Infoceutical Pad – Glowing

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Infoceutical Pad – Glowing 

IC Pad – Glowing

The IC Pad – Glowing easily transfers infoceuticals and contains herbs. These herbs are a good source of antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Folate, Potassium, and many others — the infoceuticals of which are also transferred when you charge your water. The IC Pad – Glowing can be used to prepare up to 2.0 L of water in just 2 minutes.

IC Pad Glowing Product Description: Due to the additional light emission driven by the signal, the “IC Pad: Glowing” only requires 2 minutes to transfer IC to water. “IC Pad – Glowing” can be used to prepare up to 2 liters of water at once.

Infoceuticals – files with medical and other functions
You can download infoceuticals (ICs) of different substances, herbs, oils, fruits, etc. for health, cosmetics, veterinary, and gardening purposes created by practitioners and companies around the world. Infoceuticals – the Network to build greater awareness of the innovative and progressive technologies in the field of informational medicine and its use to achieve optimal wellness. 

There Infoceuticals that are for free or you pay a small amount to download a medicine. First you need the IP Pad Glowing, then you need to register and account here, then you can download medicines. 

Dimensions of IC Pad – Glowing: 8.5cm*8.5cm*1.2cm
Battery required: Yes, 2 x AA batteries (included)
Expiration date: none

Studies that explains effects of Infoceuticals and links:

DNA Transduction Induced by Weak EM Field
Dr. Fritz Albert Popp: Biophotons
Homeopathic Research of Dr. P.C. Endler: Implications for Water Information Transfer
Electromagnetic Information Transfer to Water – Inhibit Microorganism Growth

Electromagnetic Signals from Retinoic Acid Treat Human Cancer Cells
30th Anniversary of "Water Memory"
Luca Turin – “We Smell Vibrations”
Study of Immunostimulating Activity of ICs
IC Glucophage vs. Diabetes Mellitus
Article Review: IC application for duodenum ulcer complex therapy
Memory of Water: From Dilutions to Digital Information
How to use infoceuticals (ICs)
What are Infoceuticals (ICs)?

IC Pads Are Handmade Using A Non-Toxic Resin That Complies With FDA CFR 177.2600. 

WARNING: IC Pads include magnets which can cause medical devices to malfunction. Individuals with internal pacemakers, internal defibrillators, and insulin pumps should avoid items containing magnets or magnet closures. Keep the signal driver (i.e. black box) away from mucous tissues and open wounds, otherwise, it may lead to electric shock of your body.

Designed and Made in Canada with





How to prepare water with IC Medicals from IC Platform on Vimeo.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are infoceuticals (ICs)? What is the connection between homeopathy and infoceuticals?

Infoceuticals (ICs) are electromagnetic signals recorded from substances that have healing, therapeutic, or other biological effects. Simply put, ICs can be regarded as the evolution of homeopathy for the 21st century. Much like homeopathy, ICs work by stimulating the body’s own healing abilities. It is possible to transfer ICs to water and then by consuming this water, deliver the information to the body to promote self-healing.

2. Should I substitute my medication with infoceuticals?

No. If you currently use any medication, do not replace them with infoceuticals. Infoceuticals should only be used to complement your treatment. If and when you will need to change your medication dosage, contact the practitioner who prescribed the medication to you and they will make the necessary adjustments.

3. How much IC water should I drink? Is there a dose effect?

It does not matter whether you drink 250 mL of IC water or 1 L - one glass of IC water contains the same amount of information as two glasses of water with the same IC. What is important is to drink IC water 2-3 times a day. This is because we need to periodically supply and influence the body with infoceuticals in order to cause an informational effect on the body.

4. How should I store the prepared IC water?

IC water should be stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, and at least one meter away from electrical devices.

5. Are there any side effects to infoceuticals?

There have been no reports of negative effects from infoceuticals. If an infoceutical is not right for you, it will not resonate with your body and thus will not affect you. Some people may notice mild body pain during the first few days of using infoceuticals, which is normal and practitioners interpret this as the start of the body’s healing process using the newly acquired information. If you have any concerns, please contact your practitioner.

6. Can children drink IC water?

Children may drink IC water under parental supervision. If your child is taking any medication, do not substitute their medication with infoceuticals - IC water should be used to complement their current treatment.

7. Can I give IC water to my pet?

You may give your pet IC water to drink. However, if your pet is taking any medication, do not substitute their medication with infoceuticals.

8. How many infoceuticals can I use for my personal complex? How many ICs can I store in a bottle? Is it possible to use multiple bottles together?

The number of infoceuticals that can be used for each personal complex depends on the person’s health and energy state. However, we recommend not to put more than 5 or 6 infoceuticals per personal complex to ensure that the body can process the provided information. You can transfer up to 6 ICs or one IC Complex per bottle. You may prepare a few bottles with different ICs or IC Complexes. You can use each bottle, one after the other, 2-3 times a day or as recommended by your practitioner.

How to use infoceuticals (ICs)
Infoceuticals are easy to use and this instructional video will teach you how! To efficiently transfer infoceuticals to water, you will need an IC Pad.

1. Sign In and choose an infoceutical, IC Complex or create your own IC Complex by choosing your favorite infoceuticals (see instructions below on how to create own IC Complexes).

2. Take a bottle of non-carbonated water that you usually drink and connect your IC Pad to your computer or smartphone.

3. Vigorously shake the bottle of water for at least 10 seconds.

4. Place IC Pad under the bottle and start downloading the IC.

5. When the IC has finished downloading, the water is ready and you can drink it throughout the day.

6. When you finish half of the prepared water, add new water to your bottle and vigorously shake it for at least 10 seconds to spread the IC from the old to the new volume of water.

7. In 3 days repeat all of the steps with a fresh volume of water.

8. Please remember to keep your IC water away from any electrical devices and stay healthy!

How to create personal infoceutical (IC) Complexes

1. Sign In and go to "All Infoceuticals" page.

2. Search for infoceuticals that you would like to include in your personal IC Complex

3. Click on ❤️ to add infoceutical to your favorites. Search for more ICs and add them to your favorites.

4. After you added enough ICs to your favorites, go to "My Account -> My Favorites" page. At this page, you will see all your favorite ICs.

5. Scroll down and click on "Create New IC Complex".

6. Type name and description for your IC Complex, choose infoceuticals for this complex, complete rest of the form and then click "Submit".

7. Congratulations! You created your personal IC Complex. You can use it and modify it whenever you wish.

Important: Infoceuticals (ICs) should only be used as an additional method to your treatment - if you currently use pharmaceutical products, do not replace them with ICs. If and when you will need to reduce your medication dosage, contact the practitioner who prescribed the medications to you and they will make the necessary dose adjustments.


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