Uno Vita LED Beauty Mask (white)

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Uno Vita Beauty Mask (LED light therapy)

Product principle
This product selects the red, blue, orange light source, through the nanotechnology light guide material, uses the biological phototherapy principle, to the skin gentle massage, lets the skin metabolism, causes the skin to be transparent and luster, it can effectively reduce acne, stimulate collagen production, improve
cell microcirculation and combine the essence of facial mask to achieve the effect of skin beautification.

LED photon therapy is widely used by skin specialists because it’s a noninvasive painless skin treatment with significant effect and no chemical additives or pollution.The wavelength of 620-630nm released by the red light can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and promote the growth of subcutaneous
collagen, so as to eliminate wrinkles and revitalize the skin.The wavelength of 460-470nm released by the blue light can effectively eliminate acne bacteria so that the acne can be eliminated from the root, improve the environment inside the pores and restrain the bacteria deep in the skin.The 580-590nm wavelength
released by the orange light can improve the alternating function of cell oxygen, improve microcirculation, dilute pigment , reduce skin roughness and poor circulation.

  • Promote skin to produce collagen, make skin more bright and transluctent, reduce
  • fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Tighten pores, improve skin brightness and make skin glossy
  • Dilute freckles and red blood cells, accelerate the improvement of skin and
  • achieve better skin repair after sunburn
  • Provide skin cells with activation energy, accelerate the metabolism of the skin, and keep the skin as "soft as babyskin".


See the instructioin manual for further instructions and spesifications

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