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Timewaver – The Specialist System for Informationfield Medicine

Timewaver- A new age of Medicine using the latest advances in quantum physics to offer holistic solutions to health and total wellbeing.

The Timewaver system uses new advances in quantum physics to access the informationfield so as to provide a truly holistic approach to health and therapy. Informationfields connect body and mind and direct all physiological processes. Timewaver can read and transfer any type of information and oscillation pattern into the informationfield.

  • Timewaver employs a truly holistic approach to health - With Timewaver psychic and somatic causes of disease reveal themselves in the informationfield. Thus you can connect the cerebral-emotional level with the bodily-energetic level.
  • Timewaver – A new age of medicine with quantum physics - Informationfields are physical fields. Timewaver provides an optimal mechanism to contact them.
  • Timewaver addresses the deep blockages within the client and thereby aims to stimulate the regulation capacity in the informationfield. The client's regulation capacity should be restored in the energy and informatiofield.
  • Timewaver recognizes the correlations of the causes of disease in the informationfield and dissolves them at their roots . To our knowledge the informationfield regulates all psychic and physical processes. Accordingly one finds at this level the deeper correlations of the causes of diseases, even those in the initial stages of development.
  • Timewaver works beyond the energetic- physiological level . In contrast to methods used in energy and frequency medicine, the client is not connected to the system with electrodes. Nor does the client have to undress during treatment.
  • Timewaver is used by therapists and physicians for both acute and chronic diseases . Timewaver can be used in a myriad of application fields. Irrespective of which field you work in your individual expertise is actively supported by Timewaver.
  • Timewaver supports the ongoing process of good health maintenance . Timewaver transcends the conventional understanding of prophylaxis. It removes the correlations to the causes of disease in the informationfield and it strengthens the oprgan coherency in the informationfield.
  • Timewaver supports clients in many aspects of their lives . Whether it is for professional or educational success, harmony in relationships and in the living space or adapting to changes in difficult life situations- you can support your clients in many dimensions of their lives and thereby strengthen their health foundations. 




TimeWaver Med – finding and dissolving Causes in the Information Field

TimeWaver Med analyses the deeper causes of diseases in the information field and dissolves them from the root in the information field. The organ-coherence-module evaluates the connections of all organ fields and balances them again through a cause-oriented balancing.

And: TimeWaver Med owns a multilingual database with more than 600 categories and more than 1,000,000 entries and oscillation patterns.

Where Body and Mind meet

The information field analysis and the recovery of the balance (balancing) refer to ten levels of the human being, among other things the body, the oscillation or frequency level, the electricity and energy of the body on a physical level and the pure information level.

The levels extend to the psychological and the consciousness level as possible causes of diseases. TimeWaver Med further finds the equivalents of illnesses in the information field which relate to viruses, bacteria or toxins.

TimeWaver Med – The Organ Coherence Module in Detail

Each organ owns an electromagnetic energy field, thus a field which is caused by electric currents and magnetic fields. The organ coherence analysis examines the quality of this energy field in the information field and thus the binding of the respective organ to the intact information field of the client.

The “Informative” View into the Body

The organ coherence module evaluates the coherence of all organ fields and accomplishes a cause-oriented analysis in the information field. With only one click you receive rapidly an overview, represented in three columns of which groups of organs are over- and/or under-regulated and which ones are balanced and coherent.


“Zoom” into the Organs

With one further click you can penetrate now more deeply into the organs and examine the individual components of each organ more deeply.

These results are likewise clearly presented in three columns and you recognize fast which organs are over- and/or under-regulated and which ones are balanced, thus coherent.

Overview and Configuration

The organ coherence database contains all basic organs and organ systems of the human body, systematically subdivided in 52 categories with altogether 2,334 organ details.

From the Cause Analysis to the Optimization

Now TimeWaver analyzes the causes of the disturbances in the information field and arranges them according to 15 categories of illness causes.

The system shows you recommended balancing means at the same time and directly provides from that a list for the optimization in the information field.

Finding the correct Means

The balancing list contains all for treatment recommended homeopathic, naturopathic and orthodox medical healing remedies and methods. With their oscillation samples they are part of the extensive TimeWaver databases and are directly used for balancing the information field. The patient does not have to take the remedies physically.



With the ICD10-database you can make an actual state analysis for each organ in the information field of the client. You receive a listing of all possible diseases which are connected to the information field.

The results are represented in three columns too and show both the high positive and negative relevances. A high positive relevance refers to a superficial, thus „active “or acute problem, while a high negative relevance indicates an enigmatic, „passive“ and/or chronic problem in the information field.

Optimization Possibilities on all Levels

The optimization of the information field covers all ranges of life – mentally, energetic, physically. We call the contactless transmission onto the client of the earlier determined results of the analysis optimization. Since the causes of an illness are frequently hidden or based on several causes, the “informative” TimeWaver optimization offers a key to balance and treats the patient on all levels.


Reading and Writing

Exactly as for the analysis TimeWaver Med can “write” now into the information field: That way the disturbed equilibrium is balanced in the information field. TimeWaver Med recognizes the human being in its entireness. From the spirit until the cell structure!

Integrated Databases of TimeWaver

The TimeWaver Med database contains over 600 columns and more than 1,000,000 entries and oscillation samples, among other things the following areas:

  • Cell biology
  • Detoxification
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Neurology
  • Dentistry
  • Homeopathy
  • Ayurveda
  • Genetics
  • Laboratory diagnostics
  • Viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi
  • Structural level
  • Psycho kinesiology
  • Systematic connections and many more

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