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SPIKENERGY ANKLE medium and large
Ankle support for sprains

Useful forthe treatment of sprains and osteoarthritis.

SPIKENERGY is an exclusive fabric created using strands of copper and zinc interwoven with a mix of Polyester/Ceramic (silicon) threads. Thanks to their natural properties, copper and zinc, when combined with the acidity of perspiration, create the equivalent of a battery, which emits microcurrents into the fabric: creating an infinitesimal current that provides constant biostimulation intended to restore the microcirculation and remove excess accumulated liquid and fats. Lastly, the Polyester/Ceramic (silicon) acts as a conductor for the skin, keeping it naturally healthy. Microcurrents are an innovative therapy with a wide number of applications; in particular, they are frequently used in the treatment of pain. Unfortunately, there are no theoretical in-depth studies that demonstrate clearly exactly how they work. However, a number of studies carried out on SPIKENERGY aids demonstrate its effectiveness when combined with traditional therapies; while the effects of the aid on limbs affected by various types of pain suggest an interference with new cell generation.It must be worn with the logo to the rear and at the top.




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