Super Selenium Complex

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Quick Overview

Super Selenium Complex
200 mcg & Vitamin E, 100 vegetarian capsules
Studies show that selenium, a trace mineral, is an important common denominator among some of the world’s longest-living people. Selenium promotes heart health, brain health, and supports longevity. And our Super Selenium Complex formula provides three unique forms of selenium along with vitamin E for optimal health and longevity support.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Combines three unique forms of selenium plus vitamin E
  • Supports your body against oxidative damage
  • Supports normal thyroid and immune function in healthy individuals
  • Promotes heart health, brain health, and healthy cell division
  • Three forms of selenium + vitamin E

Selenium is available in several different forms. Each form of selenium acts along a different pathway to support healthy cell division. For optimized selenium support, one should supplement with all three forms of selenium. Super Selenium Complex delivers sodium selenite, L-selenomethionine, and selenium-methyl L-selenocysteine. Super Selenium Complex also contains a small amount of vitamin E because it has been shown to work synergistically with selenium.

Antioxidant, thyroid, and immune support
Selenium is also an important factor when it comes to its ability to fight one of the primary causes of premature aging: oxidative damage. That’s because the body utilizes selenium to make glutathione peroxidase, an endogenous antioxidant enzyme.2 Selenium also supports normal thyroid and immune function in healthy individuals.

Cardiovascular health, brain health, and healthy cell division
Selenium plays a role in healthy cell division. But its ability to promote a healthy inflammatory response and quench free radicals has led scientists to explore its beneficial effects in regard to other conditions involving oxidative damage — particularly for heart and brain health.

Selenium is a vital nutrient for healthy cell division. It also protects against oxidative stress, promotes heart and brain health, and may be key to promoting longevity — all reasons to add Super Selenium Complex to your nutritional regimen today.



Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 vegetarian capsule

Amount Per Serving

Vitamin E (as D-alpha tocopheryl succinate)

20.1 mg

Selenium (as Se-Methyl L-Selenocysteine, SelenoPure®1 L-selenomethionine (yeast free), sodium selenite)

200 mcg



Selenium (L-selenomethionine1)

50 mcg

Selenium (sodium selenite)

50 mcg

Selenium (Se-Methyl L-Selenocysteine)

100 mcg

Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable cellulose (capsule), stearic acid, silica, dicalcium phosphate.


1- SelenoPure™ is a trademark of Nutrition 21, LLC.




1) Selenium Fights Inflammation

Selenium inhibits NF-kB and its activation of interleukin-6 and TNF-alphaproduction, according to a review study [R].

Selenium may decrease abnormally high levels of IL-8 and TNF-alpha [R].

2) Selenium Helps Regulate the Circadian Rhythm

Selenium helps restore a disrupted circadian rhythm [R].

3) Selenium Has Anti-Aging Properties

Research has long attributed the benefits of fish consumption to polyunsaturated fatty acids; however, the benefits of fish consumption may also be due to the increased Selenium consumption.

Selenium works with the fatty acids to support cognition and prevents the polyunsaturated fatty acids from forming undesirable products.

In a recent study, elderly participants (over 69) that had the highest fish consumption and subsequently the highest levels of Selenium and polyunsaturated fatty acids had the best cognitive function [R].

There also exists a correlation between low Selenium status and cognitive decline [R].

In one study, individuals with Alzheimer’s had 60% of the Seleniumconcentration of those in the control group.

4) Selenium is Important for ThyroidFunction

When the body is deficient in Selenium, it is the thyroid and brain tissues that concentrate the remaining supply.

The thyroid has the highest selenium content per gram of tissue [R].

In patients with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Selenium supplementation reduced thyroid peroxidase (TPO) antibodies significantly compared to a placebo [R].

In a mouse model of autoimmune thyroiditis, Selenium increased T-regcells and lowered blood levels of thyroglobulin antibody (TgAb).

Also in patients with Hashimoto’s and in pregnant women with anti-TPO antibodies, supplementing with Selenium decreased antibody levels and improved the structure of the thyroid gland as seen through ultrasound.

Those with Graves disease also saw remission more quickly through Selenium supplementation.

In women with low iodine, the lower the blood levels of Selenium, the higher the thyroid volume, a risk of goiter, and risk of thyroid tissue damage [R].

5) Selenium Prevents Cancer


Selenium prevents cancer in a multitude of ways. Increased but not toxic levels of Selenium are shown to lessen the risk of colorectal, prostate and lung cancer. Selenium is capable of breaking down cancer cells as well as stopping the cell cycle.

Although there are links between Selenium intake and cancer prevention, the genetics, gender, and age of the patients, along with the stage and type of cancer, affect Selenium’s preventative effectiveness [R].

In America, individuals consume enough Selenium, according to current research, which should decrease the likelihood of cancer.

A longitudinal study found that over an eight to ten year period, Selenium reduces the risk of dying in individuals who suffered from lung [R], colorectal and prostate cancer [R].

In another study, Selenium decreased the risk of dying in individuals with skin cancer [R].

Those who were given Selenium compared to placebo in the study had a 50% lower cancer mortality in non-melanoma cancer.

A combination of Milk thistle (Silymarin) and Selenium significantly reduced LDL and total cholesterol in men after they removed their prostate. These markers are risk factors for prostate cancer progression [R].

6) Selenium Helps Immune Defense (especially against viruses)

Lack of Selenium can cause the body to commit an abnormal immune response. Increased Selenium intake allows for the destruction of tumor cells and also aids the body in producing antibodies.

Selenium deficiency is also linked to disease progression in viral infections. In Selenium deficient individuals, harmless viruses can become dangerous. As a result, Selenium deficiency can lead to cardiomyopathy, which makes it hard for the heart to deliver blood to the rest of the body [R].

With sufficient Selenium levels, cellular immunity will be strong and cells will be less likely to die or be damaged.

Having less than ideal Selenium levels causes stress on cells and their cell death activates the virus and allows for the virus to replicate at faster rates.

Selenium also helps fight against HIV by inhibiting the replication of the virus [R].

An individual’s Selenium status can be a predictor of their disease outcome: Patients who are Selenium deficient are almost 20 times more likely to die from HIV related causes than those who have normal values of Selenium.

In children, low values of Selenium not only increase the likelihood of death from HIV, but the disease also spreads faster [R].

7) Selenium is Good for Th2 Dominant People

Selenium supplementation may also help divert immune responses away from the Th2 type associated with allergies and asthma and promote the Th1 type, providing protection against viral infections and cancer [R].

8) Selenium Aids Fertility and Reproductive Health


In animals, Selenium deficiency is correlated with an increased likelihood of miscarriages: females who suffered the first-trimester miscarriage were more likely to have low Selenium levels [R].

Selenium also affects male fertility as Selenium is necessary for the formation and development of sperm [R].

When sub-fertile men were given Selenium supplements for three months, they significantly increased their sperm motility [R].

Selenium is important for synthesizing testosterone in rats [R], but it doesn’t increase testosterone if people aren’t deficient in it [R].

9) Selenium Improves Mood

Selenium affects the cells of the nervous system, and, thus, affects mood. Neurotransmitters do not turn over as quickly in Selenium deficient individuals.

Low Selenium levels are correlated with depression, anxiety, confusion, and hostility. Supplementing for 5 weeks with 100 mcg of Selenium, lessened anxiety among patients who participated in a clinical trial [R].

Hospitalized elderly, cancer, and/or HIV patients reported less anxiety after Selenium was added to their diets [R].

10) Selenium Increases IGF-1

An Italian study of adults aged 65 and older found a positive and significant association between selenium and IGF-1 [R].

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