Online training & education (personal) with Jan Poleszynski

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Online training & education (personal) with Jan Poleszynski

How: Online meeting digitally using ZOOM or Skype one to one meeting only

Duration: 1 hour (it is possible to purchase more hours, but we recommend always to start with one)
Expectation: Normally we spend 30 minutes for informationsharing (talks) and 30 minutes for preparation or follow up and/or preparing and informational analyze in TimeWaver MED

Media: Video and audio, screen sharing if needed. Minimum audio. Mobile phone not supported.

Once you have ordered the session, please send me an e-mail to [email protected] and add me to
Skype for direct communication. You can include a short description on you what information you request.

Skype name: janfredrikpoleszynski so we can agree on time to meet and schedule it our calendar.

Languages: I speak normally good English and good Norwegian. Trainings should be in either of these languages. I understand Swedish, Danish, German and some extent Spanish but does not speak the languages well enough to offer training in these languages.

Time and time zone: I live in Norway with UTC or GMT + 1. I do consultations between 9 AM to 18 AM my time by appointment (only).

Content and topics: Information and education can be provided in personal matters related to electromagnetism and health, electromedicine, suggested usage of Healy and TimeWaver frequency and Home and introduction to integrative medical wellness protocols. We can cover themes such as electro-medical devices, water systems, supplements or that are offered in Uno Vitas store.

Note! I do not recommend or discuss products, technologies or supplements I do not have first-hand knowledge about and can verify quality of.

Possibility: If the clients want to share personal data via an encrypted connection such as full name, birthdate, birthplace, and an image it is possible to do an informational analyze using TimeWaver MED.
It would be recommended to do this before the session. This would be recommended as a part of suggesting protocols for the use of Deep Cycle programs and related. Your information would be stored on our TimeWaver MED system which has an encrypted connection to internet.

Personal special frequency program for you on Healy: It is possible your order two hours and inform me on e-mail and Skype (if you use it) that you want me to spend one hour after our online meeting to produce a targeted program for you and your wellness needs. This will require a second contact where I will need to have the "Therapist TAN" from your Healy, to upload the program. If you are not available of any reason within 7 days after you have received notic that program is ready for upload, the program will not be stored after this and no refund given. If bye any chance Healy World makes changes to the Healy software or cload that influences the working of the program this would not initiate a refund. The delivery is considered complete once the program is uploaded and running on your Healy.

Reservations. If I bye some reason cannot conduct our online training consultation within one month from purchase, the payment will be credited, and the order canceled. Besides this there are no refund of prepaid training consultations. All data potentially store on our internal systems would be deleted.

Disclaimer. Jan does not offer medical advice. The information shared is not intended to treat or cure any disease. If you suspect you are seriously ill, you should always consult your doctor or health authorities in your region or country. You are always responsible for any change or choice of lifestyle and usage og supplements or therapy. Any information given is purely educational for personal usage only.



Recommended reading can be fund her. Most articles are written in Norwegian so you would have to copy and past using Google Transelate if you need other languages.

We also recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter (also most of the time Norwegian but you can use the transelator functions when needed) her

There are free videos of earlier seminars in our YouTube channel her! It is a good idea to have seem minimum one of them before your one to one session with Jan

You find our Facebook pages her

See you soon and be well :-)

Best Regards - Mit freundlichen Grüßen - Saludos cordiales
Mr.  Jan Fredrik Poleszynski

Uno Vita AS Klinikk for Integrert Medisin
Company phone/firma: +47 22 091880

Sales/salg: [email protected]
Personal/personlig: [email protected]
Skype contact name: janfredrikpoleszynski
English store:
Telegram: + 47 951 767 97


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