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Cintropur forfilter hele huset

€ 273,-
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Cintropur vannfilter for hele huset
Sentrifugalfilter NW280

Cintropur-filtre er framstilt av syntetisk materiale av topp kvalitet og er ideelle for bruk til matvarer og drikkevann. Skovlen i filteret endrer væskestrømmen ved hjelp av sentrifugalbevegelse og tvinger de større partiklene ned i den nedre skålen, avhengig av valgt størrelse på filterhylsen. Tilkoblingsstørrelse for inngang/uttak: 1”.


  • Høy og konstant strømningshastighet.
  • Lavt trykkfall.
  • Sentrifugal forfiltrering med en sykloneffekt.
  • Robust og pålitelig i bruk.
  • Rask og enkel utskylling.
  • Permanent visuell kontroll av filterhylsen (gjennomsiktig skål).
  • Eksklusivt system, økologisk og rimelig i bruk (filterhylse).

Nytt Cintropur (NW280) sentrifugalsediment vannfilterhus 1”
Delenummer: S79-NW280

Tilkoblingsstørrelse for inngang/uttak: 1”

Utvalget av vannfiltre er utformet for å filtrere klart vann med lave nivåer av stoffer i suspensjon av typene kranvann, regnvann, brønn- og kildevann.

Andre typer nøytrale væsker kan også filtreres. De mulige bruksområdene vil være i bolighus, industri, offentlig virksomhet og landbrukssektoren. Materialene som nyttes til å framstille filteret, er egnet for filtrering av flytende mat. Bruken av SL240 DUO og SL240 TRIO eller til og med det innenlandske spekteret, NW25 TE-CTN + NW32 TE + DUO-CTN + TIO med aktivert karbon, er kjent for å kunne fjerne klor og lukt, forbedre smak og redusere insekt- og ugressmidler.

Bruk i bolighus
Beskyttelse av sanitærnett ved levering av kranvann, regnvann eller brønnvann.
Filtrerer vann med omvendt osmose eller behandling med ultrafiolett sterilisering.

Industriell bruk
Beskytter sanitærnettverk, maskinverktøy og alle industrimaskiner som bruker vann. Filtrerer vann før bruk av høytrykksrensemaskiner (100–200 bar / 1500–3000 psi) og svært kraftige høytrykksrensemaskiner (1500–2500 bar / 21 000–35 000 psi).

Bruk i landbruk

  • Filtrering ved installasjoner av vannings- og sprøytingsinstallasjoner.
  • Filtrering av drikkevann til dyr.
  • Filtrering av regnvann og brønnvann.
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Cintropur TRIO UV helehuset filter

€ 929,-
Delivery time for pre-orders are normally from 3-10 days

Cintropur TRIO UV helehuset filter
Thanks to its simplicity and efficiency, water sterilization by UV radiation has developed extensively in the recent years. UV radiation at 253.7 nm is part of the solar radiation, and is reproduced artificially. UV radiation thus produced is of much greater intensity than sunlight – therefore suitable for water sterilization. This particular disinfection method is known as one demolishing legionella, microbes, bacteria, viruses and protozoa, while having no negative impacts on the environment. This is the ideal method to remove micro-organisms from water, and thus make it potable in terms of bacteriology.Water treated in this way cannot be regarded as of drinking quality unless its chemical properties are compliant to relevant standards.

a) Rainwater: UV-sterilization of rainwater will allow for a wider range of application and safe use.
b) Drilling water, boreholes: UV-sterilization of well water will prevent any pathogenic contamination.
c) Tap water: UV-sterilization of tap water will ensure premium quality water satisfying even the highest demands. 
d) Spring water, surface water: UV-sterilization of such waters will provide constant water quality in terms of bacteriology. 
e) Water stored in tanks (in caravans, boats, etc.). UV-sterilization will preserve the healthiness of water kept in tanks.

Areas of use
a) Residential baths and showers
b) Food preparation jobs
c) American refrigerators
d) Chilled water fountains
e) Aquariums
f) Rinsing food
g) Provision of livestock, e.g. chickens,
rabbits, ducks, etc., with drinking water
containing no pathogenic micro-organisms


  • Easy installation and use
  • 100% physical disinfection by means of UV sterilization
  • Natural treatment of water without adding chemicals – thus eliminating the risk of overdosing
  • No unpleasant tastes or odours in the water
  • Proven effectiveness against micro-organisms imposing hazard on human health
  • No toxic by-products will develop
  • Reduced need for maintenance.

CINTROPUR counts off its UV advantages:

  • More compact than any other UV-device 
  • A built-in flow reducer guarantees optimal treatment
  • A practical maintenance chart for an easier maintenance process
  • Each component of premium quality
  • Professional construction
  • Efficient treatment confirmed by biodosimetry tests;
  • Capacity range: 1 to 10 m³/h
  • Equipment : basic or full option available
  • Possibility of combining UV + mechanical filter and activated carbon

The only TRIO which

1. Filters
The spiral structure of the filter generates a centrifugal force, which, in a cyclone effect, moves larger particles towards the bottom of the bowl. The remaining
contaminants are then subject to fine filtration adaptable to particular needs, with filtering fineness ranging fof 5 microns

2. Purifies
Treatment by activated carbon removes unpleasant tastes and odours, as well as pesticides and herbicides from the water. Activated carbon is contained in a
separate holder for easy replacement The activated carbon media can easily be replaced by screwing off the top cover

3. Sterilises
UVc water sterilisation to ensure the bacteria-free quality of water and added increased energetic parapmeters of the water (ref. EZ Water)

Easy to use:
When handling the device to replace the lamp, rotating the UV by only 5° will be enough to remove the UV lamp and replace it with a new one. Prefiltration prior to any
UV-sterilization process: In order to achieve the optimum UV-sterilization process, the water should be free of any suspended particles.
Positioning the UV: In all composite water treatment systems, the UV-sterilizer is always placed as the last station.

Your UV-sterilizer will not function efficiently unless the lamp is replaced once a year. After one year of use, the fact that the lamp is lighting in blue does not mean that your device is functioning efficiently.

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CleanSymag water softner

€ 141,-

CleanSymag water softner

Impure water affects more than just our health. In our households, where water is used for a multitude of purposes besides drinking, its poor quality is a nuisance and a source of problems in everyday life. Lime scale is perhaps the toughest issue – scale will always form, especially when water is heated. Hard water, used daily, stimulates the formation of scale. Being a universal solvent, water dissolves minerals - mainly calcium and magnesium - as it moves through soil and rock. These dissolved minerals are the two factors most responsible for hard water. The more minerals it contains, the harder the water.

Several methods to get rid of the problem of hard water have been invented to soften it but they are very expensive and not fully effective. Zepter has provided the ultimate solution to the hard-water problem in your household. Once again to improve and protect your health and raise the standard of your life.

An electromagnetic field is generated in the CleanSymag coil fitted directly on the pipe. The field has a variable acoustic frequency ranging from 1 to 5 KHz. Different frequencies affect different minerals, breaking down the molecular ties between these minerals and the water they are combined with. Crystals of calcium and other minerals, which have sharp outlines in cold water, become smaller and more rounded, losing most of their ability to combine. As a result of micro-friction between these mineral molecules and scale deposits, scale is dissolved and removed. Mineral salts are not precipitated on the walls of installations and devices. They are easily removed and no scale is formed. The magnetic field lessens the surface tension of water, which therefore becomes a better solvent. With CleanSymag water has the same hardness but it does not lose its principal organic and chemical properties. The generated field improves oxygen solubility in water and stabilizes water pH. Thanks to more dissolved oxygen and retained calcium-ion content in the water, CleanSymag facilitates water assimilation by the human body.

CleanSymag improves the way laundry looks. Fibers become softer and less susceptible to damage. Colours remain bright longer. Dirt is removed more quickly and easily from tiles, toilets and washbowls. No more yellow stains. No more smudges on glass and crockery.


  • CleanSyMag prevents premature replacement of the installations in your home.
  • You will pay a quarter less for the repair and replacement of equipment.
  • Provides energy bills smaller by 40%*
  • Prolongs the usage life of household appliances by 30%
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Makes you spend 30% less on detergents!
  • Saves your valuable time. It is 30% quicker in heating the water in boilers and central heating installations!

* The final score depends on the physio chemical characteristics of the water such as: temperature, water pH, hardness and other factors.

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River of Life Vortex Water Revitalizer (VWR) in 1/2 inch copper

€ 741,-

River of Life Vortex Water Revitalizer 1/2"
The River of Life, like our full product line of Vortex Water Revitalizers, has an internal double spiral flow form that treats the water. It also has an added flow dynamic from the wavy shape of the pipe itself. This added river dynamic better simulates the natural movement of water in nature. The benefits of the Vortex Water Revitalizer will be further enhanced and achieved more efficiently with the River of Life. Installation is on the main water line of your home or business.This model is also available in 3/4" and 1" diameters.

Vortex Water Revitalizer
The Vortex Water Revitalizer will deliver significant benefits to every water related task or activity throughout your home or business.
Drinking Revitalized Water will benefit your body and health significantly. The importance of drinking healthy, structured water, which is full of vitality is like no other.
The Vortex Water Revitalizer will deliver benefits throughout your entire home, from general water quality to improvements in cooking and cleaning.
Your garden, lawn, fruits, vegetables and houseplants will thrive and significantly improve with Revitalized Water.
The Vortex Water Revitalizer is an environmentally beneficial product which significantly improves the waste water leaving your home, it becomes much less detrimental to our rivers, lakes and oceans.


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River of Life Vortex Water Revitalizer (VWR) in 3/4 inch copper

€ 964,-

River of Life Vortex Water Revitalizer 3/4"
The River of Life, like our full product line of Vortex Water Revitalizers, has an internal double spiral flow form that treats the water. It also has an added flow dynamic from the wavy shape of the pipe itself. This added river dynamic better simulates the natural movement of water in nature. The benefits of the Vortex Water Revitalizer will be further enhanced and achieved more efficiently with the River of Life. Installation is on the main water line of your home or business.

Installation Guides
Listed below are installation guides for different Vortex Water Revitalizer models.


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