ECO Beef Superbites Pistachio, Boniato & Turmeric (30g)

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Quick Overview

ECO Pork Superbites Pistachio, Boniato & Turmeric (30g)
Unleash the Flavorful Crunch of Nature's Finest

Crafted with Wholesome Goodness:
ECO Pork Superbites are more than just a snack, they're a delicious adventure for your taste buds and a power-up for your day. Made with organic pork, a symphony of nutritious nuts and superfoods, these bite-sized wonders are packed with:

  • Protein Power: Fuel your body and conquer cravings with a satisfying protein punch.
  • Healthy Fat Harmony: Monounsaturated fats keep you feeling full and support a healthy heart.
  • Clean, Crunchy Perfection: Every bite explodes with a delightful crunch, free from artificial flavors and textures.
  • Naturally Sweet: We skip the added sugar, letting the wholesome sweetness of sweet potato shine through. Preservative-Free Promise: Savor the pure taste of real food, free from unwanted additives.
  • Dietary Delight: Gluten-free and lactose-free, these superbites fit seamlessly into various dietary needs.

A Symphony of Flavor:
Imagine this: tender, organic pork baked to crispy perfection. Rich pistachios bursting with healthy fats. Tiny chia seeds with a powerful punch. A touch of sweetness from sun-dried sweet potato, and a hint of earthiness from turmeric. Each ingredient - meticulously sourced from organic producers - creates a flavor explosion that will tantalize your senses.

Where Meat Meets Veggie Magic:
ECO Pork Superbites are the perfect harmony of protein-packed goodness and wholesome veggies. We use a unique blend of:

  • Premium Organic Pork: Supporting animal welfare and environmental responsibility.
  • Nutrient-Rich Nuts: Pistachios for a touch of luxury and healthy fats.
  • Powerful Superfoods: Sweet potato and turmeric for added vitamins and a vibrant taste.

Taste the Difference:
Forget about greasy snacks and artificial flavors. ECO Pork Superbites are a testament to the power of real food, minimally processed, and bursting with taste. Our chefs have meticulously crafted these bites to be light, irresistibly crunchy, and undeniably delicious. Indulge in wholesome goodness, because at ECO, we believe in healthy snacking without compromise. So, ditch the guilt and savor the flavor!

ECO Pork Superbites - a win for your taste buds and your well-being!



Selected lean pork cuts* 49,4% (172g of pork used to get 100g of product), cashews*, almonds*, sweet potato 6,99%*, pumpkin seeds*, chía seeds*, pistachio* 2,80%, garlic*, sea salt, turmeric* 0,62%.

*Ingredients from organic agriculture.
Allergens in bold, may contain traces of celery, sesame, soy, nuts and mustard.


  100g 30 g
Energy 381kcal / 1591kJ 114kcal / 477kJ
Fats 21.10g 6.33g
of which saturated 5.50g 1.65g
Carbohydrates 8.96g 2.69g
of which sugars 7.16g 2.15g
Protein 38.60g 11.58g
Salt 1.70g 0.51g

Sweet potato, organic pork,pistachios, pumpkin seeds, turmeric… with these ingredients they had to be called superbites.

Cherky ECO Superbites are a very different kind of snack. Savoury, crunchy, highly nourishing, a snack that enhances the best qualities of animal protein with the health benefits from organic nuts and superfoods.

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