EMF protection Torus field vortex antenna (500 mm)

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EMF Protection Torus field vortex antenna (500 mm)
This vortex antenna generates a torus-shaped vortex field which differs from the classical Flanagan cosmic sensor plate which creates a conical vortex field. These scalar wave antennae are meant to protect an entire room from EMF. To use the antennae properly it should be placed either on the wall or on the ceiling. When placing the antenna at the ceiling the best position is at the center of the room. The core of the antenna is made from copper which has been plated with 24k gold. These discs are double-sided with the same geometry on both sides!

diameter: 500mm
thickness: 1.6mm



Scalar waves for EMF protection
EMF protection vortex antenna gathers radiation energy emitted by wireless devices like cell phones, wi-fi, transmitter towers, etc and converts it into healing scalar waves. The EMF protection plates protect against harmful EMF field by converting it to scalar waves. The torus field created mimics the magnetic field of Earth which protects us from harmful radiation coming from outer space. Each EMF protection plate has a hole at the centre which can be used to add magnetic healing properties to the vortex antenna. You can use neodymium super-magnet.  Antennae can be used as a standalone items or incorporated into final product. Example of use are orgone pendants, orgone pyramids or any other orgone energy producing items.

What are scalar waves?
Scalar waves (also known as Tesla waves or longitudinal waves) are non-Hertzian form energy and are moving faster than the speed of light. Scalar waves were discovered by James Clark Maxwell and proved by Nikola Tesla in 1920's. 
A well documented effect related to scalar waves is what Einstein named "spooky action at a distance". Nowadays spooky action at a distance is commonly referred to as "quantum entanglement".

Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated, interact, or share spatial proximity in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the state of the others, even when the particles are separated by a large distance. 
Source: Wikipedia

​The most amazing thing about quantum entanglement is that entangled particles are connected together no matter how far apart we take them and their connection is instantaneous and thus faster than the speed of light. The connection also works regardless of how much matter is between the 2 entangled particles. This is all enabled by scalar waves since they are the medium via which the information is transmitted. Scalar waves can penetrate all known forms of matter, this includes Faraday cages.

Scalar waves neutralize EMF
Scalar wave energy has the capability of neutralizing the negative effects of EMF radiation emitted by electronic devices. More precisely what scalar wave energy does is that negates the cumulative damage done to the cells by the EMF. Scalar wave devices will not block the EMF but will provide a positive energy field that will cancel out the EMF.

Scalar wave fields
Effective ways of generating scalar wave fields is using scalar wave antennae. The scalar wave antennae can harness energy from the environment to generated scalar waves. They are basically transformers that convert electromagnetic energy to scalar waves. There are two basic types of scalar wave antennae in existence, the torus and the vortex antenna. The difference between the two is in the shape of the field that they generate. Torus antennae generate scalar energy field in the shape of a doughnut. Below is the animation of the scalar wave torus field generated by such antennae. Torus scalar wave antennae are very effective at providing broad range EMF protection. Our most powerful 500 mm diameter torus antenna is more than capable of providing protection for the entire room when properly mounted on the ceiling or the wall.

Torus scalar field animation

Scalar wave field

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