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The effect of these natural minerals is based on the special ability they possess to bind harmful substances by means of selective ion exchange and absorption. The binding properties of the natural mineral clinoptilolite-zeolite and montmorillonite-bentonite are used in many different fields, e.g. as an additive to animal feed, in the agricultural industry in the rearing of young animals, for odour binding, soil conditioning, in fish farming, for water purification, in the nuclear and aerospace industries, as well as in medicine and cosmetics. 










Your advantage: Tested quality - trust is good, control is better
We have very high demands concerning the quality of our zeolite and bentonite: during the incoming goods inspection, zeolite and bentonite must comply with the strict quality criteria of the European or German Pharmacopoeia, particularly in its microbial purity and concentration of toxic substances. In order to ensure that this is the case, the safety and effects of our minerals are tested and then monitored in state approved (accredited) German test laboratories.

Zeolite - the classic detoxification specialist
The natural mineral zeolite has been used for natural detoxification since antiquity. For example, the nuclear reactor that exploded in Chernobyl was covered in 22,000 tons of clinoptilolite-zeolite and thereby made safe from radiation. Zeolite is a crystalline micro-porous rock of volcanic origin and possesses the ability for highly selective absorption and also functions as a molecular sieve of various toxins.

Bentonite - the gentle detoxifier with a protective gel film
This ultra-fine, grey-white clay material shares many similarities with the active properties of clinoptilolite-zeolite. Bentonite can absorb various toxic substances on its surface and in the gaps between its layers. Its special feature is a gel-like protective film, which is why is called the "gentle" detoxifier.

Zeobent®- our multi-talented and powerful detoxifier
This mixture of clinoptilolite-zeolite and montmorillonite-bentonite combines the special binding properties of these minerals, both of which contain silicon. Previous experience has shown that, in the ZeoBent® mixture, the two minerals mutally complement and strengthen each other in their effects. It can therefore be used to intensify a detoxification treatment, e.g. following the use of bentonite or zeolite.


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ZeoBent MED® detox ultrafine powder

Ultra-fine ZeoBent MED® Powder Zeolite + Bentonite for Ingestion
ZeoBent MED® detox ultrafine powder 210g, Medical device

The ultra-fine zeolite and bentonite mixed as ZeoBent MED® Detox ultra-fine powder as a quality tested and CE-certified medical device for internal use. ZeoBent MED® Detox ultra-fine powder, multi-talent and power detoxifier, is the mixture of 50 % ultra-fine clinoptilolite zeolite with an average grain size of approx. 7 micrometers and 50 % montmorillonite bentonite with approx. 16 micrometers without further additives or admixtures. Zeolite and bentonite complement each other in their effect.

The zeolite in ZeoBent MED® Detox ultra-fine Powder is even finer micronized than in ZeoBent MED® Powder. This gives it an even larger inner surface area and enables it to bind even more pollutants such as aluminium, lead, mercury, cadmium, ammonium and histamine. With half a teaspoon per application, it is dosed less than the coarser ZeoBent MED® Detox powder with one slightly heaped teaspoon per application, which is taken into account in the respective package sizes. The ultra-fine ZeoBent MED® is completely "crumb-free" and so fine that it feels as if it is dissolving. Despite its fineness, it contains no nanoparticles. Drunk mixed with water, it has an effect directly from the oral cavity, unlike the practical capsules.

ZeoBent ultra-fine powder dosage
Unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor, slowly introduce the dosage with meals, e.g. 1x daily ½ teaspoon (1g) ZeoBent MED ultra-fine powder mixed in approx. 250 ml water to drink. If necessary, the application can be slowly increased to 2x, maximum 3x daily.

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