Aaronia MagnoShield DUR

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Aaronia MagnoShield DUR
Plater (2 meter X 0,66 meter X 0,5 mm tykk) som skjermer effektivt for magnetfelt fra elektriskesystmer (høyspent kabler, sikringsbokser osv.). Perfekt i kombinasjon med Aaronia X-Dream materialet om man ønsker en effektiv skjerming for all uheldig stråling (elektriske felt, statisk elektriske felt, magnetfelt og høyfrekvente felt fra foreksempel smart meter (AMS). Be om tilbud på dekning av større flater eller rom/bygninger.

EMI magnetic shielding plate for screening any static or alternating magnetic field. Perfectly suitable for screening large surface areas e.g. EMC chamber, control center etc.. It is sturdy, frost proof, rot proof and noncorrosive.Aaronia MagnoShield DUR has been developed especially for shielding alternating magnetic fields (EMI) caused by cables, transformers, generators, traction power, power distribution boxes, high-voltage lines, electronic circuits etc.up to 30MHz. Also works at permanent DC magnetic fields like earth magnetic fields, magnets etc.. Aaronia MagnoShield DUR allows shielding big surface areas like control centers, bug free rooms, EMC chambers, highly sensible areas in aerospace. etc. against magnetic interference.Installation is very easy even for the amateur. The individual plates simply need to be installed angle to angle.Magnetic shielding performance can be adapted optimally to your requirements by applying several layers of the product. Made in Germany: All Aaronia screenings are developed and individually produced in Germany. This guarantees highest standard.




Technical data

Shielding: Magnetic fields
Frequency range: DC to 30MHz
Damping factor: 10-13
Saturatuion flux density: 0,8T
Screening material: Nickel/iron alloy, so-called Mu metal, isotrope
Carrier material: Nickel/iron alloy, so-called Mu metal, isotrope
Color: Silver
Width: 0,66m
Length: 2m
Thickness: 0,5mm
Weight: approx. 4kg/m²
Quality Standard: According ISO 9001, material verification certificate B (according to EN 10204)

Very high damping at any magnetic field
Even screens static magnetic fields like magnets
Rot and frost proof
Paintable and antistatic
Installable in wall render or concrete
Easy handling even for the amateur

Application examples
Examples for possible radiating sources within frequency range (DC - 30MHz) which can be screened:
Permanent magnets
Earth magnetic field
Traction power
Power lines and cables
Power supplies and harmonics
Energy saving light bulbs
Switching power supplies
TFT and LCD monitors and TVs
135kHz RFID
13,56MHz RFID
Various home appliances, industry and office up to 30MHz

Magnetic field shielding factor: 10-13 (10-14dB or 90-93%)

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