Real Ketones Prime D+ Piña Colada Caffeinated (28 bags - total 403,2g)

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Real Ketones Prime D+ Piña Colada Caffeinated
Real Ketones Prime Piña Colada Caffeinated with Formula 255 delivers our proprietary blend of exogenous ketones to fuel your keto diet. With our great tasting piña colada formula, plus a caffeine kick, it’s easy for you to get into ketosis and power through your day.

Why Real Ketones?
The multi-patented Real Ketones BHB+MCT formula makes it easier to maintain ketosis and a ketogenic diet. Our products kickstart your body into state of ketosis within an hour, delivering a powerful blend of bio-identical ketones that help your body produce its own ketones.

What Is Ketosis?
Ketosis is the state in which your body uses ketones to burn fat for fuel instead of burning glucose. Ketones and the ketogenic diet have been shown to increase energy levels, focus and fat-burning abilities.

Real Ketones Prime Piña Colada Caffeinated with Formula 255 is the keto-friendly supplement with a great-tasting, refreshing flavor that kickstarts ketosis. You’ll love the energy boost and mental clarity delivered by pure, exogenous ketones that make it easy to stick to your keto diet.


How do I use  BHB + Caffeine?
It is the perfect pre-workout or “pick me up” product!

What are the benefits of combining  ketone s and caffeine?
Caffeine works well in conjunction with ketones to heighten mental focus, mental clarity, and alertness

What is the difference between  BHB + Caffeine and caffeinated PrimeD+?
BHB + Caffeine is best used when you need a faster, stronger elevated ketone level for performance- perfect for a prework, key test, gaming, etc.. PrimeD+ is used when you want long term sustainability of your ketone levels through the initial boost of ketones, plus the ability to make your own endogenous ketones!



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