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The device is designed to protect and restore your health by influencing your energy and information system (EIS) and the surrounding environment with a specially selected wave signal of the Si-Ge crystal.
TRIOMED CGI is multifunctional and can be used:
• to harmonise the human EIS;
• to maintain the energy balance of the body;
- Restoration of the normal functioning of cells
• to eliminate consequences of stress;
• to prevent stressful situations;
- General rejuvenation of the body

TRIOMED CGI device will benefit all members of the family regardless of age and gender. The device is convenient to use and easy to operate, economical, safe, secure and lightweight. It is recommended for everyday use at home to raise vitality, boost health and improve psycho emotional condition. In terms of its utilisation, the device is classified as a product of multiple cyclic use.

This User Manual regulates the use of the device. Exposure of the human biological energy to the lowintensity radiation of the Si-Ge crystal maintains and strengthens the individual energy and information system of a person and restores the integrity of energy flow, restoration of the harmonious functioning of cells and, as a consequence, general rejuvenation of the body.
Programmes 1-2 launches the low-intensity wave radiation generated by the Si-Ge crystal with varied distribution of the low-frequency modulation and integral capacity during their work. The combination of Programmes ensures multifunctionality and enhances the effect. Select programme according to treatment of preference.
The device may be used to stimulate:
• the central energy-informational system of the channels;
• the peripheral system of the channels;
• the system of energy centers;
• problem areas.
The effects of the treatment on all these systems have a long-term effect. In the beginning, shortly after a treatment, an initial positive effect is apparent. This effect will increase during the next 2-3 weeks. That is why intervals of up to three weeks are required between the cures.
Programme 1. Harmony (30 minutes) (directly on the body or for distant stimulation)
The maximum duration of stimulation per each 24-hour period is 2 hours.
The programme is designed to stimulate the whole EIS of a person. For that purpose, the device should be worn on a strap or string on the neck or placed at a distance of 50 cm from the body. The radiation of the Si-Ge crystal structures water particles present in the air which, having been restructured, start reradiating and create the all-around radiation effect which is maintained by water particles even after the device is switched off. The surrounding space is thus now cleaned from electromagnetic smog and that is why MM radiation is so vitally important for all biological objects (people, animals, plaints).
The interaction between the Si-Ge crystal radiation and all the nodes and energy flows in the EIS of all the people present in the room are harmonized. The benefit from the harmonized conditions improves the body’s overall resistance towards unfavourable factors, strengthening its recovery properties. People become more tolerant towards each other. The result is an oasis of harmonious existence.
Programme 2 Regulatory (10 minutes)
This programme is designed to work with the main energy centres, channels and problem areas.
The programme is indicated to be used in cases of fatigue, increased irritability, overexertion, psycho-emotional stress, sleep disorders and mood decline/depression. It promotes an adequate reaction of the organism to any stimulus. It optimizes all stages of reaction to the aggressive factor causing stress. To activate the stress-busting effects, it is recommended to use the device to stimulate the projection of the chakras on the arms in the area of the wrist, the centre of the palm of the left hand (left handed should use their right hand palm) and on the head - in the tragus of the ear, with the slow circular motion.
The duration of stimulation for one zone is 12 minutes, twice a day.
In case of chronic stress, exposure rate is 10 - 15 days.
The energy centres are stimulated to get the energy balance of the body. In order to restore the flow of energy through the channels of the hands and feet, use the device to stimulate the fingertips and toe tips respectively, for 1 minute each, starting with the left little finger and ending with the right little finger, successively.
At the same time due to the regulation of energy flows and nodes, human EIS is recovered, the general resistance of the organism to the unfavourable factors increases and a restoration of functional reserves occurs.
The regulatory programme allows diagnosing assessments of the human EIS, identifying areas that work with the distortions and by stimulating them, bringing the interaction of cells in the body to harmony.
The diagnostic assessment should be carried out in a calm, quiet and relaxed atmosphere to pay attention to the body response.
In the case of slow-flowing (sluggish) processes the following is recommended:
1. Take a comfortable position, calm down and start stimulating the left palm with the device making slow, circular movements during 5 minutes ( 2 circles/minute), left handed should use their right hand palm.
2. Pay attention to your body. Gradually, not right away, you can feel your body response. It may be in the form of tingling, itching or slightly painful sensations in different places. You should identify the most pronounced response. This will be the location of the body's reaction to the impact (trigger zone). You should switch on the device again, bringing it on that spot and start the healing session. Treat just one trigger zone per session.
The following days continue the stimulation with the same sequence. The body may respond in the same spot or elsewhere. The body will determine the response zone in accordance with its own needs. The pain area can be the same or a new one. Make the treatment session where it is needed. The duration of stimulation of one zone is 10 minutes.

A woman suffered from a fatigue syndrome.
The first photo shows a lack of energy in the area of the left kidney and the lungs, as well as reduced adaptation. The diagnostic assessment of the palm identified the problem areas. The stimulation of the both areas with Triomed CGI was carried out during 10 minutes for each one. The photo taken after the stimulation shows an increased energy in the both areas and the restored adaptation as well.
Programme 3 . Recovery (15 minutes).
With the program "Recovery", the impact of background emission can be performed. To do this, you have to bring the little window of the device to the selected area, and only then start the programme. The device can be left in the chosen area for some more time even after the end of it.
The information signal of the Si crystal – Ge, helps EIS recognize the problem automatically and starts the appropriate reactions of the body aimed at solving it.
The impact on the body's problem area with the "Recovery" programme leads to rapid recovery and normal operation of the area.



General technical specifications
The device is produced without using any harmful chemical substances in compliance with the TRIOMED LLC technical documents. As far as potential risks of use are concerned, the device has been designed as a product with internal safe power supply.
The TRIOMED CGI device is manufactured with in-built generator producing electromagnetic waves in the millimeter band (wave length between 7,5 and 6,98 mm). The software allows to generate MM EMR with varying modulation during the session. The device features 3 programmes of low-frequency modulation of the MM.
The main technical characteristics of the TRIOMED CGI device are given in Table 1 below.

No Characteristics Description
1. Start–up time no more than 5 sec
2. Type of work with specified characteristics continuous, uninterrupted
3. Automatic shutdown function after the end of the programme
4. Overall dimensions no more than 75×45×13 mm
5. Weight no more than 0.1 kg
6. Mean time between failures no less than 1,500 hours
No Characteristics Description
7. Life cycle of the device minimum 8 years
8. Body material polycarbonate plastic
9. Ambient temperature during Use between + 10 and + 35oС
10. Rated air humidity (combination of relative humidity and temperature) 80 % at 25 °С
11. Rated direct voltage 3.0 V
12. Current Consumption no more than 30 mA
13. Power consumption no more than 100 mVA
The device comes with a CR2032 battery.
The external surfaces of the device are disinfected using a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide or a 1% water solution of chlorhexidine. Soak a cloth in a disinfecting solution, wring it out and wipe the device.
No special safety measures are required.
3.2. Structure and functioning
The device is a monoblock unit. The front panel of the body of the device (Fig. 1) houses the control button and 2 LED indicators. The back panel (Fig. 2) houses two fastening screws and the working surface with the millimetre EMR generator underneath. The appearance of the device and the elements of its structure are shown in Figures 1 and 2. location of MM EMR generator LED indicators control button fastening screws strap fastening location of MM EMR generator LED indicators control button fastening screws strap fastening

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