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Quick Overview

Swannies Blue Light Blocking Day Glasses
Specially designed for daytime use, the almost clear blue light blocking lens is perfect for protecting your eyes during extended screen time. Swannies Blue Light Blocking Day Glasses maintain visual color fidelity, while blocking the most harmful part of the blue light spectrum.

Perfect for:

  • Computer use
  • Gaming
  • Editing/graphic design
  • Harsh lighting environments

Blue light, particularly in the range of 400-450 nanometers is considered harmful to your health. It is a leading cause of digital eye strain, and research shows that prolonged exposure may lead to an increased chance of macular degeneration. Swannies Day Glasses help to protect the long-term health of your eyes, andprevent tired, sore eyes, headaches and other symptoms of digital eye strain.

Studies show that blue light plays an important role in your health, including helping to regulate circadian rhythm, boosting mood, serotonin production, and increasing alertness, memory and cognitive function. Swannies Day Glasses provide a balance between protection from the harmful blue light, whilst allowing the less harmful part of the blue light spectrum (450-500 nanometers) to still get through. When the sun goes down, switch to Swannies Night Glasses to optimize your sleep/wake cycle and getting a great night’s sleep. Whether it’s work, study or gaming, wearing Swannies Day Glasses will allow you to maintain focus and reach your full potential without exposing yourself to the harmful effects of blue light on your eyes, and your health.

"I'm going to sleep great tonight."
ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, Actor, Politician, Businessman
"Will help you sleep better. Pick up a pair of Swannies."
DAVE ASPREY, "Bulletproof Radio" #307 - May 06, 2016
"The coolest blue blockers on the market.”
SHAWN STEVENSON, author of Amazon #1 Bestseller "Sleep Smarter".
"Buy these glasses." - TAI LOPEZ, Investor, Entrepreneur, Business Coach
Want to burn fat?

Experts are increasingly warning that poor sleep leads to obesity and poor general health. They say that sleep deprivation influences weight by increasing appetite and reducing levels of physical activity. Harvard researchers have even linked exposure to blue light at night to several types of cancer (breast, prostate) diabetes, heart disease and an increased risk of depression.Can't sleep? You're probably suffering from excess artificial light in the evening. An overwhelming body of new medical research has found that this exposure to high energy blue light seriously disrupts your sleep. And long periods of time in front of electronic devices such smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions causes digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome.

Sore Eyes? Optometrists are predicting an epidemic of premature macular degeneration (vision loss) from prolonged exposure to digital devices. The American Macular Degeneration Foundation reports that "the blue rays of the spectrum seem to accelerate age-related macular degeneration (AMD) more than any other rays in the spectrum". There is a solution! Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses improve your sleep and health by filtering out harmful artificial light from digital devices. Wearing these FDA-registered glasses at least an hour before bed allows you to use phones, tablets, computers and e-readers freely without disrupting your sleep.

Swannies also prevent sore eyes, headaches, fatigue and blurred vision associated with digital eye strain.

About Swannies
✔✔✔ CELEBS LOVE THEM - NFL stars Von Miller, Terrell Owens & Game of Thrones actor Alfie Allen wear Swannies Computer Glasses (See pics)
✔✔✔ PROTECT YOUR EYES - Anti-Reflective + Anti-Glare lens coating to prevent digital eye strain.
✔✔✔ SLEEP BETTER - Do you have trouble sleeping? You sleep better when you wear your Swannies Blue Blocking Glasses.

Praise for Swannies

"Get yourself some Swannies." - BEN GREENFIELD, New York Times Bestseller "Beyond Training" Voted 2008 NSCA "America's Top Personal Trainer."
"My secret weapon! Put them on at least an hour before bed, they’ll help you fall asleep quicker and deeper." - DANIEL DIPIAZZA, Rich20Something
"I love them. These are awesome!" - MAX LUGAVERE, Yahoo Health, Dr Oz Show
“If you wear them at least a few hours before bed you will sleep WAY better." - BRANDON CARTER, bestselling author and celebrity trainer.



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