ActiPatch er en klinisk dokumentert, legemiddelfri teknologi i kampen mot smerter. Behandlingen reduserer akutte og kroniske smerter og betennelse. ActiPatch lindrer ryggsmerter, knesmerter, skulder- og nakkesmerter, smerter som følge av leddgikt, fibromyalgi, forstuelser, forstrekninger og mer. Færre legemidler, mindre smerter og mer liv. Skaff deg en ActiPatch, om du er ønsker deg smertelindring uten bivirkninger.


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ActiPatch Back Pain Relief

ActiPatch® Back Pain - Advanced Long Lasting Relief

Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy

ActiPatch® treats pain and inflammation at the source by using low level and safe electromagnetic pulses to stimulate injured cells to speed recovery. 

The ActiPatch® Back Pain Relief Therapy product can be used on your lower and upper back using a comfortable and reusable back wrap to reduce chronic & acute pain and inflammation including lower back pain, backaches, arthritis, and much more.

  • EFFECTIVE: Clinically proven pain and inflammation relief at the source. 5x better than traditional pain medications. 
  • LONG LASTING: 720 hours of action with On/Off switch.   
  • SAFE: Safe for diabetics, arthritics, & the elderly. Over 500,000 products sold worldwide with no adverse effects.
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Smart Insole Heel Pain Relief

Smart Insole™ Heel Pain Relief - Advanced Long Lasting Relief


The Smart Insole™ has a combination of advanced Electro-Pulse technology and comfortable gel insoles providing maximum heel pain relief therapy. Electro-Pulse technology is clinically proven, effective, safe and has been used for decades by physicians and physiotherapists. A nighttime wrap is included so you can easily receive 24/7 continuous heel pain relief therapy.

  • Clinically proven to safely reduce heel pain including plantar fasciitis, heel injuries, sore heels, sprains & strains
  • Increases blood flow and reduces inflammation
  • Provides long-lasting relief


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