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Organic Astaxanthin (12 mg, 30 capsules)
Organic Astaxanthin (12 mg) stands apart from other astaxanthin formulas in three key ways:

  • We use only Organic Astaxanthin from microalgae, the preferred source Haematococcus pluvialis extract
  • Our astaxanthin is grown in pure, clean glass tubes, rather than contaminated open ponds like other products, and is untouched by chemical solvents, preservatives, plasticizers and residues
  • Contains 12 mg of astaxanthin per serving for those who want the higher level used in many studies without taking multiple capsules

Astaxanthin is related to beta-carotene, lutein and canthaxanthin – all very powerful carotenoid antioxidants on their own. But because of its unique molecular structure, astaxanthin is even more potent and versatile in its actions. These 7 key differences make astaxanthin stand out:

  • It has far more electrons to donate to neutralize free radicals than most other antioxidants, allowing it to remain active and intact longer
  • It can handle multiple free radicals, sometimes more than 19 at one time, unlike most other antioxidants that can typically deal with only one at a time
  • It can protect both water- and fat-soluble parts of your cells, including your cells’ mitochondria *
  • It cannot act as a pro-oxidant, or cause oxidation, like many antioxidants, even at higher doses
  • It’s molecule can absorb UVB rays and this can help reduce skin-wrinkling damage from sun exposure*
  • It acts on at least five different inflammation pathways, supporting your body’s already healthy normal inflammatory response*
  • Because it is lipid-soluble and larger and longer than other carotenoids, it can become part of your cell membrane and span its entire thickness to help stabilize and protect both the inner and outer cell membrane from oxidative damage*
  • It also protects your mitochondria from free radical damage. Your mitochondria are the energy factories in every cell in your body – the factories that produce energy, which gives life to your cells. They also need protection from those free radicals.*
  • Plus, when compared to other nutrients and antioxidants that scavenge free radicals and neutralize potentially damaging singlet oxygen in your cells and tissues, astaxanthin really excels...

Up to 6,000 Times the Quenching Power of Other Well-Known Antioxidants. Singlet oxygen is a high-energy form of oxygen, and one of the reactive oxygen species (ROS) linked to oxidized LDL cholesterol and cardiovascular effects. By helping to scavenge, or quench these highly reactive oxygen molecules, you can help prevent the damaging oxidative effects of ROS on your cells and especially your mitochondria, the little energy factories inside your cells.

Astaxanthin has been shown to be more effective than other antioxidant nutrients at this singlet oxygen quenching by being up to…

  • 6,000 times greater than vitamin C
  • 800 times stronger than CoQ10
  • 500 times more powerful than vitamin E
  • 10 times stronger than beta-carotene
  • 4 times more effective than lutein


orac values of antioxidant

Because astaxanthin can reach just about every cell in your body and helps protect the membrane and internal systems of your mitochondria, its potential is astounding.* Astaxanthin may help:

  • Boost cellular energy production*
  • Reduce oxidative damage to mitochondria and cellular DNA*
  • Promote an already healthy normal inflammatory response, potentially leading to greater comfort, flexibility, and mobility*
  • Support immune function and cellular health*
  • Protect brain neurons and may promote the production of neural stem cells*
  • Cognitive and psychomotor function, including an improvement in age-related forgetfulness and mood*
  • Promote already healthy normal blood glucose levels*
  • Support eye health and reduce blurred vision, eyestrain, and tired eyes*
  • Maintain a youthful appearance, improve skin elasticity, and reduce the visible signs of skin aging*
  • Promote already healthy normal blood lipid levels*
  • Prevent joint discomfort and stiffness following exercise*
  • Because astaxanthin protects your mitochondria’s membranes, the parts of your body that are most mitochondrial-dense, like your heart, brain, liver and muscles, may especially benefit.* 

Here’s a quick summary of some revealing studies of astaxanthin on vision quality, especially when using a computer or other visual display:

  • 6 mg a day for 4 weeks improved computer and display screen visual fatigue symptoms, including dimness of sight and stiff shoulders and back*
  • 6 mg a day for 4 weeks improved symptoms of eye strain and blurred vision, occasional double vision, and general headache*
  • 5 mg a day for 4 weeks improved visual display terminal workers’ ability to refocus their eyes, or accommodation amplitude during work*
  • 12 mg a day for 4 weeks significantly improved both eye strain and ability to refocus during close up work and computers*

Astaxanthin has been shown to:

  • Penetrate skin cells and help manage ultraviolet radiation damage, particularly with over-exposure*
  • Demonstrate a photo-protective effect, especially when taken orally 24 hours before UVA exposure*
  • Inhibit the sun’s negative effects and protect your skin against UVA-induced skin photoaging such as sagging and wrinkles, even when taken after sun exposure*
  • Reduce oxidative stress and help reverse the appearance of changes in the skin surface associated with skin aging*
What to Look ForMercola AstaxanthinOther Formulas
Created from marine microalgae? Yes – Formula created using Haematococcus pluvialismicroalgae.Not all astaxanthin formulas use microalgae nutrients.
Contains some sort of oil or fatty acid to help maximize absorption? Yes – For optimal absorption, this formula uses the omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and olive oil.Some astaxanthin formulas don't include any sort of oil or fatty acid to help maximize absorption. Very few include omega-3s.
Does the manufacturer guarantee stability and efficacy of the product? Yes – Manufacturer's processes create a high-quality product with long-term stability (24 months) and efficacy. Plus, manufacturer uses “oil” instead of powder to enhance stability of the astaxanthin.To date, I've not seen any other astaxanthin manufacturer that compares favorably to this one, when it comes to product stability and efficacy. Most astaxanthin manufacturers use astaxanthin powder (instead of “oil”) which may cause costly formulation stability challenges.
Manufacturer avoids chemical solvents and preservatives in their formulation process? Yes – Formula is untouched by chemical solvents and is free from preservatives, impurities, and residues.Not all astaxanthin formulas are free from synthetic chemical solvents and preservatives. These are unacceptable to me.
Serving size of at least 4 mg? Yes – Organic Astaxanthin with ALA comes in 4-mg capsules.Many astaxanthin formulas come in a 4-mg serving size. But some don't, with some using 1-mg capsules requiring you the inconvenience of taking more capsules.

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