Electrosmog Indicator ESI 24

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Electro-Smog Indicator 24
ESI 24 - low and high frequency detector
Equipped with high-performance antennas, the new ESI24 is the only device to simultaneously
detect low frequency (electric and magnetic) and high-frequency radiation, with extreme
sensitivity, while also featuring a very broad spectrum of detection (up to 10 Ghz)! Its very
attractive selling price and its German manufacture make it the superior detector in its class. With
its super sensitive antennas, the ESI24 makes it possible to know precisely one’s level of exposure
to electromagnetic fields, in particular for high frequency radiation, thanks to its new ‘full HF’
mode which is very much appreciated by people who are electro-sensitive. This new function
makes it possible to detect high frequencies at very low levels, much below traditional radiation
limits and guide values.



Allows easy control of one’s exposure to electromagnetic fields in private or
professional areas, such as a bedroom or office.
Easily identifies the causes of electromagnetic pollution, i.e. possible sources inside or
outside your home.
Very practical for private or professional use, as in the case of schools, public buildings,
workspaces, for therapists, etc.
The ESI24 is manufactured in Germany, comes with a manual in French, English and
German, and with a battery ready for operation.
Technical information:
• Detection spectrum: High frequency: 50 MHz to 10 GHz
Electric, magnetic: From 16Hz to 3kHz
• Battery supply 9V (included)
• 1 year warranty
• Weight: 170g
• Indicator table supplied with corresponding LED values
• Dimensions (LxWxD): 140x57x25 mm
• Three-dimensional detection of magnetic field (full 3-D Gauss meter function)
• Versatile: detection of low and high frequency EMF
• Three-dimensional radiation detection
• ‘FULL HF’ function mode - very useful for electro-sensitive people
• Sound feature
• For both private and professional users
• Excellent value for money

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