UltraStim Snap (square 5*5cm)

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UltraStim® Snap -  "button" electrode for sensitive skin

UltraStim® Snap patented current controlling neurostimulation electrodes distribute current as evenly and comfortably as the UltraStim® Wire product line through the use of a snap connector rather than a lead wire. The bottom snap is scientifically chosen to match impedance in the entire system to provide even current distribution across the surface, even with a snap. The proprietary silver grid pattern is specially calculated to precisely control electrical current over the electrode surface, while the border around the grid pattern allows for an intentional current roll off to eliminate edge stinging. Utilizing Axelgaard’s patented multi-layer MultiStick® hydrogel eliminates performance problems associated with electrodes featuring single-layer gels.UltraStim® X Blue
The NEW UltraStim® X BLUE electrodes that feature a BLUE Hydrogel for those with extremely sensitive skin are the next evolution of the superior UltraStim® X design. The distinctive silver grid pattern on UltraStim® X BLUE electrodes provides even current dispersion, which translates into a more comfortable therapy treatment for the user. The oversized border is specially designed to facilitate ease of proper removal to further promote electrode durability. Users can now experience the same exceptional quality and value of Axelgaard’s unique cutting-edge technology and manufacturing process for UltraStim® X with BLUE Hydrogel for sensitive skin with a water repellent backing.


The newly design UltraStim X Blue electrodes feature Blue Hydrogel. Blue Hydrogel is an adhesive backing that is especially designed for those with sensitive skin. UltraStim X features an original silver grid pattern that provides even electric current dispersion. This technology provides a more comfortable therapy treatment for your patient. The oversized border is used to aid in proper removal to extend electrode life.

Unique Design
UltraStim X Blue electrodes feature a unique 3-layer design. The top layer is a water-repellent fabric that prolongs the electrodes use and life. The second layer is a conductive film printed layer with a patented silver grid. The final layer is a hydrogel formulated patch that is designed specifically for those with sensitive skin.




Technical and size:  Square (5cm x 5 cm), 4 electrodes pr. package


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