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Dr. Mercola Whole-Food Multivitamin (240 tab.)
Whole-Foods Multivitamin Plus provides you with high-potency amounts of an exclusive antioxidant formula that includes:


Natural beta-carotene – healthy vision and immune system support
Vitamin C – promotes tissue growth and repair, and healthy gums
Vitamin E – helps support your muscular system
Selenium – bolsters your healthy immune system
L-cysteine – supports your immune and respiratory systems
Lutein – helps promote your healthy vision
Lycopene – supports your immune system
Red wine proanthocyanidins – provides you with cardiovascular system support
And select extracts and powders from over 25 fruits, vegetables and herbs

Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals Stands Out from the Rest
Two things make our Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals stand apart from all the other: the sheer number of nutritional ingredients supplied in significant amounts, and the fact that we use chelated minerals – something that many other manufacturers don’t do. Chelated minerals are minerals that have been combined with amino acids or other molecules to form bioavailable and more easily absorbed mineral complexes. Some of the chelated complexes in our formula include magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese, copper, potassium, boron, chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium. Let's take a closer look at some key nutrients in our Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals that are often missing from other brands or supplied in too low of dosages:


Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals
Calcium – To provide a high level of support for your skeletal system, I chose to include an optimum amount of calcium in the formula.* My main reason for doing this was that, as you age, your need for calcium becomes increasingly important for strong bones.*


Our Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals formula provides 250 mg of calcium to complement your healthy diet – an optimal amount that I feel is just enough, but not too much. And the citrate, malate and ascorbate forms of calcium that are formulated in my product are more absorbable than mined forms of calcium such as calcium oxide or carbonate, which are more commonly found in supplements.


Magnesium – Scientific studies have reported that magnesium is helpful in supporting your lungs and pulmonary system, as well as your entire body. As you age, you’re more likely to be deficient in this important mineral. The latest research shows that magnesium may help protect your cells against the harmful effects of EMFs or non-ionizing radiation that surrounds us 24/7.*


Magnesium works with calcium and vitamin D to promote bone density health. It also helps maintain your muscular and nervous systems, and it helps support your healthy heart, and energy needs.* We’ve used magnesium chelate because it is more absorbable, rather than the more common and less absorbed magnesium oxide.


Potassium – This important mineral plays a key role in your metabolism and your body’s delicate balance of water and electrolytes. The regulation of your heartbeat, your muscle function, your healthy blood pressure, and nerve impulses all depend upon sufficient levels of potassium.*


In addition, research has shown that potassium is another important element in your bone density health. As you age, bone density and strength become important elements in your overall health.* The form of potassium used in our formula is a mineral chelate – again, a more absorbable form than potassium chloride.


These are just some of the important minerals that provide you with significant health-supporting value in complementing your diet.* They're part of the added formula that clearly makes our Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals the optimum combination for you.


A Special High-Potency Antioxidant Herbal Food Base for the Extra Free Radical-Fighting Power You May Not Be Getting in Your Diet
We didn’t stop at vitamins and minerals...


A truly outstanding multivitamin should also provide other important nutrients missing from our poor food supply.


To provide you with the extra free radical-fighting antioxidant power that may now be lacking in the food you eat each day, we added a highly concentrated daily supplement containing more than 50 nutritional ingredients... all in a special herbal food base to our Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals.


One of the challenges your body faces every day is combating free radicals.


Free radicals are highly reactive molecules and fragments of molecules that impact your body at your cellular level, especially your mitochondria, or your cells’ powerhouses.


Free radicals constantly attack your body proteins, carbohydrates, fats and DNA, and can cause potentially serious health concerns unless they are kept in check.


Every cell in your body suffers an estimated 10,000 free radical hits each day. Your body does its best to fight back – in what is an actual battlefield at the cellular level!


To help balance the effects of free radicals, Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals provides you with high-potency amounts of an exclusive antioxidant formula that includes:*


Beta-carotene – Healthy vision and immune system support.*
Vitamin C – Promotes tissue growth and repair, and healthy gums.* My formula contains different forms of the vitamin C minerals in order to provide balance and absorbability.
Vitamin D3 – Supports heart, bone, vascular and immune system health.* My formula supplies the preferred vitamin D3 form instead of vitamin D2.
Vitamin E – Helps support your muscular system.* Our formula contains the naturally occurring form of alpha tocopherol along with the other naturally occurring tocopherols.
Selenium – Important for immune system support.* The selenium in our formula is from an amino acid chelate complex.
L-cysteine – Supports your immune and respiratory systems.* This is the bioidentical form of L-cysteine.
Lutein – Helps promote your healthy vision.* We use a Lutein extract from marigold and not the synthetic form.
Lycopene – Supports your immune system.* We use a lycopene extract from tomato and not the synthetic form.
Red wine proanthocyanidins – Provides cardiovascular support.*
And select extracts and powders from over 25 fruits, vegetables and herbs.
If you recall, researchers have found that at least several of these nutrients have declined over the years in our food supply, including vitamins A and C, and selenium.


Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals Provides You With Extra Nutrients from Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs and Green Foods
In addition to the outstanding nutrients already discussed, Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals formula includes a health-promoting blend of vegetables, fruits, herbs and green foods.


We’ve included over 2,000 mg of nutrients based on vegetables, fruits, herbs and green foods in the Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals formula... nutrients that work together to promote your optimal health in the following ways:*


Nutrients Your Body Systems Supported and Promoted*
Red wine proanthocyanidins Cardiovascular
Blueberry Urinary tract and immune
Garlic Digestive and immune
Green tea extract Immune
Sprouted barley juice Cardiovascular/heart
Wheatgrass juice Immune and anti-aging
Broccoli Prostate and immune
Cauliflower Circulation and immune
Spirulina Nervous and tissue
Chlorella Cardiovascular and immune
Green papaya extract Digestive and skin
Beet extract Immune
Apple pectin Immune and lungs
Bromelain Respiratory and digestive
Rose hips Skeletal
Lemon bioflavonoids Immune
Rutin Circulatory and immune
Hesperidin Vascular and immune
Including nearly 700 mg of a unique vegetable and fruit base, these ingredients further promote your optimal health:


Kale – provides healthy prostate support*
Spinach – helps support your cardiovascular and immune systems*
Carrot – assists optimal vision and cholesterol level*
Radish – supports your digestive, respiratory and nervous systems*
Celery – provides you with skeletal and nervous system support*
Apricot – promotes your respiratory and immune systems*
Blackberry – helps support your digestive and immune systems*
Cranberry – supports your urinary tract and cardiovascular system*
Grape – promotes healthy circulation and cholesterol level*
And now we've added a significant enhancement to our Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals...


We've Added What I Consider a Superior Form of Folic Acid to Help Ensure You Don't Get Cheated
Folic acid, or folate, an important member of the B-vitamin family, plays many important roles in your body. Folic acid:


Helps maintain normal blood homocysteine levels*
Helps nourish the brain and supports mood*
Supports protein metabolism*
Supports energy production*
Promotes normal formation and functioning of red and white blood cells*
L-5-MTHF - folic acid
L-5-MTHF is the only form of folic acid that can cross over into your brain tissue
For folic acid to perform all of these crucial duties in your body, it must first be activated into the biologically active form – L-5-MTHF. This is the form that's:


Preferred by your body
More reliably bioavailable and biologically active than folic acid
The only folate that can cross the blood-brain barrier to carry out important brain functions*
As superior as this form may sound, the one most commonly added to nutritional supplements is folic acid. And here's the problem: nearly half of the population has difficulty converting folic acid to the bioactive 5-MTHF form because of a genetic reduction in enzyme activity.


So if you have a reduced ability to metabolize folic acid, you may have less-than-optimal cardiovascular health. Using a 5-MTHF form of folic acid may help.*


And now you'll find 5-MTHF– instead of folic acid – in Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals – just one more reason why this formula is tops!





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