Go-Keto Glucose and Ketone Urinalysis Strips (x100)

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Go-Keto Glucose and Ketone Urinalysis Strips (x100)
Urinalysis Strips with 2 parameters (GLU, KET)

The Mission® Urinalysis Strips are a great tool to get insight into the patient’s overall health and their metabolic, liver and kidney functions. It is a very cost effective screening tool. The Mission® Urinalysis Strips are very reliable and have comparable performance to the market leaders.

✅Very reliable
✅Comparable performance to market leaders
✅Very cost effective screening tool
✅Gives insight into metabolic, liver and kidney functions
✅Easy to use and instant results



Mission® Urinalysis is a product range uniquely designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals at the point of care. Our product range includes a variety of urine analyzers and test strips for urine reagents with a wide range of parameters and combinations to meet your testing needs.

Reliable Results
✅Analytical sensitivity better than or comparable to market leaders

✅High-quality color chart ensures accurate visual reading

Ease of Use
✅Compatible for visual and analyzer reading

✅Over 35 different combinations available
✅2-year shelf life for unopened canisters. This offers cost savings and convenience for high volume testing
✅3-month shelf life for strips in opened canisters
✅100 strips per canister

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