Sunlighten Amplify II

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Amplify II
2 person sauna
Sunlighten’s Amplify II home sauna offers four far infrared and two full spectrum heaters allowing you to sweat deep and sweat fast.

  • Sunlighten Patented Infrared Light Therapy with highest quantity of IR into your body
  • 2 Full Spectrum High Intensity Heaters = 165F Max Temperature
  • Ultra low EMF and Environmentally Safe
  • Patented Magne-Seal™ assembly process for easy set up
  • Chromotherapy: Healing with lights and colors
  • Acoustic Resonance Sound Therapy, a must-have add-on



Amplify II Solocarbon® Infrared Technology
Exterior: 50.9” W x 45.9”D x 77.7” H*
*2” feet included
Interior: 45.4” W x 39.9” D x 70.3” H
Bench: 45.2” W x 20.2” D x 19.5” H
Heaters: 4 IR, 2 FS
Available in:
Electrical: 230V 1880W 15.67A
Dedicated 230V 20A circuit required
10’ cord exits from back left of roof (when facing

• 4 Sunlighten patented Solocarbon infrared light therapy heaters
• 2 full spectrum high intensity heaters
• Ultra low EMF and environmentally safe
• Chromotherapy: healing with lights and colors
• Patented magnetic locking system makes assembly a snap
• Beautiful craftsmanship and solid wood construction
• Deep benches and a taller height for ultimate relaxation
• Acoustic Resonance Sound Therapy, a must-have add-on

Roof panel: 51” W x 45.9” D x 3” T
Floor panel: 50.4” W x 45.3” D x 2.6” T
Front wall: 46.1” W x 71” D x 2” T
Back wall: 46.1” W x 71” D x 1.8” T
Right wall: 44.7” W x 71” D x 2.2” T
Left wall: 44.7” W x 71” D x 2.2” T
Glass door: 28” W x 68.1” D x .3” T
Side glass: 10.4” W x 69.3” D x .3” T
Bench: 45.3” W x 20.3” D x 4.9” T

Because of the large panel size, it is important to
ensure there is enough space through the doors
and pathways to the sauna’s location in your
home. Please measure any doorway or hallway
needed prior to purchase.

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