Alfa HRV and energy diagnostics system

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Alfa HRV diagnostics

Diagnostic complex Alfa consists of certified equipment from Dynamic Technologies (TU9442-001-50904116-2005) and additional software Alfa, designed for a comprehensive study of the functional state of the human body. Alfa is designed to assess health and monitor the effectiveness of treatment. The principle of operation is to record and send the patient's ECG to the computer where the data is processed and the calculation of indicators can be viewed. The method is based on the patented technology for in-depth analysis of heart rate variability developed by Dynamic Technologies. When the system was created, long-term research was carried out in the field of electrocardiosignal processing, on the basis of which a number of very informative indicators for assessing the state of the organism were developed.

The distinctive feature of Alfa is the simplicity and simplicity of its practical application. To work with this system, no special medical education is required. Diagnostic complex Alfa allows the practitioner to demonstrate the body's reaction to the effects of drugs and medical interventions.

The program "Alpha Energy"
For the first time, it is now possible to control the energetic parameters of the body by reading the pulse. We can do it with the already known apparatus Alfa, which controls the physiological parameters of the body. Now we can measure energies thanks to information technologies and mathematical analyzes made by Russian scientists who have found connections between physiological and energetic parameters by using the human pulse. In this way, one can now see the state of a person's aura and energetic center, so-called chakras, as well as energy meridians. The concept of "chakra" is a well-known concept to many and originates from the ancient Indian medical tradition. But not many people know that the chakras are nerve knots that connect the body's regulatory systems, and if the chakras do not work as they should, problems can arise in the internal organs that belong to the respective chakras. The pulse is bound to the nervous system and thus shows the state of the chakras. The aura is nothing more than the body's ability to maintain balance and harmony on all physiological parameters, in other words – the body's adaptability. Modern information technologies have now made it possible to find connections between the functions of the nervous system, the hormonal system and energy meridians. The program shows which meridians work worse and you can then control which treatment best improves the energy flow in the meridians. The "Alpha Energy" program is one of the best tools available to evaluate the effectiveness of various treatments, such as dietary supplements, mental and bioenergy techniques.



The “Alfa” device gives an analysis of the patient’s health status quickly and objectively with the help of the following procedures:

ECG measurement;

  • evaluation of the vegetative system condition
  • by variance analysis
  • evaluation of the hormonal regulation and energy
  • resources of the body by neurodynamic analysis
  • evaluation of the psychoemotional state
  • by examination of brain biorythms
  • evaluation of the adaptation level of the body and estimation of biological age by fractal analysis
  • complete analysis of the results

Alfa will provide people with a good opportunity to examine their health without unnecessary delay and to make prognosis of health development in such a way that saves both their time and energy. Alfa allows it’s users to examine bodily functions in a short time by analyzing neurodynamic variables of heart rythms. Many years of research allowed to establish that all processes in a human organism are reflected in heart rythms changing activities. Programs designed for “Alfa” equipment are based on a new method of analysis of biological rhythms of human organism. Since 1997 this type of equipment has been successfully used in the areas of clinical, practical and sports medicine in Russia, Europe, USA and South Korea.

Alpha provides a clear presentation of the body's health resources and how it reacts to / how effective:

  • Physical exercise
  • Drugs
  • Therapeutic treatments
  • Food, supplements
  • Coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

Does not provide accurate data with pacemaker or in a state of arrhythmia
10 studies carried out between 1996-2005. A total of 2,687 individuals were included in the studies. The production of "ALFA is quality assured to ISO 9001:2008 and has approval by EU certificate CE 1011

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