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Weber Medical Infrared Helmet
Photobiomodulation (PBM) at home - boost your brain
Our brain is constantly working for us. Give it your support with just 30 minutes a day PBM

Recharge Your Brain
Our brain is responsible for most of our vital functions like breathing or heart rate regulation. It also coordinates seemingly basic functions like thinking, talking and solving problems. Even during our sleep when we "shut off", our brain performs thousands of processes and reorganizes the information it has gained during the day. Your brain performs every minute of the day, every day of the year... Why not support your brain in this? After months of research, development and testing our latest innovation is finally available!

320 powerful infrared diodes penetrate the body tissue and stimulate e.g. your microcirculation.

The helmet is as individual as you are!
You can adjust all settings via a touchscreen:
Duration: 0-30 minutes
Frequency: 1 - 20,000 Hz
Intensity: 25, 50 ,75 or 100%
Recommended duration: 20-30 minutes/day

What is transcranial photobimodulation?
Transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM) is the process of delivering light photons through the skull to benefit from its modifying effect1. It is also known as low level laser therapy (tLLLT) and it relies on the use of red/NIR light to stimulate, preserve and regenerate cells and tissues2. The mechanism of action involves photon absorption in the mitochondria (cytochrome c oxidase), and ion channels in cells leading to activation of signaling pathways, up-regulation of transcription factors, and increased expression of protective genes.

Some of the health benefits that tPBM may offer are:

  • Improving memory and learning, increasing neuroprogenitor cells, BDNF and synaptogenesis in traumatic brain injury
  • Enhancing recovery and reducing disability in stroke
  • Modulating neuroinflammation and amyloid-beta plaques in Alzheimer’s disease
  • Protecting dopaminergic neurons and reducing motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease
  • Alleviating depression and anxiety by modulating serotonin and endorphins
  • Improving COVID-19 brain fog and chronic fatigue by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress

tPBM is considered a novel, safe, and easy-to-administer treatment of brain disorders and general well being



Technical Properties

  • Number of diodes: 320
  • Type of diodes: LED
  • Wavelength: 810 nm
  • Output power: 50 mW/diode
  • Total output: 16 W
  • Input power: 5V DC

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