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Future therapy today

Is there a universal method to restore health, prevent disease and slow the aging process? Something that could help against diseases and disorders of the joints and spine, chronic problems of various kinds, or diseases of the eye and allergies, insomnia, high blood pressure or reducing wrinkles of aging skin? Can athletes recover their strength after intense exercise, thanks to this method?

Yes, there is such a method. It is based on a discovery made by Russian scientists in 1995. They discovered the “language” of the body’s water molecules, with which you can communicate and correct. What the researchers discovered the water molecules, was the resonance waves and the strength of these were very weak with a length of nearly a centimeter. Basically, it is about energy in motion vibrates in a certain way with a certain frequency, and the water molecules are part of it, like everything else that exists.

The human body comprises about 75% of water molecules. It is in this environment that all biochemical processes in the body takes place, as well as metabolism and all other physical and mental process. Everything occurring in the body must be in harmony and the presence of water molecules.

In health and in various diseases, the resonance frequencies of water molecules differ from the normal. There can be problems with complex diseases or facial wrinkles. As with age, the frequency of water molecules in the body and the skin, so that an optimal state is no longer present in the skin, leading to skin that become dry, thin and wrinkled.

The discovery of water resonance waves made by the company Telemak in Saratov in Russia, led to the development of a treatment device called Aqua Tone that emit the same radiation aquatic environment of all living organisms with an intensity not exceeding 16 × 10-8 watts. Aqua Tone emits radiation which is several thousand times lower than that of a mobile phone. Despite this low intensity affected the environment of the body and all its biochemical processes. In order to improve the internal body health in a simple and effective way that does not cause any side effects, is now opened enormous opportunities for public health.

Aquatone affects all organs or body parts and restore normal function in diseased and damaged systems caused by the majority of known diseases. These results have been confirmed by over 150 scientific studies and clinical trials conducted over 14 years. Some of these results from the studies can be read on the website These studies are based not only on laboratory work, but also in practical use in hospitals and clinics.

Doctors confirm the high efficiency of the Aquatone through reduced or completely eliminated the symptoms of diseases. The versatility at resonance wave therapy can be explained by the common denominator of almost all diseases, which are abnormal resonance of water molecules in the affected area. resonance wave therapy has been particularly effective in restoring damaged tissue after accidents, injuries of the musculoskeletal system, burns and radiation injury with painful symptoms. resonance wave therapy strengthens the immune system’s ability to fight infections and various inflammations.

It should also be mentioned that sports doctors point out that the resonance wave therapy aims to restore the resonance of water molecules, increases physical endurance and recovery after intense physical exertion. Hidden reserves can then be mobilized without the help of drugs.

Our company participated in a research study called “The Effect of a low-intensity electromagnetic fields on fibroblast migration and proliferation,” which was conducted at the Karolinska Institutet in 2010. The positive results were published in the American journal “Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine”, 30 (2): 80 -85, 2011.

What is the difference between Akvaton and Triomed?  

The unique properties of Aquaton enhance the biochemical reactions of the body water. This leads to significantly reduced inflammatory processes, slower aging process and improved metabolism.

Triomed strengthens cell membranes and allows cells to absorb more nutrients and oxygen to become stronger. An example of this is the immune cells that are struggling with pathogenic microorganisms can be given stronger membranes. When body fluids are improved by Aquatone, the immune cells have easier to defeat microorganisms in the environment. Therefore, Aqua Tone and Triomed complement each other at the biochemical reactions that make the body stronger.



Aquatone is a tuning fork for the body

Aquatone can be compared to a tuning fork for the body in the same way a tuning fork works for a piano. When having played a piano for a long time it goes out of harmony and needs to be tuned up by a professional. We are using the same principle for the body; Aquatone tunes the bodily fluids into resonance thus harmoinizing them into order. The way it works is that as soon as there is a change in the biochemical processes, like an inflammation, the vibrations change and reflect the inflammation. By restoring the vibrations we can eliminate the inflammation.

How can we improve the environment of the body?

Water consists of molecules which also carry vibrations. These vibrations unite in an harmonized well structured system, which is a prerequisite for a normally functioning biochemical system. Aging and life challenges may weaken the order and harmony in the vibrational system, which causes problems in the body. Today, science has managed to find the vibrational resonance of water and managed to produce a device that emits these vibrations – i.e. Aquaton. By restoring the water structure in the body in a natural way, all biochemical processes are improved and thus considerably increasing the healing power of the bod

A great field of application
Health: As Aquatone improves the body’s own healing power, it benefits the healing of aall kinds of health issues; in particular, inflammational processes such as arthritis, prostatitis, gum disease, urinal infection, infections of the gastrointestinal tract and much more. Aquatone is also a great antistress tool for depression and anxiety and strengthens the psyche. Thanks to Aquatone’s ability to structure the fluids, Aquatone enables a very effective detox for the lymph system, the liver and the kidneys.

Sports: Aquatone is one of the greatest tools available for sports related injuries as it substantially increases the resilience of the body.

Animals: Aquatone provides an effective treatment for animals.

This table is prepared as a result of the use of the device Aquatone device in various institutions
in Russia in 2010-2014. During the current period, more than 20,000 patients was treated for
various diseases.
We wish to express our deep gratitude to all those specialists who are not only used Aquatone
according to the guidelines described in the manual, but also significantly contribute to the
development of therapeutic techniques, adaptations to clinics and hospitals, and rehabilitation
techniques in sports medicine and home use:
- G. G. Orlova, PhD., RAMSR
- UTC S. R., PhD., SGMU
- Rossolovskij A. N., PhD., SGMU
- Kamenskhih T. G., PhD., SGMU
- Puchinjan D. M., PhD., SARNIITO
- Poljak N.U., SARNIITO
- Stepukhovich S.V., SARNIITO
- Kondrashkin A.V., SARNIITO
- Raskina E. E., Ph.D. in medical science, SGMU
- Vilumova Zh.V., Saratov City Hospital No. 10
- Pronina O. A., Saratov City Clinic No. 19
- Popova A.V., Saratov City Clinic No. 6
- Malinin A.A., GUZ SDIKB No. 5
- Malokostova N.V., Central Hospital No. 6 RzhD, Moscow
- Kozlovsky, S. M, "Aqualoo", Sochi
- Shishkina A. A., Samara Region Hospital
- Terekhov I.V, Ph.D. in medical science, Kaluga central district hospital
- Glukhov V.I., Private Clinic No. 1, Saratov
- Medvedeva E.N., Sanatorium Oktjabrskoe Utschele, Saratov
- Neznamov M. N., Ph.D. in medical science, Reaviz medical institution, Saratov
- Ernjaeva E. R., Saratov regional tuberculosis hospital
- Ivanchenko V. A., PhD., "Biofarm test", Moscow
- Medvedev E. V., Ph.D. in medical science, "Self-P", Moscow
Next generation physiotherapy
The function at the resonant therapy and diagnostics based on the power of the state of resonance
waves, which were discovered by staff at the Institute of Radio Technology and Electronics,
RAS 1995. The discovery consisted of the identification of conditions required to affect water
molecules by using electromagnetic waves at ultra-low power, where vibrations unites water
molecules in various sizes and configurations of dynamic water elements (clusters) are
Despite the low levels of the resonant waves (power used is more than 10 million times lower
than for UHF devices and traditional resonance therapy), is the electromagnetic resonance waves
a strong biological effect. Studies have shown that these waves can bring order to the water
structure, which improves the metabolic process in the body.
In 2001 the company established Telemak with Saratov Military Medical Institute a joint
laboratory for the development of therapeutic and diagnostic devices, and medical technology
based on the effects. Employees at the laboratory performed the main research in this area.
Studies have also been made at a number of medical and scientific institutions both in Russia and
• Karolinska Institute (Stockholm)
• Harvard University (Boston)
• Moniki
• Russian Cancer Research Centre
• Institute of higher nervous activity and neurophysiology - RAS
• Saratov Medical University
• Rostov Scientific Research Institute of Cancer
• Saratov University
• Saratov Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics
• Saratov Agricultural University
• Tula University
• Moscow Region Institute for Advanced Medical Education
The project is definitely a world news.
Based on research, 150 scientific articles have been published and a number of theses have been
presented so far. The research area is constantly growing. New scientific team have joined to
contribute to the research and development of medical technology based on the effects of
"resonance wave-state" in the aquatic environment.
The project, which now Telemak runs, relates to the development of medical technologies based
on the effects of "resonance wave-state" in the aquatic environment and have been included in
the state program "Development of the pharmaceutical and medical industry in the Russian
Federation until 2020 and beyond."
Aquaton devices have been introduced to medical practice with the support of the government of
Saratov region. The new method has been praised by both therapists and patients.
Resonance Therapy with Aquatone devices are effective in the treatment of:
- Urogenital system: prostatitis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, lactostasis;
- Musculoskeletal system: arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, sprain, humeroscapular
- Ear-Nose-Throat diseases: otitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, laryngotracheitis,
deafness of different origins;
- Respiratory tract: bronchitis, pneumonia, tracheitis;
- Diseases of the cardiovascular system: chronic cerebral ischaemia, hypertension;
- Organs of the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, peptic ulcer and
duodenal ulcer;
- Skin disorders: eczema, scleroderma;
- Dental disorders: stomatitis, pulpitis, gingivitis;
- The operational and non-injury;
- As an aid in rehabilitation after heart attack and stroke, but even during intense exercise.
Studies have shown that this method is promising for cardiology and oncology, as well as in the
treatment of diseases in children.
The units have anti-inflammatory, repair, immunomodulatory, anti-stress promotion and
analgesic therapeutic effects. A number of studies have also shown high anti-tumor effects which
Aquatone devices used in the exposure of certain types of tumors.
Customer Reviews:
• better results compared with traditional physical therapy methods, effective in treating a wide
range of socially pronounced diseases,
• without any complications or side effects,
• easy to use portable physiotherapy.
Heating of the tissue is absent in the use of Aquatone device.
Aquatone device can be used continuously for an unlimited time, and is fully compatible with
other equipment intended for physical therapy without affecting its performance.
When using Aquatone device is the electromagnetic stomach matic exposure is almost nonexistent
for both medical staff and patients. Therefore there is no need for special training or
special equipment.
The unit has its own autonomous power supply, which means it can be used in field environment
without the need of power supply.
Aquatone unit is a UHF device that corresponds to the Russian Ministry of Health's directive on
attitudes and use in medical rehabilitation (Directive No: 1705 on 2012-12-29 etc.).
Production of units is done through modern assembly technology and test equipment.

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2. Academy for medical and social rehabilitation. Moscow…
3. City Clinic No. 19. Saratov
4. City Clinic No. 6. Saratov
5. Clinic for skin diseases. Saratov
6. Private Clinic No. 1. Saratov
7. Oktjabr'skoe Utschel'e. Saratov
8. Central Hospital No. 6 OAO RzhD. Moscow
9. Central Clinic OFO RZhD. Moscow
10. DKB RzhD. Lublino
11. SARNIITO. Neurology
12. SARNIITO. Arthritis
13. SARNIITO. Paediatric Orthopaedic Hospital
14. SARNIITO. Rehabilitation Department
15. Rudd Medi. Lung Diseases
16. SGMU. Prostatititbehandling
17. SGMU. Prevention of childhood diseases
18. SGMU. Eye Diseases
19. Kaluga Central District Hospital. Hypertension Treatment
20. Saratov dist Swedish Central Hospital
21. Government Health Department, Saratov Pediatric Infectious Hospital No. 5. The treatment
of children's diseases
22. Samara Regional Hospitals
23. Biofarm test. Moscow
24. Center for Rehabilitation Medicine. Nizhny Novgorod
25. Aqualoo. Sochi
26. Saratov Regional Tuberculosis Hospitals
27. Saratov dental clinic No. 2
28. Saratov City Hospital No. 10
29. Tula University. Economic evaluation of the introduction of Aquatone devices.
30. Medvedev E.V. Rehabilitation Methodology
31. Sports Methodology
32. Certificate of registration
33. Declaration of Conformity
34. Patent

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