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Spectrolabo Mineral and Heavy Metal Test System
Measure your mineral and metal status on site in 2 minutes

Spectrophotometric analysis starter pack, includes:

  • Photo spectrometer
  • Cables
  • Software download for Windows and Mac

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Bioavailability in the cells of minerals, trace elements and oxidative stress, as well as the amount of heavy metals present. The test is performed instantly and is painless.

Spectrolabo is the first reliable, scientific method for measuring cellular bioavailability of minerals, trace elements, and heavy metals.

The test is performed using spectrophotometry and then evaluated within your own practice using a portable spectrometer connected to a computer.

Spectrolabo is based on measurements performed by a spectrometer. Spectrophotometry is a quantitative analysis method that measures the absorption properties (absorbance) of a specific medium within the entire light spectrum.

Measurements of minerals in serum show the levels in the blood when the sample is taken. Blood serum maintains mineral levels at the expense of other organs in the body due to its homeostatic mechanism. These levels vary. Mineral levels measured in urine provide information about the amount of minerals excreted at a specific moment. These levels also vary. Analysis of trace elements in hair shows what has been metabolized previously, and it is very sensitive to pollution affecting the hair (dyes, exhaust gases, etc.). When the levels are measured in epithelial cells, this indicates the minerals that have been there for a while, corresponding more to the levels observed in tissues. By doing this, it is possible to detect minerals that are missing or present in abundance, especially in epithelial cells, sometimes months or even years before serum levels become abnormal.

Measure intracellular heavy metals, minerals and trace elements in seconds without a blood test
With just a few clicks, data can be sent to the laboratory's secure server. You will then receive an assessment of the levels of trace elements, minerals and heavy metals, as well as oxidative stress.

Introduction to intracellular measurement of minerals and metals
Spectrolabo is now used by healthcare professionals in many countries who want to get a quick and accurate assessment of trace elements, minerals and heavy metals in their patients' tissue.

What is spectrophotometry?
It is an optical technology. This quantitative analysis method involves measuring the absorption or optical density of a chemical substance.

Comprehensive test with immediate interpretation of the results
In seconds, Spectrolabo can evaluate: minerals, trace elements, oxidative stress and heavy metals. Spectrolabo can be used by all healthcare professionals and allows for an instant, painless test.

Benefits of Spectrolabo
Simple, comprehensive and quick

The method is based on the principle of absorption, emission, or reflection of light by chemical compounds within a certain wavelength range. Spectrophotometry is used in many different fields: chemistry, pharmacy, environmental science, agricultural food, biology, medicine/clinical, industry and others.
In the field of medicine, spectrophotometry is used to examine tissues. The laws of physics show that a material can be excited by a beam of light (absorption) and then react by producing radiation ((emission) within a characteristic frequency spectrum, depending on its constituents.

Spectrophotometry is a type of radiation that exploits this property of materials. Spectrolabo is a spectrophotometric device calibrated for epithelial cells in the palm of the hand. The analysis is carried out by using light to energize the cell in the skin. This raises the energy level so that it emits radiation, which is collected and then analyzed by a suitable detector. The emitted radiation is representative of the bioavailability of intracellular minerals. Spectrolabo enables a very accurate, comprehensive and quick report on oligo-minerals. It can be used as a guide for nutrition and thus in preventive health care. The tool has a very high level of reproducibility, with a maximum error margin of 1% between continuous and overlapping 2 readings.

• Evaluation of cellular bioavailability of minerals and trace elements in seconds
• A method for evaluating deficiencies and excesses of minerals, trace elements, and potential heavy metal toxicity
• A comprehensive, personalized test that allows you to optimize patient treatment and follow-up
• A service (test) that can be adapted to your needs

Easy to use:
• The spectrophotometer is connected to a computer or tablet using a USB cable
• A web application (compatible with Windows and Mac OS)
• Secure personal access to an application connected to the internet

Fast, comprehensive measurements in three steps:

  • Enter the patient's physiological data
  • Perform the measurement by applying the spectrophotometer to the patient's skin
  • Receive the report immediately on your computer or tablet
  • (A secure server is used to send and register the data, allowing you to follow up with your patients)


Spectrolabo/OligoScan: Spectrophotometric analysis. An extract from the large Norwegian encyclopedia about what a spectrophotometer is: The word comes from spectrophotometer, an instrument used to measure the absorption of electromagnetic radiation at a specific frequency or as a function of the frequency when the radiation passes through a substance sample.

Spectrolabo uses spectrophotometry as a method to measure the concentration of trace elements and heavy metals in the body's tissues (dermis). The system uses a quantitative analytical calculation to measure the absorbance or optical density of a mineral, metal, or chemical substance. The measurement is made directly on site with the spectrometer, which is portable. Once the data (takes 2 minutes) is collected from the client, it is sent to a secure, central server. Shortly thereafter, you receive a comprehensive analysis of minerals, trace elements, and heavy metals. Spectrolabo is a revolutionary technique that many have been waiting for to quickly and precisely read the body's mineral balance. In case of overload of (toxic) heavy metals, you can prescribe specific chelators, detoxification programs, minerals, nutrition, antioxidants, lifestyle changes, and subsequently see if the measures have had the desired effect.

Spectrolabo is a device that can measure the levels of minerals, trace elements, oxidative stress and heavy metals in the cells using spectrophotometry. It is a non-invasive and painless test that requires only a few drops of blood or urine. The test results are sent to a secure server and analyzed within minutes. Spectrolabo can help health professionals to assess the nutritional status and toxic exposure of their patients and to provide personalized recommendations for diet, supplementation and detoxification. Spectrolabo is based on the OligoScan technology, which has been validated by several studies¹². Spectrolabo can be used for various clinical applications, such as:

- Detecting mineral deficiencies or excesses that may affect the health and well-being of the patients
- Evaluating the risk of oxidative stress and its impact on cellular aging and chronic diseases
- Identifying the presence and sources of heavy metals that may cause toxicity and inflammation
- Monitoring the effectiveness of nutritional interventions and detoxification protocols

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