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Live O2 upgrade kit for advanced Oxygen exercise

Everyone can use a little help keeping their New Year's resolutions especially in light of the current Wall Street Journal article reporting that today is the day your New Year's resolution dies. Why might this be you ask? You have implemented a solid strategy and taken action including morning workouts, eating a healthful diet and drinking clean water. Then why do so many fall off the resolution wagon only three weeks in?

Could there be a physiological pattern playing out behind the scenes? In fact, there is! It is no coincidence that this is the exact time frame that most abandon their fitness resolutions because their new exercise regimen is actually making them more hypoxic (oxygen deficient).

A telltale way to determine if this is happening to you is to ask yourself; Do I have more energy or less energy than I did before I started my exercise program? If you answered less energy, your body is telling you something; You're out of air! At this point your will power is in a losing battle with your body. Your body is going to protect itself from becoming even more hypoxic by slowing you down, thus, the lack of energy.

We here at Whole Health Network want to help you and help your friends achieve their goals and the science underscores the part LiveO2 can play in the endeavor.
The LiveO2 and LiveO2 Altitude Contrast systems were inspired by the groundbreaking research of Dr. von Ardenne. The benefits that Dr. von Ardenne outlined in his research are life changing and provide far reaching results. In short, LiveO2 is the perfect partner to help you resolve the hypoxic condition creating your energy shortage.

According to Ardenne the LiveO2 oxygen multistep training system can:
-restore your body's aerobic metabolism
- compensate for the modern sedentary lifestyle
-neutralize the effects of every day stress
-regain optimum circulatory function
-speed recovery from chronic oxygen deficiency
-eliminate conditions of low energy and fatigue
-achieve greater athletic performance for all levels of athletes
-fight the epidemic of degenerative and age related conditions

The LiveO2 oxygen training system gives you all the benefits Ardenne demonstrated in his years of research in a 15 minute exercise session.

This is an upgrade system to turn your 3, 5, or 10 LPM oxygen concentrator or EWOT into to a high volume Live O2 - Super EWOT system. Live O2 requires a proper Oxgyen consentrator in adition to this kit. Uno Vita supplies  the high quality 30.000 hours Kröber 4,0 oxygen consentrator and accesories as the recommended device. We also  supply the Smart-Breath devices as a part of  our delivery.


Contents of Live 02 upgrade kit:

Oxygen Reservoir
High Volume Breather
Hose High Volume Oxygen Mask  
Connector Hose
Adhesive Wall Hangers
Smart-Breatth training device 

Blog post from the USA about Live O2 training therapy:

Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen

Did you know that oxygen is the natural anti-inflammatory?
But before this can make sense – we need talk about plumbing:
How oxygen shortage triggers inflammation in your plumbing
How that inflammation creates cell energy brownouts
Why the brownouts are a problem
How do fix the plumbing and the brownout by squirting oxygen down down your pipes.

Vascular cell view
Imagine yourself as a cell in your vascular system. You’re part of a pipe that carries blood.
But – all the oxygen on the red blood cells zooms by destined for far-away cells. It’s moving fast for you to use.
So you’re like a fish – and breathe the oxygen dissolved in the water called plasma.
Now lets imagine some stress that crashed the oxygen supply in your plasma.
When the oxygen runs out, you switch anaerobic, and when the glucose runs out your metabolism crashes and you blow up like a water balloon.
Now you’re a bloated cell in a pipe, just like your neighbors – and you and your now fat neighbors make a bottleneck that chokes down blood flow.
Next, every cell you supply browns out – because you reduced the oxygen supply.
The brownout will last until you recover. You’re vascular inflammation.
Cellular Brown-Outs
The brownout is a group of cells with reduced energy because of reduced oxygen.
Cells in the brownout area are still alive – they look normal on medical tests – except they’re in survival mode running at 1/19th power, making a lot of acid smog, in an area shadowed from the immune system .
Brown Out Environment
Brownouts are bad because they:
Accelerate aging as energy stressed cells will wear out faster
They Create a safe haven for disease – with low energy, acid stressed cells shadowed from the immune system;
they Acid shift your whole body pH as lactic-acids replace of CO2 needed normal acid/alkali balance
And cause fatigue because these cells are stuck in low power at 1/19th energy
Fixing Brownouts
What do you need to recover? Simple oxygen.
But You – yourself are blocking your own oxygen supply because you’re bloated.
That’s why:
vascular inflammation is chronic,
and health issues triggered by stress last a long time
and only recover after some kind of super-oxygen event – if ever.
Concentration and force
So visualize unclogging a bottleneck made of ballooned cells. How would you do it?
Simple… Squirt super-oxygenated plasma through the bottlenecked pipe.
Threshold Level
Let’s go back to thinking like a plumber:
There has to be enough oxygen in blood plasma to fix you;
And here needs to be enough squirt power to for the oxygen to reach you.
Without enough oxygen and squirt power – at the same time – it just won’t work.




These protocols were extracted and updated from Ardenne’s book, Oxygen Multistep Therapy They are not medical advice – they are specific exercise recommendations designed to augment oxygen levels targeting specific body systems, like the vascular system and immune system, using different combinations of non-medical approaches. This video provides an introduction to LiveO2 training.

A great partner to Live O2 for maxium results are the Smart-breath device which can be purchased from Uno Vita AS

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