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H2 Spark UF

€ 906

H2 Spark 
H2 SERIES Hydrogenated water

• Generates high concentration hydrogenated water in real time.
• High concentration of dissolved hydrogen: 1000 ppb or more.
• It maintains the concentration of dissolved hydrogen long.
• Discharge OH- and ozone using the PEM system (no odor of ozone in the water).
• It ensures the durability performance of the electrolyser by using osmotized water or bottled water.
• Ensure electrical stability while using low voltage direct current.

Leading technology
There is no need to worry about bacterial contamination or impurities because there is no water deposit.
The concentration of dissolved hydrogen is greater than 1000 ppb in real time.
Abundant flow of water: 1.3 l / min.
Excellent durability in most environments.
Its compact size makes it extremely efficient in terms of space. It can be installed in small spaces.
The simple filter replacement makes it easy for anyone to replace the filter.

The equipment of the H2 Spark series complies with the most stringent regulations at European level for the consumption of domestic water.

The unit produces a therapeutic H2 concentration of 1.2 ppm or more with a pre-set flow rate of 1.1 liters per minute.

Connect a derailleur to a faucet and then connect a water supply hose to the machine and connect it. The process only takes one or two minutes.

Simply push a glass of water or a bottle against the activator. No buttons or settings. Simply press the desired level as you would in a vending machine.

The unit is aesthetically pleasing and compact. Requires only 5 inches of horizontal space on the counter.

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H2 Ultra

€ 315
Delivery time for pre-orders are normally from 3-10 days

H2 Ultra Portable Hydrogenated Water

Relieves stress
When you are stressed, your blood vessels become narrow, your breathing becomes faster and you begin to sweat with cold sweat. At that time your body needs more oxygen. As a result, free radicals also increase rapidly. The biggest enemy of your health is stress. But it is not easy to eliminate stress at the time it occurs. If you have an H2 Ultra with you, you can protect yourself immediately from stress.

Outdoor activities
When you are outdoors, many free radicals are generated due to many external factors, such as ultraviolet rays and fine dust pollution, and make your body get tired. If you carry a H2 Ultra, you can drink antioxidants that protect our body from free radicals anytime, anywhere. You can enjoy the outdoor activities.

People spend most of their time in the office during the day. The work requires a lot of concentration and is a continuation of the tension and being in a permanent state of tension. Therefore, free radicals occur more frequently and tire us. A cup of coffee is also good for relaxing, but if you have a H2 Ultra, it will maintain your health and clear your head and improve your business skills.

Skin care
The skin is the frontal barrier of our body that always receives external stimuli. Free radicals are the main cause of skin aging and pigmentation. Cosmetic products for the skin can provide local and temporary effects, but they can not prevent or improve the aging of the skin or the skin disease caused by free radicals. With H2 Ultra you can drink hydrogenated water at any time so you can quickly eliminate free radicals in your skin and have a healthy, elastic skin and a clean skin tone.

Chronic fatigue
Many people who suffer from chronic fatigue can not find a specific cause, even if they go to the hospital. They have higher levels of free radicals in the blood than a healthy person should have. Free radicals attack every corner of their bodies and cause them fatigue. If the level of fatigue becomes severe, it can cause stiffness in the shoulders, back pain and headache in your daily life. If you drink hydrogen-rich water frequently, you will get rid of the free radicals immediately and alleviate the accumulation of fatigue so that you can live a healthy and happy life.

Before and after exercising
Exercise increases the concentration of free radicals in the muscles and produces substances called lactic acid. The accumulation of lactic acid causes fatigue by oxidizing muscles and blood, and oxidative stress caused by free radicals causes muscle weakness, fatigue, micro-lesions and inflammation. With H2 Ultra you can easily reduce the generation of lactic acid to increase exercise capacity and drink hydrogen-rich water quickly after exercise can quickly eliminate accumulated lactic acid and help you recover quickly from exercise fatigue.

Feeding the baby
Water rich in hydrogen has no side effects. It is very healthy for babies because it prevents atopy and eliminates free radicals that are frequently generated in the brain. It is really excellent to mix milk powder formula with warm water rich in hydrogen.

For the health of your pets
If you feed your pets with water rich in hydrogen, they will not get sick easily. Your skin will become strong, your hair will become shiny and the intensity of the smell of your urine and stool will be reduced. Hydrogen-rich water makes it easy to take care of your pets.


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Hydronik Plus hydrogen water maker

Special Price € 263

Regular Price: € 293

Hydronik Plus hydrogen water maker

Water is nothing other than two molecules of hydrogen with one molecule of oxygen. It's that simple, but at the same time so complicated. It is one of the most essential elements for life, both of the planet and of the animals that inhabit it, and which is fundamental in the survival of the human being. Water is part of 70% of the weight of the human body and it is not surprising that a person who does not drink water can die in a few days. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules, and the consequence of these reactions generates a disorganization in the cell membranes of our organism. Such disorder is lethal to the cell. They are produced in most of the body cells through the cellular metabolism itself and also by the action of toxic external agents.

Why hydrogenated water is beneficial.The antioxidant power of hydrogen is so powerful that it helps the elimination of free radicals, which are responsible for premature aging at all levels. The energy of hydrogenated water Hydrogenated water gives us a greater contribution of antioxidants helping our body to convert food into energy because if we have a high level of oxidation, our body would not generate energy by itself to avoid further oxidation. 

HYDRONIK PLUS It is a generator of water enriched with hydrogen. Each glass of hydrogenated water favors the elimination of free radicals of our body that cause 90% of diseases and premature aging.

ANTI-AGING EFFECT, fights free radicals.
- Regulates oxidation and pH levels.
- Improves sports performance.
- It favors the mental agility.


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