator Plus - cell voltage system www.senergy.us

Treatment systems

TimeWaver Med, TimeWaver Frequency & TimeWaver Home www.timewaver.de

Tennant Biomodulator Plus - cell voltage system www.senergy.us

Papimi NanoPuls - www.papimi.com

TrioMed – millimeter wave technology cemmed.net

Blogs and other web sites

We develop new sites and information exchanges systems. The first blog is the Electromedical blog (electromedicalblog.com) - the place to discuss the future of electromedicine! Our intention is to have a forum where we can discuss future and existing electromedical approaches to healing using advanced electromedical therapies such as microcurrents, millimeter wave technology and any therapy that uses electromagnetic delivery for improvement of health. The blog is also open for general discussions on the effects of electromagnetic waves and fields on the human body. Wireless and all forms of EMS and EMR does influence humans. The informational component of electromagnetic waves from equipment, transmitters, the sun, the planet and the background field of the universe all affect us. The next generation medicine needs to know in more detail how we can use this to the benefit of all humans. We want YOU to be active and participate in the debate. Researchers and workers in the field of electrotherapy and related fields are welcome to contact us to gain access, to establish new blogs and take part in the discussions. Hope to see you there soon! Knowledge is the key to all change.