HepaCHI (500ml)

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Quick Overview

Herbal extract bitters aperitif - special herbal bitters based on old monastery recipes - to stimulate liver power

This guide aims to provide a thorough understanding of the herbs found in Dr. Reinwald's HepaCHI Bitters as well as other beneficial herbs. These plants offer a range of health benefits, particularly focusing on liver function, digestion, and detoxification.

Herbs in HepaCHI Bitters

  • DandelionChemical Compounds: Flavonoids, terpenes, and saponins.
    Role: Diuretic
    Benefits: Helps cleanse the liver and kidneys, aiding in the removal of toxins.
  • Milk ThistleChemical Compounds: Silymarin
    Role: Liver Protectant
    Benefits: Helps protect and regenerate liver cells.
  • ArtichokeChemical Compounds: Cynarin, flavonoids
    Role: Digestive Aid
    Benefits: Stimulates bile production and improves digestion.
  • SageChemical Compounds: Phenolic acids, flavonoids
    Role: Anti-Inflammatory
    Benefits: Helps to reduce liver inflammation.
  • PeppermintChemical Compounds: Menthol, flavonoids
    Role: Digestive Aid
    Benefits: Aids digestion and relieves gas and bloating.
  • GoldenrodChemical Compounds: Flavonoids, terpenes, and saponins.
    Role: Diuretic, Anti-Inflammatory
    Benefits: Used for urological conditions, though not backed by sufficient scientific evidence.
  • Bearberry - Chemical Compounds: Arbutin, tannins, and phenolic acids.
    Role: Anti-Infective
    Benefits: Effective against urinary tract infections but may cause side effects like nausea and liver damage.
  • Java Tea - Chemical Compounds: Flavonoids, terpenoids, and potassium.
    Role: Diuretic, Antioxidant
    Benefits: May help prevent kidney stones and lower blood pressure.
  • HorsetailChemical Compounds: Silica, antioxidants, and saponins.
    Role: Structural Support, Anti-Inflammatory
    Benefits: Promotes hair, skin, and nail health and may support bone healing.

Comprehensive Health Benefits

  • Liver Function: HepaCHI's herbal blend targets liver health, offering detoxification and cellular regeneration.
  • Detoxification: The diuretic properties of certain herbs like dandelion and goldenrod aid in effective detoxification.
  • Digestive Health: Herbs like artichoke and peppermint aid in the stimulation of bile production and digestive juices.
  • Reduced Inflammation: Sage and goldenrod offer anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Immune System: The combined effects of these herbs contribute to a fortified immune system.

Usage and Dosage for HepaCHI
Form: Liquid
Suggested Use: 10-15 ml per day, diluted in water or consumed directly.

Safety and Precautions
Pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult a healthcare provider before use.
If you have allergies to any of the herbs listed, avoid using these products.



Water, Spelt distillate (approx. 17%-vol.), Dandelion root (Taraxaci radix), Milk thistle seeds (Cardui mariae semen), Artichoke herb (Cynarae herba), Sage leaves (Salviae officinalis folia), Peppermint leaves (Menthae piperitae folia), Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)

Aperitif 500 ml – 17 vol.-% alcohol

Recommended intake
Enjoy 15 ml (that are 3 teaspoons or ¾ shot glass 2cl) before the meal. Melt slowly in the mouth or
thin with water

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