Elite2 5 meter skjermet og strålingsfri kabel

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Elite2 skjermet og strålingsfri nett (220 volt) jordet kabel 
Elite2 EMC Extension Cable. Avoid EMC and EMI problems caused by interfering sources on the current line by using this screened extension cable. Offers a high damping up to 30MHz. The high efficient EMC screened extension cable is intended to use it together with Aaronia Elite2 IEC mains cable. It offers an optimal protection against alternating electric or magnetic field interferences up to 30MHz even when connected appliances are turned on. When setting up new computer, lab equipment etc. all mains and extension cables should be replaced with Aaronias Elite2 screened cables to avoid disturbances from radiating fields within the mains. To get a perfect result please use always screened mains cables together with screened extension cables and shielded power strips. Made in Germany: All Aaronia cables are developed and individually produced in Germany. This guarantees highest standard.





Shielding: Magnetic, electric & static fields
Frequency range: DC to 30MHz
Length: 5m
Load: 10A/220V or 20A/110V
Voltage: 250V at 50/60Hz
Security class: 1
Screening material: Aluminum foil with auxiliary wire
Isolation material: Polyvinylchlorid
Color: White
Temperature range: Up to 70° Celsius
Diameter: 7,1mm
Cable data: 3x1mm² (blue, brown, yellow/green)
Quality: ISO 9002, according to EN 60 320 / 2.2 standard


EMC screened extension cable for easy usage
Very flexible
100% static screening
Magnetic screening: Up to 80%
Very easy handling even for the amateur

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