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Organic KETO CIDER™ - Sweet

A potent combination for your health! This Organic KETO CIDER™ is not ordinary – it’s turbocharged with Ginger AND Turmeric, two special fat-burning botanicals. Plus, it comes in three tasty varieties: Sweet, Spicy (with organic habanero pepper), and Blueberry. It’s unlike any other on the market.

Our Organic KETO CIDER™ provides a delicious addition to your drinks, recipes or simply as a salad dressing. Taking even a small amount of organic apple cider vinegar each day may be an important step for your health.

The use of apple cider vinegar for health dates back thousands of years and odds are along the way, you’ve heard something about its incredible medicinal benefits. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, reportedly supported his patients’ health with a mixture of apple cider vinegar mixed with honey.

In recent years, there has been much research on apple cider vinegar with animals and humans. Researchers have discovered that the principle ingredient, acetic acid, and other valuable components in apple cider vinegar may:

Support your metabolic health and turn on genes to signal less fat storage
Improve digestion by increasing stomach acid
Prevent the complete digestion of carbohydrates, slowing the entry of sugar into your bloodstream
Help balance your body’s pH
Promote healthy cognitive function
Help support lymphatic drainage and detoxification processes
Aid athletic recovery by enhancing muscle glycogen supplies
We’ve taken all this information and history into account and formulated something special for you. As a result, we’ve boosted this fermented classic with a 6% blend of ginger and turmeric, and also included organic honey for a flavorful healthy kick!

Our Organic KETO CIDER™ is a great way to get your daily dose of apple cider vinegar. This unique formula:

Contains organic ginger root puree for digestive support and additional thermogenic fat-burning properties
Also contains organic turmeric root puree for digestive and metabolic support
Includes the naturally occurring “mother” (more on this interesting aspect later) for gut-friendly probiotics and enzymes
Comes premixed with organic honey – just like what Hippocrates recommended (contains only 2 grams of total sugars per serving!)
Comes diluted to the ideal 5 percent acetic acid strength for optimal benefits – simply take one tablespoon daily mixed with water or other beverage or food
Please note: Dr. Mercola Organic KETO CIDER™ is concentrated for your convenience. Simply mix one tablespoon with pure filtered or sparkling spring water for a soothing and refreshing drink or add to your favorite beverage. Each bottle contains 32 servings! Can also be enjoyed on salads, meats and vegetables.



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