Uno Vita Infrared Knee Massager 2023

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Uno Vita Infrared Knee Massager
An All-round Knee Massager for Pain and Discomfort Relief

Infrared Heat and Vibration Knee Pain Relief for Swelling Stiff Joints, Stretched Ligament and Muscles Injuries. The infrared knee massager with vibration and red light integrates infrared therapy, vibration therapy, and red laser therapy to offer a comprehensive treatment for knee-related issues. This multi-modal approach offers a myriad of benefits for the health of your knee and overall well-being.

Health Effects:

Pain Relief
Infrared therapy heats up tissues to improve blood circulation, reducing swelling and relieving pain. Red light therapy modulates the inflammatory response to provide long-lasting knee pain relief.
Enhanced Healing
Vibration therapy enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissues, speeding up recovery.
Red light therapy stimulates cells' natural healing abilities and promotes tissue regeneration.
Flexibility & Mobility
Vibration therapy relaxes muscle spasms and loosens tight knots, improving the knee's range of motion.
Infrared therapy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, essential for joint flexibility.
Preventative Health
The combination of therapies can improve joint stability and alignment, preventing further knee damage.
Improved blood circulation from infrared therapy can be beneficial for long-term joint health.
Anti-Inflammatory & Antioxidant Benefits
Red light therapy reduces oxidative stress, a major contributor to inflammation and aging of knee tissues.
Synergistic Effects
The device's multi-modal approach compounds the benefits of each individual therapy, offering a comprehensive solution for knee health. By focusing on not just one but several aspects of knee health, this device is an effective and efficient tool for anyone looking to improve their knee function, alleviate pain, and enhance their quality of life.

The Uno Vita Infrared Knee Massager allows you to perform knee vibration massage and hot compresses according to your needs anytime, anywhere, and relieve knee pressure and fatigue.

It is a all-rounder Knee Massager for Pain and Discomfort Relief and enjoy a comfortable massage after a long day. This knee massager has three vibration modes, from low, and high to automated switching. Enjoy a relaxing and pain-relieving knee massage, no matter in the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world.

LED Touch Screen Control Panel is Easy to Operate and Intuitive. The detailed user manual with larger text and explanatory drawings makes the unit a charm to operate. Ergonomic Design and A Great Gift: this is a functional and affectionate gift for your loved ones - mums and dads, family, and friends, for any occasion or celebration, or enjoy one for yourself. The knee massager unit is well equipped with three vibration modes, from low, high to automated switching. Three heating modes and all with the extra benefit of switchable infrared lighting.

Quick user guide
Put the product on your knees, fasten the product on your knees with a fixing belt, and tighten the fixing belt after the product fits your knees. Preferred directly on the skin
Long press "yl "to turn on.
After the product is turned on, the corresponding mode lights up in white.
In the power-on state:
Short press "/vv" to adjust the vibration mode. Short press " " to adjust the heating temperature. Short press "1 " to select red light.
Long press "1 "to shut down.
Before the first use, please fully charge the product, and charging time about 3-4 hours
It is not recommended to completely drain the battery
When the battery red light, please charge in time
Connect the Type-c cable to the power jack when charging
Plug it into 1.2A USB adaptor to connect to the outlet.
Each time the button is touched, the buzzer prompts the function
10 minutes timed automatic massage
Low-end heating is 40°C, middle-end heating is 50°C, and high-end heating is 55°C.

Enjoy a relaxing and pain-relieving knee massage no matter in the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world, after a long day. 
Great comfort, enjoy it for yourself or your family.
An affectionate gift for your loved ones - mums and dads, family, and friends, for any occasion or celebration, or enjoy one for yourself.



Key attributes

  • Industry-specific attributes
  • Function timing control
  • After-sale Service Online technical support

Other attributes

  • Place of Origin Guangdong, China
  • Type Foot Massager
  • Application Leg
  • Brand Name Uno Vita produced bye Meizons
  • Model Number MZ-HD201
  • Product Name knee massager device
  • Feature Vibration Massage+heating+air compression
  • Function Infrared Physiotherapy
  • Size 225*160*200cm
  • OEM/ODM Welcomed
  • lnput current DC5V ---2A
  • Battery capacity 3000mAh
  • Material ABS+Silicone
  • Massage area Knee Joint or shoulder
  • Packing Gift box each unit
  • Rechargeable
  • Size 22.5*16*20cm
  • 3 levels of heating + 3 levels of vibration + air compression

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