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Sensitive Probiotic Powder
With this carefully formulated custom probiotic, you can help your most sensitive clients restore their gut ecology. As many practitioners like you have discovered, some probiotic formulas can trigger reactions. But GutPro® by Organic 3 is a game changer – as it’s created for the “the sensitive of the sensitive” and the “canary in the coal mine. Certain strains found in other commercial probiotic formulas that can cause acidosis, histamine and other adverse reactions are not present in GutPro®. This unparalleled, hypoallergenic formula can help “kick start” the digestive system, maximize the absorption of nutrients from a real food diet, and ultimately, support the entire immune system.*

Sensitive Probiotic Powder
A potent, condensed and pure probiotic with just the right blend of bacteria…
Contains seven clinically-proven strains of human probiotics (L. gasseri, L. salivarius, B. bifidum, B. breve, B. infantis, B. longum, B. lactis) and one clinically-proven plant-based strain (L. plantarum).
Gives you 25+ billion CFUs per 1/32 teaspoon (a “smidgen” on our spoon set).
Is appropriate for people using diets including GAPS, SIBO, Body Ecology, Autism/PDD-NOS, PANDA/PANS, Paleo, AIP, Ketogenic, gluten-free, soy-free and casein-free 

  • Contains only histamine-neutral or histamine-degrading strains of probiotic bacteria.
  • Does not contain strains known to contribute to d-lactate acidosis.
  • Does not contain streptococcus thermophilus or other strains linked to irritation.
  • Does not contain any spore-forming strains of probiotics (e.g. soil bacteria).
  • Is free of inulin, maltodextrin and other prebiotics.
  • Is free of excipients and other added ingredients, i.e. magnesium stearate, silica, titanium dioxide.
  • Is free of common allergens. All strains are grown on a dairy-free, soy-free, vegetarian, non-GMO culture. Does not contain milk/casein, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat/gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, yeast, corn or soy.
  • Is easy to calibrate the right dose for your needs. A little goes a long way. Many of our customers only take 1/64 of a teaspoon daily (the “drop” on our spoon set)!

A few more quick notes:
For a probiotic formulation for babies and children, please try GutPro® Infant.For our most comprehensive probiotic, please try our 13-strain formula, Primal Gut®. GutPro® Powder requires refrigeration. First-time buyers, we highly recommend you purchase our GutPro® measuring spoons to accurately and easily measure the right, individualized dosage.Help your clients navigate around probiotic “landmines” with this custom probiotic powder. As a natural health practitioner, you know how important gut ecology is for health. The research on the microbiome is astounding – and we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg.One thing we’re learning about probiotics is that not all strains are beneficial for everyone. People struggling with particular sensitivities can find that some probiotics bring more bad than good. Over the years, we’ve gathered feedback from practitioners, parents and people who are using a diet designed for GAPS, SIBO, Body Ecology, Autism/PDD-NOS, PANDA/PANS, Paleo, AIP, Ketogenic, gluten-free, soy-free or casein-free.Based on what we’ve learned from these different groups, we developed a unique probiotic formula. If you’re a practitioner looking for a probiotic that you can confidently recommend to clients who are working within these parameters, GutPro® Probiotic Powder is for you, as it avoids what we like to call probiotic “landmines”.*

Sensitive Probiotic Powder :
Gives you the diverse benefits of a synergistic blend of eight proven strains.
Avoids the strains that can sometimes cause problems.
Gives you just probiotics – nothing more. No prebiotics or fillers. No allergens. No hidden ingredients that can undermine the good you’re trying to achieve with a probiotic.
We’ve had customers who have tried a dozen – sometimes as many as 20 – different probiotic formulas. And after years of frustration and despair, they’ve told us that GutPro® was the one that finally worked for them.

Here’s why . . .
Does not contain strains known to contribute to d-lactate acidosis
Lactobacillus acidophilus can work wonders in the gut by producing lactic acid. But for some of us, this can become a problem.
Lactate is a derivative of the lactic acid this strain produces. It comes in two isomeric forms, d-lactate and l-lactate. Most of us have the capacity to metabolize both forms to some extent and turn it into pyruvic acid.
But for various reasons, some people can’t metabolize d-lactate effectively enough to keep up with the d-lactate produced by gut bacteria. As a result, the d-lactate can build up in your body and cause d-lactate acidosis. If this has been an issue for you, you’ll love GutPro® Probiotic Powder. We’ve kept any probiotic strains associated with d-lactate acidosis out of our GutPro® formula.Yes, we do include strains like Lactobacillus plantarum which can produce d-lactate under certain conditions. But here’s the thing . . .

This strain primarily produces l-lactate. L. plantarum only produce d-lactate under certain conditions. Better yet, L. plantarum may even help with acidosis by helping the body maintain a lactate equilibrium. And unlike L. acidophilus, L. plantarum is transient. It doesn’t take up residence in your gut and shift the ecosystem that dramatically. Because of the powerful health benefits associated with this strains, we decided to keep it in the formula. Based on our research and years of customer satisfaction, we’re confident it does not contribute to d-lactate acidosis. GutPro® Powder can keep your body’s d-lactate in balance. But that’s not the only way this formula is designed for your clients…

No probiotics linked to histamine production
Many people have trouble with probiotics linked to histamine production like L. casei. Histamines are chemicals produced by the immune system that can trigger an immune response. So we’ve made sure that the strains included in this formula are either histamine-neutral or histamine-degrading. That means you won’t have to worry about increasing your exposure to histamines when you take this probiotic formula.

That’s not the only irritant we’ve kept out of this formula…
No spore-producing bacteria or streptococcus thermophilus
For people concerned about spore-producing Bacillus bacteria or Streptococcus thermophilus (e.g. soil strains), we’ve made sure to keep these strains out as well.
While the research is still ongoing about the impact these strains have on our systems, we believe that quite often, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. We decided to play it safe and keep this formula simple and easy on the most sensitive bodies. Of course, it’s not just the probiotic strains you need to worry about. Most probiotics supplements are only 10% to 20% probiotics and 80% to 90% something else.

Sensitive Probiotic Powder ’s custom probiotic powder is just probiotics – Nothing else!
Organic 3 has kept this a pure probiotic formula.
There are no excipients or fillers like silica or magnesium stearate.
Nor are there any prebiotics like inulin or FOS.
And, to make sure that this formula works for everyone – it’s free of common allergens! Every strain we use is grown on a dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO vegetarian culture.
It does not contain milk/casein, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat/gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, yeast, corn or soy.
8 clinically-proven, beneficial strains
Gutpro® Probiotic Powder gives you a super team of eight clinically-proven probiotic bacteria.
Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus gasseri, Lactobacillus salivarius, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium infantis, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium lactis.
While we believe that no single strain in particular is the magic bullet for specific ailments and conditions – as strains should work together as they do in a healthy digestive system and the idea is to heal the overall gut first – the research on these eight strains is extensive… the potential health benefits enormous.

All of these probiotic strains seem to play a role when it comes to comfortable, healthy digestion.

For example . . .
No less than four clinical trials have shown that L. plantarum helps support comfortable digestion – helping to minimize gas, bloating, and abdominal pain.
One of the first bacteria to colonize our bodies at birth, B. longum has been associated with helping to digest milk and other challenging foods. 
Bifidobacterium breve has been shown in a few clinical trials involving pre-term babies that this special bacteria works especially well in helping to establish a healthy colony of bacteria in the gut. 
Bifidobacterium lactis shows exciting promise in lab research to interfere with the body’s reaction to certain toxins from wheat.
And a recent randomized placebo-controlled study also showed that B. bifidum can help with stress-related diarrhea.



These probiotics keep your immune system strong:
A 2015 clinical study published in the British Journal of Nutrition showed B. bifidum helped academically stressed college students make it through the winter semester. The students who took B. bifidum had much fewer absences than the students who didn’t take the probiotic. *

They regulate your immune system for a balanced immune response:

One of the most common probiotics, L. plantarum, seems to help regulate your immune response, reducing inflammation in the body. Not only does L. plantarum stimulate the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines like IL-10, it also seems to stimulate the production of regulatory T-cells.*
Several clinical trials on both adults and children indicate that l. salivarius seems to help regulate the immune system and – as a result- support healthy skin.

They keep inflammation in check:
Clinical research published in May, 2016 Journal of Rheumatic Diseases suggests that B. bifidum can help you maintain comfortable joint movement by helping your body manage inflammation.

Preliminary research on mice indicates that L. gasseri may inhibit inflammation signaling at the genetic level!*
Some help keep your mood buoyant and your brain sharp:

Preliminary studies indicate that L. plantarum may help you strengthen your memory, concentration and improve your mood. And research suggests B. infantis regulates the production of tryptophan which is the precursor for serotonin. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter associated with a sense of satisfaction and happiness. They may even help keep your teeth healthy and strong:

L. salivarius seems to help keep the microbial population in your mouth healthy.

Help your clients feel great with GutPro® Powder and a real foods diet
As you well know from your practice, probiotics can’t work in a vacuum. They only amplify the healthy changes you’re helping your clients make to their diet and lifestyle. A junk food diet can’t be overcome with even the best probiotic formulation. But when people invest time and energy into making healthy changes in their lives, this careful probiotic formulation helps them make the most of it. By including this formula in the regimen, you can help your clients see the full benefits of making these changes. And you’ll never have to worry about undermining all this hard work with the wrong probiotic strains.Finally, because it’s a concentrated mix of pure probiotics, a little goes a long way. Many of our customers take only 1/64 of a teaspoon each day (the “drop” on our spoon set). You can work with your clients to calibrate it exactly to what they need.

What to expect when starting GutPro® Powder
GutPro® Probiotic Powder is designed for comfort. We’ve eliminated the potential problems associated with other probiotic formulas.

Nonetheless, some people still experience a little discomfort in the initial weeks of starting with GutPro®. Like with all probiotics, as you rebalance your internal ecosystem, some of the bacteria that are pushed out may not leave gracefully. As these unwanted bacteria “die off,” they can cause mild dizziness, nausea or headaches. This is a typical response to starting with probiotics. While this kind of discomfort is normal, it shouldn’t be experienced over the long term. Within a few weeks, once a healthy microbial community is established and the body has cleaned out much of the toxins, these discomforts should end. If this initial discomfort is too much, we suggest you advise your clients to decrease the amount of powder taken. And then slowly increase the amount. Some of our customers start with a tiny bit, or ⅛ of the “drop” on our spoon set (the “drop” is 1/64 of a teaspoon)! Even at this small amount, your clients will receive billions of well balanced CFUs. Be assured that with GutPro®, we’ve removed the strains and other ingredients that can cause long-term problems.

Young children (3-5 years of age): Add a pencil point amount of GutPro® Powder to your child’s food and increase slowly over time or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Do not go beyond half of the smallest measuring spoon (“drop”). May be taken once daily or every other day.

Older children (5-12 years of age): Add an eighth or a quarter of the smallest measuring spoon (“drop”) of GutPro® Powder to your child’s food and slowly increase over time to half or all of the smallest measuring spoon. For sensitive children and children closer to the age of 5, do not go beyond half of the smallest spoon. May be taken once daily or every other day.

Teens and adults: Start the protocol by adding a quarter to half of the smallest measuring spoon (“drop”) of GutPro® Powder to food and increase over time to a full “drop.” May be taken once daily or every other day.

Important: The supplements we carry are premium, pure and potent. Therefore, it’s critically important to start slowly, with a lower dosage than recommended. For example, a very small dose every other day, or even once a week, until you can determine how the supplement affects your body and what dose feels right for you.

Please keep the probiotics refrigerated and always capped for long-term storage. Do not remove the moisture packet inside the bottle. Make sure the spoons are very clean and dry before using them with the powder for best results.


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