Liposomal Vibrance

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Liposomal Vibrance
Vibrance reduces the influence of free radicals, and supports a healthy connective tissue and nervous system. Your everyday life is full of challenges, this companion helps you to shine from the inside

The building block for our liposomes and your cells, these transport vesicles will deliver the active ingredients safely into your bloodstream.

Fisetin (100 mg)
A dietary flavonol (plant substance) with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Fisetin can support the health of your cells in old age.

Potassium Sorbate
A preservative to keep the product fresh longer.

Ascorbic Acid (1000 mg)
As an essential vitamin and antioxidant, vitamin C is important for normal collagen formation. It keeps your skin healthy and protects our cells from oxidative stress.

Quercetin (100 mg)
A bioflavonoid (plant substance) with antioxidative properties; its low bioavailability is drastically increased due to the use of liposomes.

Coenzym Q10 (80 mg)
A naturally occurring antioxidant that is found in mitochondria (where the energy production takes place). The content of this important nutrient decreases with increasing age.

Usage 10 ml / 24h 2x Teaspoon
10 ml contain 1000 mg Vitamin C, 100 mg Quercetin, 100 mg Fisetin, 80 mg Q10
Sealed and stored at room temperature: Min. 52 weeks
Opened and stored in fridge: Min. 6 weeks



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