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BIOSPACE Travel (diamaond EMF protection) 
BIOSPACE Travel, a product by Pranan Technologies, is an innovative solution that ensures safe travel in high electromagnetic radiation environments.

Nanodiamonds: A Versatile Tool for Electromagnetic Field Protection and Interaction
Nanodiamonds are emerging as highly versatile and potent materials for interaction and manipulation of electromagnetic waves and fields. Their applications extend across diverse domains such as electronics, photonics, and medicine, underpinned by their unique attributes. The potential uses of nanodiamonds in relation to electromagnetic fields (EMF) include:

Interacting with Electromagnetic Waves: Nanodiamonds demonstrate the ability to absorb, scatter, and guide electromagnetic radiation. This capability is attributed to their high dielectric constant, enabling them to effectively polarize electric fields. Such interactions open up avenues for creating tunable filters, new types of light sources, and advanced optical sensors.

EMF Protection and Shielding: In the realm of EMF shielding, nanodiamonds show promising potential. Products developed by companies like Pranan, which incorporate nanodiamonds, suggest the possibility of converting electromagnetic energy into harmless heat. This indicates a significant role for nanodiamonds in safeguarding against EMF from modern communication technologies, including 5G and 6G networks.

In summary, nanodiamonds offer a promising path for the development of innovative technologies and devices related to EMF. Their multifaceted ability to absorb, scatter, guide, and amplify electromagnetic waves, coupled with their potential in EMF sensing and protection, highlight their applicability in fields such as integrative medicine and electromedicine.

How it Works:
The device is intended for use in any vehicle or mode of transport. It defends against electromagnetic radiation emitted within the cabin.


  • Continuous operation, unless misused.
  • Battery-free and maintenance-free.
  • Rather than blocking radiation, it emits a counteracting wave to neutralize the primary wave's effects.
  • Auto-activates upon exposure to electromagnetic radiation.


  • Protection range: Up to 7 m.
  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 0.93 x 12.60 cm.
  • Weight: 270 g.
  • Instructions:After unboxing, place the device in the cabin of the transport mode needing protection. The device starts automatically within its operational radius. It shields against electromagnetic radiation inside the cabin and reduces fatigue caused by radiating devices.

Caution! The BIOSPACE Travel device includes neodymium magnets and should not be placed near heart pacemakers and defibrillators as it could disrupt their functionality.

BIOSPACE Travel: How It Works
What does BIOSPACE Travel protect against?
BIOSPACE Travel is a revolutionary device designed to shield you from body alterations caused by non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation from wireless and mobile phone systems, including 6G and 5G, telecommunication antennas, repeater stations, Wi-Fi networks, radars, electric grids, digital meters, and other harmful artificial radiation sources.

How do you use the device?
Simply place it in the cabin of your vehicle (car, truck, aircraft, ship, etc.) to protect against electromagnetic pollution.

How is BIOSPACE Travel activated?
The device auto-activates upon exposure to electromagnetic radiation, offering an innovative solution to safely balance the effects of new wireless communication technologies.

How is it unique from other Pranan devices?
It is specifically designed for areas with high electromagnetic radiation levels, such as airplane and electric vehicle cabins, which can generate the "Faraday Cage" effect, amplifying pollution caused by wireless devices and electric motors.

How to install BIOSPACE Travel device?
It can be installed anywhere in the vehicle cabin, in a glove compartment, attached to the supplied magnetic plate, or any standard holder like a mobile phone stand.

What is its effective range?
Its protection radius is 7 meters.

Why use the device?
Besides shielding from electromagnetic radiation, it notably reduces exhaustion and stress symptoms when driving.

What is Pranan technology?
Primarily, it protects the biological processes and bioelectrical systems of people exposed to non-ionizing artificial radiation by neutralizing body impacts.

How does it function?
Pranan devices absorb some environmental radiation, filter transverse components, and only allow longitudinal components of electromagnetic fields to pass. The re-emission of these ultra-weak electromagnetic pulses provides a biological balancing effect.

Can BIOSPACE Travel's emitted frequencies be measured?
The radiation emitted is so faint that it can't be detected by conventional meters designed on the electromagnetic vector fields theory.

What happens if a radiation meter is placed inside a BIOSPACE Travel device?
No change would be noticed as Pranan Technologies' devices don't neutralize electromagnetic pollution, but instead counteract its effects on the body.

How to measure its radiation protection effectiveness?
Measure changes in the body before (unprotected) and after (protected). Modern technology lets us measure bioelectrical and biochemical changes caused by electromagnetic radiation exposure. For reliable results, measurements should be taken at technological institutes and universities following universally accepted scientific research protocols.

The BIOSPACE Travel (diamond) is more than just a protective device. It's designed to guard against health alterations triggered by non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation emitted by various sources such as mobile telecommunication systems, Wi-Fi networks, radars, power lines, digital meters, and any other artificial radiation sources.

Using the device is effortless; place it in the space you want to shield. The device will protect as long as you remain within its operating range. The device activates automatically when it detects electromagnetic radiation.

Pranan Technologies' BIOSPACE holds various certifications and patents:

  • It's certified by Tüv Rheinland, thus meeting all safety requirements as per the European Directive 2001/95/EC.
  • The device employs patented technology known as "Electromagnetic radiation protection" (Patent no. CC P: ES 2401873 A1).
  • It also holds a Quality Certificate from Tüv Rheinland, complying with the ISO:9001 standard.
  • A certificate has been issued by Tüv Rheinland according to Directive 1999/5/EC, Annex II of the European Parliament, and the Council of 9 March 1999 on radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment.
  • To ensure authenticity, all Pranan devices incorporate an encrypted microchip that can be verified using a mobile phone to obtain a certificate of an "original device".
  • The device carries the CE marking, certified by Tüv Rheinland, indicating its compliance with EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.


The main improved features of the nanodiamond technology are:

- Wider protection range.
- Improves the sympthoms, and smoothes the pairing of devices in electrosensitive people.
- Improves the performance of the technology in hard exposure environaments such as in electric cars

Scientifically Engineered for Protection

Pranan Technologies has achieved a new milestone in enhancing protection against electromagnetic radiation through years of collaborative research with Technology Centers. This effort has improved our devices with a technologically advanced layer of synthetic nanodiamond circuits. These unique carbon structures have exceptional properties. Nanodiamonds boast a high refractive index, excellent conductivity, and minimal interaction, which allows them to double the emission of light sources and act as dielectric antennas. These attributes provide Pranan devices with remarkable stability, high efficiency, and superior operating precision to guard against low and high frequency non-ionizing radiation (including mobile phone antennas, Wi-Fi, radars, and all types of 6G, 5G, and 4G wireless communication technologies).

A Revolution in Technology with Nanodiamonds
This material is revolutionizing the quantum computing industry with its quantum storage and processing capabilities. With potential applications in the medical, energy, food, and chemical sectors, this technology enables the manufacturing of next-generation microsensors, transistors, and biomedical devices.

Pranan devices result from an exclusive, high-tech manufacturing and design system that effectively protects our bodies from alterations caused by electromagnetic pollution (both high and low frequency non-ionizing radiation) produced by phone antennas, wireless communication repeater radars, wireless and Bluetooth transmitters, electric and hybrid vehicle motors, satellites, and other common sources.

Biospace Diamond is a next-generation device with technology developed and patented by Pranan Technologies, and it's backed by scientific studies from prestigious universities.

Living beings have been exposed to natural magnetic vibrations for millions of years. The Earth itself is encased in a magnetic field that fluctuates in intensity during solar storms. These magnetic vibrations likely influence various biological functions and maintain balance with the Earth's ecosystem. However, recent technological advancements have surged the number of artificial electromagnetic radiation sources, creating a new type of pollution.

Today, we live amidst an environment polluted by electromagnetic radiation, enveloped by household appliances, computers, wireless phones, 5G, mobile towers, mobile phones, Wi-Fi networks, radars, etc. This situation has sparked societal concern. Consequently, many scientists and international bodies warn about the potential biological effects of these emissions on humans. As a result, the European Union has advised member states to adopt the precautionary principle.

Pranan Technologies' devices are primarily focused on devising methods and systems to detect and decode electromagnetic frequencies that could be harmful to the human body. The aim is to establish balancing effects against external stresses and fields that can destabilize it.

Pranan devices can absorb some environmental radiation and filter it into non-Hertzian waves before it reaches a person. In terms of the mathematical description of vector fields, which includes transverse and longitudinal components, only the latter are allowed to pass through.

These devices employ a system of passive transducers made from metallic nanoparticles, minerals, and other materials that work on the body's alterations caused by ionizing radiation, fostering a balancing effect at biochemical and bioelectrical levels.

The balancing effect of the device's emitted radiation primarily takes the form of a magnetic field (prevailing over the electrical component). It is so weak that it can barely be evaluated and measured with conventional measurement technology available today.

What is Pranan Technology?
Pranan Technology aims to protect people's biological processes and bioelectrical systems from non-ionizing artificial radiation, neutralizing the external impacts that can cause alterations in the body.

How does it work?
Pranan devices partially absorb environmental radiation, filter the transverse components, and allow only the longitudinal components of electromagnetic fields to pass through. The re-emission of these ultra-weak electromagnetic pulses promotes a balancing effect at a biological level.

Can we measure the frequencies that BIOSPACE emits?
The radiation emitted is so weak that conventional meters, designed based on the electromagnetic vector fields theory, cannot detect it.

What happens if we place a radiation meter inside a BIOSPACE?
No change will be detected, as Pranan devices do not neutralize electromagnetic contamination but rather mitigate its effects on the body.

How can we measure the effectiveness of the technology in protecting us from radiation?
Effectiveness is measured by comparing body readings taken before (without protection) and after (with protection) exposure to radiation. Modern technology allows us to observe changes at bioelectrical and biochemical levels caused by electromagnetic radiation exposure. For reliable results, these measurements should be conducted at technological institutes and universities employing universally accepted scientific research protocols.

What distinguishes Biospace technology from other devices on the market?
Biospace technology's efficacy has been tested and analyzed at renowned research centers. It's unique in the market for incorporating nanotechnology in its manufacturing process, specifically nanodiamonds.

What studies have proven its efficiency?
Several scientific studies have endorsed Pranan devices' efficiency, including a biochemical study by the CTS -101 “Intercell communication” research team from the University of Granada, a bioelectric study by the School of Medicine of the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, and other studies using dark-field microscopy and bioresonance technologies.

What scientific recognition has Pranan technology received?
Pranan's electromagnetic radiation protection technology is the only one published in a scientific journal, specifically, the "European Journal of Integrative Medicine".

Are Pranan Technology devices safe?
Pranan Technologies' devices incorporate technology audited by Tüv Rheinland, an internationally accredited body. It is the only technology in the market certified according to European Directive 2001/95/EC, ensuring compliance with all safety requirements before sale, and is also the only one certified with the CE marking (Tüv Rheinland Certificate).

The effectiveness of Pranan devices has been scrutinized by various research institutions and universities.

1. BIOCHEMICAL STUDY: The University of Granada found that Pranan devices mitigate the harmful effects of low-intensity radiation. Their research showed that a month of device usage significantly reduced markers of oxidative stress, improving the physiological conditions of subjects.

2. BIOELECTRICAL STUDY: The Complutense University of Madrid's research showed that Pranan devices efficiently neutralized electromagnetic field effects on brain bioelectrical activity. The study indicated a significant neurofunctional improvement while using Pranan devices.

3. BIOELECTROGRAPHIC STUDY: Dr. K. Korotkov of Saint Petersburg State University found that Pranan devices protect the human energy field and meridian system when using mobile phone technology, thus improving the person's energy balance.

4. PHYSICAL APPRAISAL: The Polytechnic University of Catalonia conducted research on the physical-mathematical functioning of Pranan technology, concluding that this technology absorbs environmental energy and filters it, thereby enhancing balance against destabilizing external fields and tensions.

5. MICROSCOPY TEST: The effectiveness of Pranan devices was tested using dark-field microscopy under 5G electromagnetic radiation. The test revealed significant improvements in various blood parameters when using Pranan protection.

Several scientific journals have published these studies after rigorous peer review processes. Notable publications include the European Journal of Integrative Medicine and the International Journal of Advanced Complementary and Traditional Medicine. The American scientific journal "Nutrition and Integrative Medicine" also features a study on Pranan technology, emphasizing its protective effects on the body's cells.

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