HSC Protection Smart Holographic Scalar Coding

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HSC Protection Smart Holographic Scalar Coding 
Mobile phones and electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation based on radio frequency. The HSC Smart Card is the ideal solution for reducing radiation and its impact on your organism. Optimized for easy application on any electronic device such as laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

So Small Yet So Powerful!

Introducing the HSC 5G Protection Smart Card: Your Ultimate Shield Against EMF Radiation!
In our hyper-connected world, electronic devices have become indispensable. But with this convenience comes a hidden threat: electromagnetic radiation from E, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. Fear not! The HSC 5G Protection Smart Card is here to safeguard you. The HSC 5G Protection Smart Card emerges as a beacon of safety, offering unparalleled protection against electromagnetic radiation. Designed with precision and care, this smart card is your frontline defense against the invisible dangers of high-frequency radiation

Cutting-Edge Protection with Holographic Scalar Coding
At the core of the HSC 5G Smart Card lies the innovative Holographic Scalar Coding technology, a groundbreaking approach that ensures your well-being in the digital age. This advanced technology actively shields your organism from EMF radiation, maintaining the temperature change in brain cells to less than 0.1 degree Celsius (< 0.1°C), even when your device is held close to your ear. This groundbreaking approach ensures your well-being in the digital age.

Here’s how it works:

  • Active Shielding: The smart card actively protects your organism from high-frequency radiation (RF) across all communication networks.
  • Near-Ear Safety: Even when your device is close to your ear, the HSC card maintains brain cell temperature changes to less than 0.1 degree Celsius (< 0.1°C).

Effortless Application for Comprehensive Safety
Applying the HSC Protection Smart Card is a breeze
Peel and Stick: Remove the foil from the back of the card
Attach Anywhere: Stick it to any device you use frequently
Your gadgets instantly become safe companions, allowing you to navigate the digital world worry-free.

All-Around Protection for Every Scenario
Protection While They Play: Shield your children from radiation as they explore the digital playground. Let them learn and play on electronic devices without EMF exposure risks.
Protection While You Talk: Attach the HSC Smart Card to your mobile phone during conversations. Clear communication, minus the radiation worries.

Tesla-Based Scalar Technology: The Science Behind the Shield
Drawing inspiration from Tesla's scalar technology, the HSC 5G Smart Card utilizes a multidimensional hologram physics approach. This not only enhances the bioavailability of protection against EMF radiation but also employs fractal geometry and quantum energy correlations to secure a Faraday-Tesla shielding around your devices. Certified by the BION Institute and proven through global research, this card represents the pinnacle of protective technology.Inspired by Tesla’s scalar technology, the HSC 5G Smart Card harnesses multidimensional hologram physics. It programs the fractal dynamics of your quantum energy correlations, ensuring:

  • Certified Protection: BION Institute certifies its protective effect.
  • Temperature Control: Brain cell temperature changes remain minimal, even near the ear.

Small Yet Powerful: Buy your HSC Smart Card today and experience the benefits!



Tesla's scalar technology, the technological foundation of all our products, is based on decades of laboratory research by American, Russian, Swiss, and Croatian scientists. Essentially, it is a combination of the use of scalar technology and new, modern scientific discoveries. The basic concepts of the technology were developed by NASA for the American space program.

Patents and certificates
The designer and owner of the patents that form the technological basis of all our HSC products, Mr. Slavko Lauš, has received several international prizes and awards for his innovations and earlier versions of the products that we now proudly call the HSC protection. The properties and positive effects of HSC products on health have been tested and certified in specialized laboratories in Europe and all over the world. BION INSTITUTE Ltd. Ljubljana, Slovenia

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