Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
Mini Portable Fingertip Pulse Oximeter OLV-80A Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor

Model Number: OLV-80A
Type: Blood Testing Equipments
Product highlight: Accurate measurement, portable and compact, LED high-definition display, pulse monitoring, one-click operation, intelligent automatically shutdown
Product Feature: Color OLED display, SpO2 and pulse monitoring, low power consumption, small, light and convenient.
Instrument classification: Class II
Usage: Health Care

Blood oxygen saturation is an important physiological parameter of the respiratory cycle. The normal adult parameter is less than 95% to determine the lack of oxygen supply. Measuring oxygen saturation can help to understand the physical condition in time and provide data for clinical medical treatment. The Finger Pulse Oximeter drive a red LED (660 nm) and an infrared LED (910 nm). The blue line indicates the induction curve of the receiver tube to the reduced hemoglobin when the hemoglobin is not an oxygen-containing molecule. The reduced hemoglobin Can be seen from the graph. The absorption of red light at 660 nm is strong, while the absorption length at infrared light at 910 nm is weak. The red line indicates the sensor-to-oxygenated hemoglobin sensing curve of hemoglobin with hemoglobin.

Product Features:
Color OLED display, four directions adjustable to fingertip pulse oximeter
SpO2 and pulse monitoring with waveform display
Low power consumption, continuously work for 50 hours
Small, light in weight, and convenient to carry
Low voltage alarm display, Auto power off

Scope of Use

  • Special illnesses and users of oxygen generators need to monitor blood oxygen at any time in order to inhale oxygen in time.
  • Representative crowd: People with heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes Patients with liver disease Oxygen ventilator users
  • Prolonged mental work and strenuous exercise are likely to cause hypoxia and affect myocardial and brain health
  • Representative crowd: Sports enthusiasts People engaged in mental work Plateau travel enthusiasts.
  • Special populations are prone to hypoxia due to aging organs or physical burden. Monitoring blood oxygen is a daily homework
  • Representative crowd: Senior citizens, High-altitude passengers, Pregnant women



Model OLV-80A
Display Dual color OLED display
SpO2: Measurement Range 70~99%,
SpO2: Resolution ±1%
SpO2: Accuracy ±2% (70%~99%), unspecified (<70%)
Pulse Rate: Measurement Range 30~240bpm
Pulse Rate: Resolution ±1%
Pulse Rate: Accuracy ±2bpm or ±2%(select larger)
Pulse rate Measurement range: 30~240bpm,
Low Perfusion ≤0.4%
Power 1.5V(AAA size)
Supply Voltage 2.6-3.6V
Working Current ≤30mA
Dimension and Weight 62 (L) * 32(W) *33(H) mm, 65g(without batteries)
Package Details 1 x Fingertip Oximeter
1 x Lanyard
1 x English user manual

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