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Quick Overview

ReMag Lotion Plus
ReMag Lotion Plus is a moisturizing lotion with oatmeal, vitamin E, and vitamin B5. This product supplies 130 mg of magnesium chloride per teaspoon. It is formulated for daily use.

ReMag Lotion Plus: Directions
Apply the desired amount of ReMag® Lotion Plus to clean skin. Can be used on the hands, face, and body. Avoid direct contact with eyes, mucous membranes, and other sensitive areas. If redness or irritation occurs, rinse with cool water.

ReMag Lotion Plus: Ingredients

  • Magnesium Chloride
  • Purified Water (Aqua)
  • Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil
  • Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Flour
  • Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter
  • Cetearyl Olivate
  • Sorbitan Olivate
  • Cetyl Alcohol
  • Propanediol
  • Glyceryl Stearate
  • Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil
  • Roa Canina (Rose Hip) Seed Oil
  • Benzylalcohol
  • Dehydroacetic Acid
  • Panthenol (Provitamin B5)
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Vitamin E (Tocopherols)

Basic functions:

  • Daily ReHydrator – Pico-ionic magnesium in a lotion
  • The benefits of ReMag pico-ionic liquid magnesium in a lotion.
  • Daily ReHydrator and cosmetic.
  • The perfect solution for those who would rather not take ReMag orally.
  • Convenient pump dispenser
  • Minerals are water’s guidance system in the body. They attract water into the cells and help it stay there to do its work before it’s eliminated from the body, carrying away cellular toxins.

And of all the minerals, magnesium is the master mineral. As an electrolyte, it tells water where to go in the body. One example of this is how lack of magnesium can lead to swelling and edema, which is an over-concentration of water in some areas of the body. Magnesium supplementation is an excellent way to support hydration in the skin. According to this study out of Kiel, Germany, bathing in a magnesium-rich Dead Sea salt solution improved skin barrier function and enhanced skin hydration in atopic dry skin. The study concluded that “Magnesium salts are known to bind water, influence epidermal proliferation, and differentiation, and enhance permeability barrier repair”, all key to healthy, beautiful-looking skin!

#1 - Magnesium Saturation
Although absorption rates vary, magnesium lotion tends to have one of the highest rates of absorption of any form of this mineral. In a study on the cosmetic application of a 31% magnesium chloride solution, it was found that after 12 weeks’ treatment 89% of subjects raised their cellular magnesium levels – with an average increase of 59.7%! Just think how much more improvement will be realized with a 100% pure elemental pico meter magnesium like ReMag blended in a wonderfully luxurious lotion!

Another bonus outcome of this same study is that the patients showed an improvement in their calcium/magnesium ratio, and 78% demonstrated significant evidence of detoxification of heavy metals! 

#2 - Get right to the source
ReMag lotion is an effective way to maintain your flexibility, range of motion, and endurance after a work-out or fitness activity! Regularly apply this lotion after your fitness activities and let us know how well you do.

#3 - It's easy
Applying this lotion – which you can do in place of your regular moisturizer – requires almost minimal effort, giving you maximum bang for your buck. This bottle has a shelf life of two years and goes a long way toward supplementing your dietary magnesium intake.



ReMag® Balm and ReMag® Lotion are both moisture-rich formulas blended with natural plant oils to soothe and hydrate the skin combined with pure magnesium chloride. Both formulas provide a unique experience, and were formulated to support the different needs and skin types of all people.

Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND developed two hydrating formulas that both include ReMag liquid magnesium. These 2 formulations share Dr Dean's intentions of a better way to take care of your body while improving the skin's natural protective barrier. Both share these baseline standards:

  • Promote hydrated, moisturized skin
  • Concentrated ingredients that are absorbed quickly and effectively
  • Designed for fast and easy application
  • No artificial fragrances, preservatives, phthalates, or parabens


When deciding on a new lotion, cream, balm, or other emulsion you should always consider what areas of the body you will plan to apply it, and how your own skin type will respond to this introduction. Choosing the wrong form factor, or not considering the product's ingredients, can result in a poor experience. This includes anything from slight disappointment to actually creating new skin irritations. Adding or replacing items to your daily routine is always easier when you know what you're looking for. Start any new skin care routine with these 2 considerations:

A product's "form factor" defines its physical specifications and what you can expect when working with it. Formulas that you use on your face and hands are often different from what you would use on other parts of the body. Thicker formulas can clog pores, while thinner oil solutions can make it difficult to keep their benefits in place when applying them. And the difference of skin-feel when applying thicker formulas to your face could feel uncomfortable to some people. Always choose application-specific formulas to make sure are getting the results you are hoping for.

Soft, hydrated skin feels better to the touch and contributes to keeping your skin's protective barrier layer intact. But the wrong ingredients can immediately negate your intentions of supporting or improving your skin's appearance. Always understand what each ingredient can do on its own, or in combination with others, when considering which benefits of your skin care routine you want to promote at the time. This includes doing your own research on ones you may not be familiar with now to understand how they can affect other areas of your health journey.



A hydrating balm with 200mg of liquid magnesium. ReMag Balm is an ultra-rich, intensely moisturizing body balm blended with shea butter, coconut oil, and natural vitamin E to leave your skin feeling hydrated with a youthful glow. If you’re looking for a higher magnesium content formula while keeping your skin moisturized and silky smooth, ReMag Balm may be for you. This formula works best when applied for targeted hydration, as needed. Try it post-workout!

  • For use on arms, legs, feet, and torso
  • Coconut Oil and Shea Butter for softness
  • Evening Primrose and Rose Hip Seed oil for soothing
  • Vitamin E for protection

ReMag Balm Completement Formula

A cosmetic lotion with 130mg of liquid magnesium. 
ReMag Lotion Plus is a boosted version of our original ReMag Lotion with additional ingredients for skin care health. This cosmetic-grade lotion is perfect for applications on more sensitive areas of skin, like the face. A light, natural scent accompanies this highly effective daily moisturizer to support a range of skin needs. Use it daily!

  • For use on face, hands, and all over the body
  • Lighter formula and skin-feel on application
  • Oatmeal Colloids to lock in moisture
  • Vitamin B5 for softness and elasticity


A pilot study to determine the impact of transdermal magnesium treatment on serum levels and whole body CaMg ratios 

Key finding: Magnesium uptake 5 times faster than tablets

In this study both the blood level as well as the cellular magnesium content were determined with the help of a hair analysis before and after a twelve week transdermal application with a 31 percent saturated magnesium chloride solution. Thereby after a twelve week course of treatment an average rise in the cellular magnesium content of 59.5 percent was determined in 89 percent of the test subjects. With oral magnesium intake, comparable results could first be achieved after nine to twenty four months. Furthermore, all patients showed an average improvement of 25.2 percent in the calcium-magnesium ratio during the test period. As a side effect, clear indications of a detoxification of heavy metals was observed in 78 percent of the test subjects.

Effects of transdermal magnesium chloride on quality of life for patients with fibromyalgia: a feasibility study
Key finding: Significant benefit for fibromyalgia sufferers

The renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester (USA) investigated, whether magnesium applied transdermally in the form of MagnesiumOil works for fibromyalgia. 40 women with the clinically determined diagnosis “Fibromyalgia” took part in the study. With the help of a special fibromyalgia questionnaire, the type and manifestation of the complaints were documented on a scale. The data were recorded at the beginning, after 2 weeks and 4 weeks treatment time. Every participant was asked to spray and massage in 4 spray strokes twice a day on the arms and legs for 4 weeks. 24 participants completed the study. For all participants, all complaints improved significantly.


Why Magnesium is the Most Important Mineral
Of course calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and silicon is another important structural element, so how can we say magnesium is the most important? The reason is because it is so deficient in so many people in developed countries. Studies show that most Americans have magnesium deficient diets, with one in five getting less than half the RDA (recommended daily allowance) for magnesium in their daily diets (1). Magnesium is a coenzyme that catalyzes hundreds of biochemical processes throughout the body. It’s essential for myriad chemical reactions, the production and transport of energy, synthesis of protein, transmission of nerve signals, muscle function, healthy DNA, and more. All the nerves in your body use magnesium to help send messages along the nerve pathways. It is also involved in blood pressure regulation and blood sugar uptake.

A massive epidemiological study from China showed that the more than 1 million people across nine countries who consumed the most magnesium tested out with a 10 percent lower risk of coronary heart disease, a 12 percent lower stroke risk and a 26 percent lower risk of type 2 diabetes(2).

Magnesium deficiency symptoms
Intravenous magnesium has been used to treat acute migraine headaches, acute asthma attacks, eclampsia, the life-threatening hypertension of late pregnancy, and depression among other problems. Many significant health problems can now be attributed to magnesium deficiency including increased insulin resistance leading to diabetes, insomnia, fatigue, muscular tension, nervous hypersensitivity, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, congestive heart failure, tics, tremors and even some skin disorders.

Why Is It So Deficient?
The consumption of sugar, alcohol, some chemical exposures and the prevalence of stress in our lives use our magnesium reserves. Magnesium is necessary for calcium transport, so when it is deficient, bones get soft and calcium becomes deposited instead of circulating and integrating into tissue. This can result in bone spurs, cataracts, atherosclerosis and many other problems.

Transdermal Magnesium
People have been using minerals like magnesium transdermally for thousands of years. Even though humans have been using the skin as a direct pathway into the body for treatment for centuries, but only recently have we begun to understand the science behind it. Magnesium absorption has been studied in both humans and animals under various experimental conditions. Research in the growing field of balneotherapy, which is using mineral water baths to treat disease, has shown that nutrient minerals in the water can be absorbed by the skin, challenging earlier assumptions. While more research is needed, early results suggest that soaking in hot mineral springs offer numerous benefits for human health. The science confirms the personal reports of many people who report an overall increase in physical, emotional, and mental well-being, not to mention pain relief, as a result of their immersion in mineral baths. It’s not likely that these results are simply the effect of sitting in hot water (3).

Increase in Tissue Levels and Blood Levels
In another study both the blood level as well as the cellular magnesium content was determined with the help of a hair analysis before and after a twelve week transdermal application with a 31 percent saturated magnesium chloride solution. After a twelve week course of treatment, an average rise in the cellular magnesium content of 59.5% was determined in 89 percent of the test subjects. All participants showed an average improvement of 25.2% in the calcium-magnesium ratio during the test period. As an additional effect, a clear indication of a detoxification of toxic metals was observed in 78 percent of the test subjects (6).

More Evidence for Skin Absorption of Minerals
There are many things that affect skin absorption. Absorption occurs by distribution around and through the cells that make up the skin. Some absorption takes place along hair follicles or through sweat ducts. Skin thickness and barrier accessibility are different in various areas so absorption rates will vary in different parts of the body. Hair follicles significantly contribute towards topical magnesium absorption by up to 40% (7).

An in vitro clinical trial carried out at the University of Cardiff proved that elemental magnesium could be delivered to the cells of the body through a transdermal delivery. The trial showed that the skin started absorption with immediate effect and the action was accelerated with a short period of massaging the application area after spraying the magnesium solution onto the skin sample (8).

Another study set out to determine whether magnesium in a cream could be absorbed through the skin to increase magnesium status. Twenty-five participants were randomly assigned either a 56- mg magnesium cream or a placebo cream to use daily for two weeks. Serum and urinary magnesium levels were tested before and after application.

There was no change in the placebo group’s baseline levels, but people using the magnesium cream saw a clinically relevant increase in both serum and urinary levels of magnesium. Even though participants applied relatively small quantities of magnesium (56-mg daily) use of the magnesium cream resulted in a significant increase in magnesium levels (9).

Finally, a study in Poland specifically addressed the issue of ion diffusion through the skin. Using ion chromatography, researchers demonstrated in vitro that the metal cation magnesium can diffuse through the skin. The Polish researchers found evidence for multiple routes of absorption (10): There are probably different routes of ions penetration through the skin. It is also supported by different transportation characteristics of individual ions through the skin that can unfold and manifest over time. It is hypothesized that metallic ions may travel between the cells, through the cells and along hair follicles.

Other Criticism
The internationally renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota (USA) investigated transdermal application of Magnesium oil for fibromyalgia. Forty women with a clinically determined diagnosis of fibromyalgia participated in the study. The type and manifestation of the complaints were documented on a scale using a special questionnaire. The data were recorded at the beginning, after 2 weeks and 4 weeks treatment time. Every participant was asked to spray and massage in 4 spray strokes of magnesium oil twice a day on her arms and legs for 4 weeks. Twenty-four participants completed the study. All participants reported that all complaints had improved significantly (12).

Bathing in magnesium chloride increases the area of application.
Absorption through the skin is not homogeneous. Areas such as the scalp and armpits have higher rates of absorption. Many of the studies were performed using a cream or lotion applied to a small area of the skin.

Increasing the amount of time the application is left on the skin or the time pf bathing. Twenty minutes is sufficient for most people but sometimes 30-35 minutes may be desirable
Heat enhances the delivery in a bath compared to a lotion
Increased temperature of the area of application
Increasing the frequency of applications or baths
Well-hydrated skin will be more efficient if a cream or lotion is used.

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