"Let there be light," and there was light

Light Medicine
The Science of Light, Energy, Spirit, Body, and Mind

Our existence is defined by light
Quotes: “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it” and "Let there be light," and there was light. Our universe started with enormous explosion of light and all this energy spread out and became the foundation of our earth, the stars (including our sun) and life as we know it. The energy which constitutes our visible universe, our body and all we see and feel around us is best defined as electromagnetic radiation of light. Our physical universe is light, our body, mind and emotions are receiving, storing, and transmitting light, information, and energy.

What is light?
Light is wave, like ocean waves and sound waves. Waves carry energy and information from one place to another. Waves have peaks of energy and oscillates at a given frequency. Light waves are made of a mixture of electricity and magnetism, so they are called electromagnetic waves. These waves are made up of photons. A photon is a bundle of electromagnetic energy and referred to as a "quantum" (an amount of energy) that vibrates at a given frequency. The higher the frequency the higher the energy. When an atom absorbs a quantum energy, its movies to the excited state, and electrons move to higher energy levels. One it is done; it goes back down to ground state and release the energy via light. Electricity, electrons, and all physical energy all generate light. If there is energy in a system, there is light, they are there for interconnected.

We are beings of light
There is no process (chemical, electrical, emotion or information transfer) in our body that does not depend on light. This includes organization, metabolism, responsiveness, movements, and reproduction. Additional requirements are such as growth, differentiation, respiration, digestion, and excretion. All our biology our emit light. If you know the frequency, you know the state of the cell.

What is Light Medicine?
A main indicator for your health is cell voltage (electric charge) and the amount light on a cellular level. When there is abundance of light you are happy, healthy, and full over energy. All cells depend on the right level of energy, to be able to communicate with the environment and to regulate their intracellular environment. Once the terrain is correct the body will perform at is best. This is the core of the term epigenetics ("above the genes."). Epigenetic research that has proven that most of us are not a “victim” of your DNA. We can improve your biology and performance to a level of holistic wellbeing and optimal health through the effective practice of Light Medicine.

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Light Medicine uses a combination of modern medicine and complementary, traditional, and alternative medicine to promote and balance the flow of light energy at all levels of being. Our clinics use ISO/CE approved electromedical devices to support natural healing in combination with human touch and care. If a person is unwell or has a “dis-ease” (are not at ease) the question to ask is Why is the voltage low and the light reduced? Our practitoners and clinics uses advanced methods to “see your light” and help restore optimal conditions in the body.

Typical applications for Light Medicine
The effects of Light Medicine influence all levels of life and human wellbeing. Typical effects are wellbeing, anti-aging, reduction of pain, improved sleep, libido, increased energy, reduction of stress, increased performance, absence of disease and the ability to grow, thrive and flourish. Many experiences Light Medicine as a trigger for personal and spiritual development resulting in an increased consciousness and a feeling of being a part nature and our surroundings.

We want YOU to become a beacon of light and prosperity…
Are you ready for to experience the benefits of Light Medicine?

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