Go Fresh - Mushroom Coffee

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Go Fresh - Mushroom Coffee
“Go sharp & stay focused, for hours, with the smartest coffee in the world”

Among different species world of fungi is a home of the little forest creatures with incredible potency a.k.a. superfood mushrooms. Their chemical composition and nutritive value was impaired with anything we analyzed before, but to get to it, proved to be much harder than we hoped for.

Unfortunately big part of the important bioactive ingredients of these mushrooms is locked inside mushroom cell walls (the walls are made of Chitin- one of the hardest natural materials on earth that cannot be digested). Consequently, grinding mushrooms in the powder wouldn’t get the job done. In order to unlock all of their potency Chitin needs to be removed by dual-extraction process(heat and alcohol).

This is how we did it: (From 1kg of mushroom you get about 50gram of extract). With all the water and Citin removed, high potency mushroom extract with maximum bioavailability is created and ready to be consumed.

Which mushrooms did we choose and why?
Our focus was on mushroom species high in nutrients essential for making your body more efficient in converting food into energy (on cellular level) and for boosting immune system and cognitive function.

Keeping these effects in mind three mushrooms proudly stood out, providing much more than we initially asked for. Fantastic trio:

The place we started from, our home Croatia, has beautiful intact forests (Lika and Gorski Kotar) full of wild chanterelles – mushrooms with delicate taste, fantastic aroma and even better chemical composition. They are very rich in vitamin D and have among highest known natural concentrations of B vitamins, which play a fundamental role in converting food into energy, serotonin production and triggering enzymes involved in neurotransmitter synthesis and nerve growth. Wherefore, Chanterelles are indispensable ingredient in every MushroomCup and will help you kickstart your day. Learn more here.

The Chaga mushroom is a cocktail of extraordinary complex life-enhancing phytonutrients. It has impressively high ORAC scores which stands for food’s ability to protect against premature aging, age-related memory loss and neutralization of the damage done by free radicals. On top of that chaga gets its distinctive dark color because of its very high melanin content. Melanin is the main pigment present in our skin responsible for its health and keeping it beautiful and supple.

Our Chaga has >30% Beta glucans responsible for boosting your immune system and often prescribed as a remedy to people with allergies and infections. Chaga has a long and successful history with treating cancer and you can learn more about it and other chaga properties here.

Cordyceps is ancient Tibetan mushroom known for its libido boosting effect



E=MC2; Energy = Mushrooms Coffee. Mushrooms Coffee is specifically designed to boost your energy levels – the perfect way to keep you going for hours. Surprisingly, only 2% of our body weight brain uses 20% of our energy. This explains mood changes and why productivity levels decrease once you start to experience energy depletion. Mushroom Coffee’s intriguing combination of high quality organic coffee, as an instant stimulant, and superfood mushrooms extract to optimize and nurture your body for high efficiency, helps you effectively seize the day, every day.

Delicious organic Arabica coffee, from the high altitudes of South America.

Nutritive bomb (A+ score), together with the highest known natural concentrations of vitamins D and B. Extremely rich in essential minerals including Iron, Copper, Potassium and Manganese.
 Using chanterelles in every cup of Mushroom Coffee, provides a high dosage of nutrients responsible for:

  • converting food into energy
  • serotonin production
  • triggering enzymes involved in neurotransmitter synthesis and nerve growth

Chanterelles are an indispensable ingredient giving you the right amount of energy and helping you stay productive – keeping you in a good mood for hours.

An ancient Tibetan cognitive and physical performance booster. Cordyceps is a go-to mushroom for storming through exhausting day and it is also widely accepted in professional athletes’ circles as a great natural remedy used to:

  • increase cellular bio-energy (the ATP/IP ratio) by 28% up to as much as 55%
  • improve oxygen uptake/aerobic capacity and ventilation function together with resistance to fatigue
  • make our immune system smarter and highly adaptable to ongoing threats (bidirectional modulator).
  • fight diseases and infections (powerful antioxidant with ORAC score-12,328)

Additional information
CHANTERELLES 400 mg dual extract, highest grade >50% of polysaccharides

400 mg dual extract, highest grade >40% of polysaccharides 

COFFEE 2200 mg Organic arabica coffee Caffein 2.5-3.5%

Environment friendly
Fully recyclable

Add 1 packet to
1-2 dl of hot water
1-2 times per day

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