Go Protection Faraday Bag (EMF secure blocking)

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Go Protection Faraday Bag (black)
Blocks all wireless signals 100% - recommended

The Migeec Keyless Go Protection Car Key Faraday Bag, GPS RFID Blocking Bag, Shield Cage Pouch for Privacy of Mobile Phones and Car Keys FOB, Anti-Tracking, Anti-Spying is also great to use with Healy frequency tool to ensure your treatments are wirelss free.  Bluetooth and all singals (RF) are completely blocked if you have both the cellphone and the Healy inside the bag only to let the cables out. Make sure it is properly closed. For information on ordering Healy with Uno Vita support for special programs and clincial messurements if interested click our Healy link her

Link to our clinic her 

General features of the EMF blocking bag

  • 100% Signal Blocking - This signal blocker pouch is sewn with shielded material that prevents thieves from amplifying your FOB signal and opening the car so that your phone and keyless entry tags are not accessible remotely and do not need to consider the model and brand.
  • Mobile Phone Signal Blocked - Blocks calls, GPS, SMS, Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G, NFC, Blocks and unlocked, prevents the use of the phone while driving, fits iPhone Samsung LG Nokia all phones and does not need to be considered how big it is.
  • Practical and portable: 2-layer design, the inner silver layer for car FOB and the outer layer can insert ID cards/bank cards. The outer waterproof Oxford fabric layer can be used as usual.
  • Durable Oxford Fabric - The style of the signal blocker bag is made of portable and durable Oxford fabric, which ensures that the case will work well even after prolonged use.
  • Larger size: suitable for car keys and 9.0 inches (diagonal) under the mobile phone. Can also be used to carry electronic products such as GPS location, driving records and mobile hard drives (provided they are placed according to their size).

Size in cm: L=21,48 cm X W=11,98 cm

Get your personal and idendtity protection now. Whenever your body needs a rest from the multiple signals of your small wireless devices, put them in the bag and close. Your are now protected from EMF and at the same time you protoect your cards, devices, keys from being hacked or stolen.



What is a Faraday Bag?It is a structure that blocks the passage of radio signals.

- Why do you need the Faraday Bag?
The NSA has been able to track phones that have been turned off since 2004. By now others likely can as well. This bag will prevent being tracked. Even with your phone off, it still puts out a signal as long as the battery is in it. Just depends what you are trying to accomplish.

- How does the our faraday bag work?
Our faraday bag protect you from being tracked by blocking all Calls, GPS,SMS, Wi-Fi, 4G,5G, NFC, which may betray your whereabouts. And our faraday bags make your cars safe by stopping signals being sent or received by your key FOB or any other device containing data. Remove your key from the faraday bag and signal reception is restored immediately, enabling normal usage.

Prevent humans from radiation (pregnant women espesially). You can put it in the pillow and sleep without any radiation to your brain. It doesn't affect the alarm clock of your cell phone.

Please make sure your vehicle key fob is put in to inner layer since only the Inner layer blocks signals.

Package includes:
1 x RFID Signal Blocking Bag

Dimension: 7.9 x 4.3 inches or 20 cm X 10.9 cm


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