Mercolas Vitamin B Complex

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Mercolas Vitamin B Complex
B vitamins are important for your brain, nervous system and immune function, energy production, cell metabolism, organ and tissue health and much more. Low levels of B vitamins can affect your body in many different ways because of the vitamins’ far-reaching and interrelated effects. Some of the signs include: inability to sleep well, fatigue, GI symptoms, joint or muscle discomfort, mood swings, confusion and forgetfulness. Certain groups are more likely to have a deficiency or low levels of one or more B vitamins:

Those with gut issues or anyone taking antacids or proton-pump inhibitors
Adults over 50 because of lower production of intrinsic factor
Those who regularly drink alcohol or more than 4 cups of coffee a day
Vegetarians, vegans and others avoiding key dietary sources of B vitamins like dairy, meat and whole grains
Those regularly consuming a high-calorie, high-carbohydrate diet with low nutrient value
Because B vitamins are water-soluble and not stored in your body, you must get the entire complex through diet each day. That can be a challenge since many individuals may have absorption issues. Plus, some of the vitamins are easily destroyed during processing and storage.

Vitamin B Complex is a unique and complete complex that provides the ideal proportion of the eight major B vitamins:

Contains the patented PANMOL® vitamin B complex with concentrations of B vitamins a hundred-fold higher than what’s found in whole grains
The B vitamins are organically bound to sprouts from organic quinoa seeds for enhanced bioavailability and potential benefits*
Contains more than just the eight familiar B vitamins – It contains a multitude of well-balanced and biologically active B vitamins complete with co-factors and coenzymes
May be better absorbed in your body than regular isolated synthetic B vitamins*
Contains fat-soluble Benfotiamine that can cross cell walls with greater ease for enhanced thiamine bioavailability and cellular support in your body and brain*
This is the first time B vitamins have been created through a patented process where they are organically bound! 



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