Erthe grounding shoe 369 strap

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Erthe grounding (earthinng) shoe 369 straps
Change the way you move with the most advanced athletic technology from Erthe. There is no other product like it on the market!

A simple and discrete design provides provides an instant physiological performance advantage. When you add this conductive strap to your shoe it electrically grounds you in the same way that being barefoot would. With just the slightest edge you can push yourself to achieve your goals. All you need is a 1% advantage to push you towards the finish line. A peer-reviewed study revealed that electrical grounding improves the activity of the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve regulates heart rate, vein diameter, along with activity in the heart lungs and digestive tract.


  • Suitable for Any Shoe
  • Increases Recovery Rate
  • Slim Design
  • Perfect for Athletes and Competitors
  • Decreases Vulnerability to Stress
  • Resolves Electrical Tension

Your body produces a bit of excess electricity that naturally flows into the ground when you are barefoot. The rubber soles on the bottom of shoes prevent the flow of that electricity. Erthe works to allow voltage to flow from your body to the ground by bypassing the rubber sole. When using this band electrical grounding improves and it improves resilience to stress.

Most athletic shoes have rubber soles and these soles function as a barrier that blocks the flow of electricity from your body to the ground, but Erthe breaks the barrier. It does not matter whether you are a runner, sprinter, or boxer, Erthe is suitable for any athlete. A barely their design fits over your shoe to instantly improve various physiological functions and increase your recovery time so you can utilize your full potential. Enhance your recovery time so you can focus on your goal. A pair of self-adhesive straps which will convert all shoes or sandals into Grounding Footwear. You will then be grounded when on any conductive surface, such as grass, earth, sand, or concrete. Developed for use by high performance athletes looking to enhance their performance and recovery by training and competing grounded.

The unique design is easy to install and gives typical durability as follows:
On grass, straps used on boots or trainers can last for 1 or more years.
Running on hard tracks for one hour sessions, the user will get an estimated 10-25 sessions.
Walking on hard tracks for one hour sessions, the strap will last 30-50 sessions.
General walking on soft paths and grass, the strap will last 50+ sessions.
The pack includes 2 straps, either for a pair of shoes for optimal grounding of both feet, or two different shoes.

The shoe straps fit permanently, although they can be removed and/or replaced by peeling off carefully. If removing completely, sticker remover or alcohol swab can be used to remove any minor glue residue.

All new Thermo-flex base
This new layer allows for greater flexibility and conformity around difficult surfaces. This means the tab of the strap molds tightly to the shoe sole. Tip: For shoe soles with no smooth surfaces, try applying some heat to the tab with a heat gun while fitting. This will activate the Thermo-flex layer further for a welded-on finish.

Double layer
Extra layer of self-healing polymer gives the erthe369 double the durability of its predecessor.

Better contact
Super conductive (200-ohm resistance) layer with larger contact points means grounding on all surfaces.
Each pack includes 2 x PRJ: erthe369 straps.

Recommended for sports
EARTHLING Erthe Grounding Shoe Strap - Electrically Conductive Band Fits All Shoes - Removes Electric Tension to Increase Performance for Running, Jogging, All Sports and Exercise



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