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LifeLite - T5/HO Full Spectrum Daylight Fluorecent Tube

Mode.: LLT 24 Watt - 549 mm - G5 fitting - 16 mm diameter 

Enjoy the refreshing brightness of LifeLite® 

The feel good and pleasant LifeLite can improve our quality of life and at the same time brings about 80% reduction in our energy costs compared to incandescent bulbs.

HiraLite® is ideal for environments, where visuality, reading and colour rendering of various objects are important. Such as our workplace, at home, in shops, show windows, schools, art galleries, museums, beauty and hair dressing salons, bookshops, jewelers stores, Gyms,
reading lamps, hotels, restaurants...

Technical Specification
Full Spectrum Fluorescent LifeLite T5/T8 tubes
The colour temperature of 5800K with high colour rendering of 96CRI/Ra is very close to natural daylight.
LifeLite T5 and T8 tubes are ideal to be used in rooms where there is insufficient natural daylight.
It offers superb contrast and improves our reading comfort.
Since many years LifeLite full spectrum fluorescent tubes have been successfully used as light therapy in various countries where we have lack of natural sunshine.



Are LifeLite full spectrum daylight energy saving light bulbs dimmable?
No, they are not dimmable.

Can I alleviate the consequences of jet lag or shift work with full spectrum light?
Our bodies need clear information about day and night in order to regulate our growing and sleeping phases and the biorhythms associated with these. During periods of darkness more melatonin is produced and this gives a signal to the body that it is time to sleep. On the other hand, bright full spectrum light suppresses the production of melatonin and puts people into an obvious state of wakefulness. If parts of the light spectrum are missing, the body is left in a twilight state, not fully awake and not sleeping.

Can I dispose of the LifeLite full spectrum energy saving bulbs and tubes in the usual way with my household rubbish?
Like all energy saving light bulbs and fluorescent tubes, LifeLite energy saving light bulbs and fluorescent tubes must also be disposed of properly in hazardous waste.

Can LifeLite full spectrum daylight energy saving light bulbs be used in all types of light shade?
Completely enclosed light shades should be avoided because the bulb becomes hot and this can shorten the life of the bulb. In general it is sensible to choose a lampshade of a neutral colour as the effect of full spectrum light is mainly achieved through the colour of the light source.

Does full spectrum light also help in cases of SAD, the depression caused by a lack of daylight?
This term coined by Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal describes a form of depression that is characterised by symptoms such as
extreme variations of mood
a reduction in energy
increased need for sleep
weight gain
a reduction in sexual drive
occurring typically in the winter months

According to a study by Dr. Leora N. Rosen in collaboration with the NIMH, the Psychiatric Institutes of America, the New York State Psychiatric Institute and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, SAD occurs more frequently in the northern latitudes than in the south (cf. Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal “Winter Blues”).
Dr. Rosenthal has carried out a double blind study on the treatment of SAD in collaboration with Dr. Thomas Wehr. The results showed that all patients who spent time under full spectrum light felt considerably better, whilst patients with normal artificial light showed no improvement.
>see the article "Sunshine is life"

Is full spectrum light absorbed by the eyes or via the skin?
For full spectrum light to be effective, it is crucial that the light is absorbed by the eyes. Prof. Dr. Fritz Hollwich, Director of the University eye Hospital in Münster, made the discovery that only about 25 per cent of the light that is absorbed via our eyes is used for vision, passing along the part of the optic nerve that deals with vision. The remaining 75 per cent travels into the brain and hypothalamus – the body’s main control centre – via the part of the optic nerve that deals with energy. This controls our nervous and endocrine systems, also affecting among other things the whole of our glandular and hormone system. At the same time the hypothalamus is responsible for controlling many functions which are typically defective in people who suffer from depression.
The UV component of the light works primarily through the skin, where it stimulates the synthesis of Vitamin B.
>see the article "Sunshine is life"

Is full spectrum light also good for animals, pets and houseplants?
Yes, there are numerous books that document the positive effects of full spectrum light on plants and animals (see “Recommended literature”).

Question: Does full spectrum light improve reading and vision?
Everyone will know from their own experience that they can see and read better in sunlight than in traditional artificial light. Under full spectrum light, colours are rendered true to the original and the contrast is very sharp and flicker free. Consequently eye fatigue is reduced and reading or seeing – e.g. when working with very small components – is made easier.

What lamp fittings are suitable for LifeLite full spectrum daylight energy saving light bulbs?
LifeLite full spectrum daylight energy saving light bulbs are available for E27 (standard European screw fitting), E26 (North American screw fitting), E14 (small screw fitting for candle bulbs) and B22 (bayonet fitting, mainly found in Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and some parts of France). We also have LifeLite full spectrum fluorescent T8 and T5 tubes in various wattages (see under products).

What savings in energy costs will I be able to enjoy if I use LifeLite full spectrum daylight energy saving light bulbs instead of normal bulbs?
You will use 75 per cent less electricity than with a normal light bulb. Additionally, LifeLite bulbs last about ten times as long as normal light bulbs.

What to do if the LifeLite compact lamp breaks?
Pull out the plug from electric power. Open the windows to get fresh air in the room. Collect all parts of the lamp with a brush on some collector. Use a suction cleaner if the floor has a carpet. Bring the lamp and the suction collector envelop to a special disposal place for hazardous disposal because all compact fluorescent lamps contain some mercury.

Where can I get more information about full spectrum lighting?
Recommended literature about health and light:

Light – Medicine Of The Future
How we can use it to heal ourselves NOW
Dr. Jacob Libermann, O.D., Ph.D.
Bear & Company Publishing – ISBN 0-879181-01-0

Dr. Zane R. Kime
World Health Publications – Penryn, CA, USA

Winter Blues
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal, MD
Guilford Press – New York, NY, USA – ISBN 1-57230-395-6

Health and Light
The effects of natural and artificial light on living beings
John N. Ott
Ariel Press – Columbus, Georgia, USA – ISBN 0-89804-098-1


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