Atang multifunctional pulsed laser and TENS

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Quick Overview

Multifunction pulsed laser/LED and TENS/EMS therapy device
The new Atang advanced laser and electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) has a wide range of effects specifically in effective pain treatment. 808 nm combined 650 nm lasers can penetrate both shallow and deeper tissues improved function. When the affected, infected, or injured area or acupuncture points are irradiated with the healing lights in combination with microcurrents from the EMS effects such as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, restorative, healing, and regulation occurs. There are no know side effects from this treatment.

The multifunctional laser/EMS device has a wide range of possible usages and is a recommended basic tool for both at homes and at clinics. Effects can be measured after the first treatment. For consistent long lasting effects daily use over period of a few weeks are recommended. Uno Vita also recommend exchanging the electrodes often, clean the skin area with pure water and put the power settings for the electronic muscle stimulation to a very soft level (“less is more”, not more is better).

Application target examples:

  • Body pain/acute and chronic pain, arthritis, rheumatic pain, and wound healing
  • Sports injuries, rehabilitation, muscle pain and joint paint
  • Onychomycosis, prostatitis, veterinary pain (dogs, cats, horses etc.)
  • Improving blood circulation and lower blood viscosity
  • Prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease


Technical data:

  • 4 pcs of 808 nm laser with penetration depth up to 7 cm
  • 20 pcs of 650 nm laser penetration of skin and up to 3 cm
  • Laser medium: GaA/As semiconductor laser
  • Wavelength: 808 nm + 650 nm laser + LED
  • Laser output: 700 mW
  • Pulse frequency: 0-150 Hz
  • Pulse width: 100 (+. 20%) US
  • Pulse duration: 0,4 - 4 seconds
  • Output waveform power: 4 (+- 20%) VA
  • Load impedance: 500 Ω
  • Settings: 8 modes and 15 strength settings

The device has 8 output modes, and each mode has 15 strength settings

Mode 1: Pat, suitable for human neck massage to relieve discomfort caused by cervical spine soreness and stiffness.
Mode 2: Acupuncture, recommended for local contusions, sprains and strains of the body to relieve painful problems.
Mode 3: Scraping, can stimulate body parts, reduce local soreness and swelling, and relieve fatigue discomfort.
Mode 4: Kneading, by stimulating the soles of the feet, makes the blood circulation smooth, suitable for sedentary, standing people.
Mode 5: Cupping, under stimulating effect, promotes local blood circulation and improves metabolism.
Mode 6: Acupressure, which is recommended for use with local discomfort caused by the body, for short periods of simulated acupressure massage.
Mode 7: Massage, through the back massage, can achieve to promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue.
Mode 8: Punch, suitable for people with long-term lumbar muscle strain, to relieve back pain problems.

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