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IONEX Air Ionizer (white)

Ionex air ion generator product description
IONEX air ionizer - effectively cleans the indoor air. The negative ions attach themselves to pollution, floating in the air, such as dust, allergens, smoke, odors, viruses, bacteria etc. The combined particles become heavy, drop to the floor and cannot become airborne again. The air is 100% clean! The negative ions also improve your working performance and concentration, lower the level of stress hormone and histamine level (raised due to asthma or allergies), enable pleasant working environment and prevent from infectious diseases, since they remove bacteria and viruses from the air. Highly recommended for large, crowded offices and public places! IONEX air ionizer emits the maximum output of negative ions; its operation is carbon brush-based and silent emits NO dangerous and unhealthy OZONE!

The largest output of negative ions for effective cleaning of the air and therapeutic effects on human body. When the ionizer is on, there will be no more dust particles visible floating in the air, when the sun shines through the air.

Small size; silent operation; carbon brush-based technology; no ozone is released
Guarantee warranty period: 2 years from the date of purchase
Very suitable for individuals with allergies, asthma, respiratory illnesses, hypertension, the negative ions lower the histamine levels; excellent feedback from customers regarding the therapeutic use and alleviation of symptoms.
Suitable for people under stress and pressure; the negative ions help improving the concentration and work performance and productivity, lower the stress hormone levels
Ionex improve the immune system and general well-being

Electrical power consumption: 1,6W only; Transformer voltage: 4500 V; Mains voltage: 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz; Total negative ion emission: 4,5 x 10^7 (ions/ cm^3 sec) and 0,51 x 10^13 (ions/sec); Dimensions: diameter 11 cm, height 5 cm; The quality of this appliance is confirmed by certificates; SIQ, CE, IEC, CB, EMC, LVD, ROHS, GS, TUV and measurements of negative ions at Institute of Joseph Stefan in Ljubljana.




Some advantages of IONEX:

♥ Alleviate problems with asthma, allergies and high blood pressure.
♥ Supports the immune system, improved mood, less fatigue.
♥ Unhealthy particles are effectively removed from the air, such as: dust, viruses, bacteria, dust mites, cigarette smoke odor.
♥ Strongest ionizer on the market.
♥ Carbon brushes solves the problem of harmful ozone.
♥ Smallest in the world – so you can easily take it with you.
♥ Total silent – important when you use it during sleep.
♥ Beautiful design to suit your home.


Quality product manufactured in the EU, Slovenia, by the company IONEX doo

Power consumption: only 1.6 W power supply: 220-230 VAC (and 110VAC).
Ionization voltage: 4500 Volt.
Total negative ion output: Up to 4.5 x 107 (ions / cm3 / sec) and 0.51 x 1013 (ions / sec).
Coverage: For the whole house or apartment (if you move it from one room to another).
Effective range: 8 meters.
Available in Black or White.

Diameter: 11 cm, height: 4.5 cm, weight: 0,540 kg (with box).

Where to place the ionizer for efficient air cleaning?
To clean the air quickly and efficiently, it is better that the ionizer is placed as high as possible – over 1.80 m. Negative ions slowly fall to the ground in a long arc and on their way bind to all the pollution in the air.

How to perform negative ion therapy?
The negative ions are essential for all indoor spaces (especially for those full of synthetic materials); they clean the air and bring to us a better concentration and well-being, relieve us from stress, headaches, respiratory illnesses. It is strongly recommended to inhale the negative ions at the carbon brush more times a day. This ion therapy help with all the problems, associated with the shortage of negative ions, asthma, allergies, hypertension, stress and unhealthy work and living environments. A regular every day (and night) negative ion therapy is recommended for prevention against colds and other infectious diseases as well as for strengthening the immune system of children, in order to achieve optimal results.

To perform a negative ion therapy, simply inhale negative ions near the carbon brush as many times a day and as long as possible, but at least 10 minutes per inhalation and about 3 hours per daytime (can be in more sessions). The ionizer should be placed as near as possible, because the largest amounts of negative ions can be found in vicinity of the carbon brush. All-night therapy is also advised in all cases of allergies, asthma, hypertension, all kinds of respiratory diseases, weak immune system, hormonal imbalance, etc. To perform a night therapy, just place the ionizer on a nightstand or near the bed to inhale the negative ions all night long.

Alleviation of symptoms will show in a few days to a few weeks, but complete removal of all symptoms can be achieved only by every day regular therapy (as described) in 6 months to 1 year period. Please note, that there is no upper limit how long to inhale the negative ions – as long as possible and as many times as needed. IONEX air ionizer does never ever emit any harmful ozone, so the inhalation is completely safe. This is why we have achieved such great results and complete elimination of allergy symptoms, as references from many satisfied customers in book Negative ions as a method of healing describe.

Is IONEX air ionizer suitable for children?

How to perform negative ion therapy?
A regular every day (and night) negative ion therapy is recommended for prevention against colds and other infectious diseases as well as for strengthening the immune system of children, in order to achieve optimal results.

If I understand correctly, it is not necessary to clean any filters?

You not need to change or clean the filters, because IONEX air ionizers do not have them. They do not filtrate the air. The air cleaning is going like this:

The negative ions bind to all the particles in the air, joint particles drop on the ground and surfaces and stays there until you wipe it off.

It is important that the amount of negative ions is very large, so they can quickly clean the air and many negative ions still remain in the air after cleaning to bring us therapeutic effects when inhaled.

How to clean my ionizer?
Always unplug the IONEX air ionizer from the electrical grid and discharge it before you clean it. Discharging means placing the plug onto the carbon brush for a moment the ionizer – do it on the daily basis to release the static electricity. Do the same procedure, if your ionizer starts emitting crackling sounds – this means, too much static electricity has accumulated (to prevent the crackling sounds and electric shocks, do not place the ionizer on metal surfaces). Only use a slightly moist cloth (preferably a microfibre cloth) to simply wipe the appliance, focusing especially on the carbon brush. Wipe it at least once a month. If the brush is hard and sticky on touch, you can use a small amount of mild soap to dissolve the dirt. Make sure to wipe all the soap off and let the carbon brush dry. When dry, spread the fibres in the brush as wide as possible. Before you plug the appliance back, the carbon brush must be completely dry.

Never immerse the IONEX air ionizer into water or any other liquid, nor rinse it under the tap. Do not put anything into the hole with carbon brush.

We advise that you also clean the immediate surroundings of the IONEX air ionizer as the bulk of the dirt from the air is disposed in its vicinity. The frequency of cleaning of the IONEX air ionizer depends of the quantity of pollution in the air.

Can we have windows open, while the ionizer operates?
Windows and doors can be opened, because the negative ions do their mission – to promptly remove from the air all the pollution that enters into the living spaces. Only during winter, when the concentration of particulate matter (PM) is really high and the outdoor air is heavily polluted with soot, smoke and smog, it is recommended that you have windows closed to prevent the pollution entering the building. You can rest assured, the air will not be be stale and stuffy, because negative ions will purify it.

Every time I hold the ionizer which is turned on and I accidentally touch something made of metal, I get a slight electric shake… is this normal?
Firstly we would like to emphasize that static electricity is not dangerous, so no worries here, but it is just unpleasant. People are strongly charged with static electricity (positive charge) due to environmental conditions (many synthetic materials are surrounding us). When you touch a metal object (f.i. a car) you get a static shock. It’s the same if you touch the ionizer, the static electricity gets released.

The solution to these static electricity shocks is that the ionizer is not placed on metal surfaces in the first place. To release the static electricity, unplug the IONEX air ionizer and place the electric plug onto the carbon brush on a daily basis. In this way you remove all the static electricity that has been accumulating at the carbon brush. Do the same procedure, if your ionizer starts emitting crackling sounds – this means, too much static electricity has accumulated.

Second solution we recommend is placing the ionizer on a higher shelf /cupboard, not on a desk. The negative ions can cover longer distance if the ionizer is placed higher and they do not attach to laptop / computer screens / printers too soon (if the do, the get destroyed).

I’ve noticed that after prolonged use the wall or ceiling has become black in some parts. I was wondering whether it is harmful? Why is this happening and how to clean it?
This phenomenon is quite normal for the ionization of air. In fact, you can be horrified to see how polluted the air is, even if the does not seem so at the first glance.

The pollution on your wall has come from the air. These are so-called submicron particles of soot and exhaust gases, which are notice on the wall as a gray powder) are the most harmful and carcinogenic. It is always present in the air (it just could not be seen due to its microscopic size) and we inhale it at all times if it is not removed by an ionizer. It accumulates more intensely around the ionizer, because there are more negative ions that catch the dusty particles, and we notice it as a gray powder. Negative ions bind with these pollution particles, such as: dirt, dust, formaldehyde, resin excretions, viruses, bacteria, odours, mite faeces, dead skin particles – and neutralize them. They drop to the floor due to the gravity and cannot be lifted any more, having been ionised. They are not harmful any more, because they cannot get inhaled any longer.

Even the smallest, most hazardous air impurities of size 0.01 microns – cigarette smoke, pollen, PM particles and aerosols – are successfully removed. They are the greatest risk to the health as biological defend mechanisms do not cope efficiently with such pollution. Negative ions also remove odours, as they are just submicron particles that enter the nostrils and we perceive it.

The pollution can easily get vacuumed and wiped off.
The only problem are dirty walls – in this case we recommend to protect the wall behind it with some transparent foil or to paint with acrylic or washable paint, especially, if your ionizer always stands in the same place.

Can the negative-ion-output quantity of the IONEX air ionizer be measured by an ion counter?
Our measurements were performed at the Jožef Stefan Institute in a specially designed hermetically sealed laboratory with monitored air supply, where it was possible to efficiently measure the number of negative ions in the air flow with a professional high-quality ion counter after a demanding and time-consuming procedure. These measurements are the most accurate and reliable.

However, the emission of negative ions can also be measured nonprofessionally with ion counters/meters, but such a counter must be able to measure the amount of negative ions above 45 million (4.5 x 10 ^ 7 negative ions / cm ^ 3 / second and 0.51 x 10 ^ 13 negative ions / second). If the meter is not capable of this (as can be seen from its technical specification), the counter will only keeps spinning when it reaches the maximum. Generally, cheap meters are not exactly reliable.

Sometimes I get sleepy while driving my car, especially when air condition is on. For preventing this from happening I open my window from time to time. Would a car air ionizer help me with my problem?
This is a great summary on what is happening in a car due to the lack of negative ions. Under the laws of physics a car acts like a Faraday cage because of the automotive metal bodywork and consequently, there are no negative ions inside the car. When there are no negative ions present, we soon feel exhausted, tired, sleepy, even if we just read a book in a car, not drive. This effect can cause seriously dangerous situations. We recommend placing the IONEX car air ionizer on a dashboard of your car to improve the concentration, alertness, prevent tiredness and in the first place to clean the air from dangerous carcinogenic gas fumes, soot, dust that would otherwise accumulate in your lungs at all times.

Am I supposed to smell anything when IONEX air ionizer is on? How do I see if it works?
No, you are not supposed to detect any special smell, though some more ion-sensitive people describe the smell of negative ions as ‘fresh clean smell like after the storm’. The IONEX ionizer does not ventilate the air, so do not expect any strong breeze or noise. There is just a light breeze present when you get closer to the carbon brush, when the voltage in a building is higher (app. 230-240V). The result of air ionization is noticeable in a few days, when the pollution from the air starts to accumulate especially around the ionizer (you can notice a dark dusty circle around it – it is dark because of all the gas exhaust, soot, smoke and dust in the air). You can place a white paper under the ionizer to test it. The accumulation time of course depends on the air pollution. The air is fresh and clean. The result is also visible when a sunbeam shines into a room – when air is ionized there is no floating dusty particles in the air anymore!

What is the difference between an air ionizer and a humidifier with ionization button that can be turned on?
A huge difference. An air ionizer, we will speak of IONEX air ionizer at this point, emits huge amounts of negatively charged small air ions from a carbon brush.

A humidifier emits water vapour. An air ion (electron of an atom) and a droplet of water vapour is a huge difference. Why? A water droplet does not attach itself to dust or other dirt in the air like air ions do, so it has no cleaning / purifying effects. Besides this a water droplet does not bring a therapeutic effect like negative ions do. The negative ions are essential for all processes in a human body, since they balance different functions, open the airways, lower the stress hormone, histamine, balance the blood pressure, lower the pain at headaches and wounds, improve the concentration and work performance and prevent us from different air-transmitted infections and colds.

These two devices are not compatible, because an air ionizer needs a high voltage (4500V) to break an atom (of carbon) to release a negative ion, and has a low power (1,6W); on the contrary a humidifier needs a bigger power (usually 40W or so) and small voltage (110 – 220V). A device with a high voltage and a higher power would be lethal! So usually the ionization button does not bring true ionization. We tested some of them with ionoscope and there were no negative ions detected. There should be huge amounts of negative ions present to clean the air and to also feel the therapeutic effects. And a ionization source should be visible, not hidden, so the negative ions have a free way to open air and do not get destroyed by hitting any barriers.

Why is IONEX air ionizer more expensive than other air ionizers?
Because its production costs a lot due to all the high-quality materials, especially the unique carbon brush. The carbon brush is an important part which enables a long-term usage of the IONEX air ionizer (more than 10 years) and never emits harmful ozone like other ionizers do. All measurements of negative ions and confirmation there is no ozone present, certification fees (RoHS, TÜV, GS,…) are also included in the price. But we have been keeping the same price from the beginning of production.

Should I turn the ionizer off after some time and can I use it in bathroom?
No, the ionizer can be turned on all the time. Sure, IONEX air ionizer is safe to use also in bathrooms or other places with higher humidity. We have made a test and proved that the water has no influence on the operation of the ionizer nor it causes any dangerous situations. It is especially recommended in bathrooms without windows. Because it is usually a smaller space, it is enough to place it in a bathroom about two times a week for a few hours.

What about the ozone output of IONEX air ionizer, since some air ionizers are known to release ozone?
Ozone is harmful and dangerous substance, causing people to cough. This is why we tried so hard to find a material that does not release any ozone. We succeeded and for this purpose the IONEX air ionizer uses a unique patented carbon brush for emitting the negative ions. All measurements were made at the Institute of Jožef Stefan in Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU, to prove there is no ozone present when IONEX air ionizer is operating during all its lifetime (which is over ten years). Other ionizers, that use metal needle/metallic pins, plasma or membranes, also emit ozone. One attribute worth mentioning is also the amount of negative ions produced. IONEX air ionizer produces the largest amounts of negative ions measured (4,5 x 107 negative ions/cm3/second and 0,51 x 1013 negative ions/second) , that is ten times more than others. This is why we have such a great feedback from people that cured their allergies, asthma / bronchitis conditions and hypertension.

How big area is the IONEX air ionizer capable to clean?
That depends on how polluted the air is. In general, one IONEX air ionizer is capable to clean whole house or apartment, if you move it from one space to another. If the air is normally polluted, it can clean a room of 50 m2 in 3-4 hours. If there are for instance smokers in a room, it takes longer (about 4-8 hours) to clean the air of the same room. For spaces when there are a lot of people (such as offices, waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, public places), it is better to use more ionizers at the same time because the air is stuffed with bacteria, viruses, odours,…) We recommend that an ionizer is turned on 24/7 (non-stop), regardless whether it is being used at home or work or other places. In this way the pollution in the air will be removed constantly and when the sun shines in a room, there will be no floating particles visible in a sunbeam.

Are there any limitations or precautions at using the ionizer (is there any condition an ionizer is not recommended for?)
No. The ionizer can be used by all age groups at all health conditions, especially by asthmatics, people with allergies, high blood pressure, weak immune system, people under stress, children, during flu and cold season, in public spaces, etc.

What is the life span of the IONEX air ionizer? Does the carbon brush need to be replaced after some time?
The life span of IONEX air ionizer is over ten years. The carbon brush does not need replacing, but it needs to get cleaned at least once a month or more often, if there is cigarette smoke indoor. Just unplug the ionizer from the power outlet and wipe its housing and the carbon brush with a slightly damp soft cloth, preferably a microfibre cloth. This will prevent the brush from getting sticky and dirt-coated since it blocks the ions from getting released into the air. If the brush is hard and sticky on touch, you can use a small amount of mild soap to dissolve the dirt. Make sure to wipe all the soap off and let the carbon brush dry. When dry, spread the fibres in the brush as wide as possible. Before you plug the appliance back, the carbon brush must be completely dry.

How do you know when the air is neutralized enough
The point is not about a neutralization, but about removing the pollution from the air. Negative ions attach themselves to all the particles floating in the air, for instance: dust, cigarette smoke, bacteria, viruses, odors, mite feces and other allergens. The joint particle is heavy and drops to the ground due to the gravity. These ionized particles cannot get airborne again and cannot be inhaled anymore – in this way we prevent the accumulation of dirt in lungs and other tissues which can never be removed again and is the main cause for different respiratory illnesses.

It is known that too many positive ions are dangerous to human health. I wonder if it is the same with too many negative ions? Does the ionizer have a timer or something to control it?
Great quantities of negative ions certanly do not harm human health, on the contrary; they are very beneficial since they improve general immune system, lower the level of stress hormone, level of histamine, blood pressure, improve the mood and vitality of cells. If huge quantities of negative ions were in any way dangerous, people would not feel so well and elevated by waterfalls, especially by Niagara waterfalls, where the highest concentration of negative ions in the world was measured.

A timer is not needed. Actually we had to put in much effort to reach the highest quantity of negative ions.

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